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St. Mary's Catholic Church

The 1886 Warner & Foote Hanover twp. plat map shows that the original church was located in the north part Section 23, Hanover twp. The present day church is located along Hwy 76 in Section 26, about one mile south of the original location.

St. Mary's Hanover, 1898
St. Mary's Hanover, 1898
The photo was taken at the church dedication
~contributed by D. Zoll

St. Mary's Hanover ca1875
This photo is very likely of the original St. Mary's Catholic church
Photographed by Hoffman & Barnard

A note on the back of the photo reads: "Hanover, IA church where we were all baptized". The picture is somewhat faded and appears to be from an old postcard. On the side of the card is the printed name Hoffman & Barnard. The photo, and the one below, belonged to my grandmother Anastasia Stack who was born in the Hanover area. She was the daughter of Patrick Stack and Bridget McGinniss (McGuiness). Bridget (and child) died giving birth to her 10th child on Feb. 8, 1894. Gram was born on August 26, 1888 and would have been just 5 years old when her mother died.



St. Mary's Hanover ca 1951
St. Mary's, 1951

This very faded picture was taken by my grandmother in 1951 when visiting McGinnis relatives in the area. Looks like it was taken with one of those old Kodak Brownie cameras. On the back of that picture she wrote: "The Hanover IA new church up on the hill. Was built when I was 10 yrs old".

~Photos & notes were contributed by Lynden Baum


Father James Whalen & church group ca early 1920's

L-R: William Donald McLaughlin, Irene A'Hearn, Grace Quillin, Helen Steinhart, Fr. James Whalen, Berniece McLaughlin, Dorothy Marie McLaughlin, Pearl McGraw, Agnes Devitt, Stacia O'Malley, Unknown, Mary Collins, Frank Gavin with hands on his son Harold Gavin, and Jimmy Ronan.

This photo was originally in the possession of Mildred Burke Hall. The Burkes were from Hanover in Allamakee. My grandfather William Whalen's brother, James Leo Whalen, is the priest in the picture and he was assigned to St. Mary's in Dorchester.

I am not sure if the photo is at St. Mary's Hanover or St. Mary's Dorchester, or perhaps St. Mary's Lycurgus. Fr. Whalen was from French Creek Township & died in 1929. Frank Gavin, who is on the right, died in 1927. The boy Harold Gavin was born in 1916, according to census records and died at 21 in 1937. Dorothy Marie McLaughlin died July 2, 1924. So the date of the photo is probably from the early 1920's and no later than July 2, 1924.

This photo made it's way to one of the Devitt sisters who lived in Chicago...she identified her sister and the other people as well. There is one who remains unidentified.

If anyone knows who the unidentifed person is, please contact me. Also, if there are any misidentifications, I would appreciate hearing about them.

~original photo from the contributors personal collection
~contributed by Matthew Whalen. His email address can be found on the surname registry for Whalen.

(Note: this photo has been included on the St. Mary Lycurgus & St. Mary Dorchester pages also - anyone knowing at which church the photo was taken, please notify Matthew or the Allamakee co. coordinator referencing this page.)


St. Mary's Hanover
St. Mary's, 2008
St. Mary's Hanover - photographer S. Ferrall, 2008
St. Mary's church & cemetery

The first St. Mary's Church, Hanover, was built soon after the first Mass in the area, ca1875. The present church was built in 1898.


Father Francis McCullough
Father Francis McCullough

Father McCullough was born in Ireland in 1854, ordained in 1886 and assigned to Dorchester parish about 1888. He established St. Mary's in Hanover as an outmission & was responsible for building the church. He died in 1920 and is buried in the cemetery at St. Mary's

~contributed by D. Zoll


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