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In Memoriam - Bethel's Beloved

The UB Church Bronze memorial tablet on the wall of the new Postville Church will bear the names of members of the Bethel Church who have long since went to their eternal reward.

In Memoriam - Bethel's Beloved.

Rev. Robert Laughlin, Mrs. Robert Laughlin, David Jemison, Mrs. David Jemison, Wells Eaton, Mrs. Wells Eaton, William Simpson, Asel Eaton, Mrs. Asel Eaton, James Laughlin, Mrs. Elisha Harris, J.N. Smith, Mrs. J.N. Smith, David Smith, E.R.A. Brainard, Asa Cheadle, Mrs. Asa Cheadle, Isaac Brainard, Mrs. Isaac Brainard, W.A. Owen, Mrs. W.A. Owen, Mrs. G.W. Harris, Mrs. Olena Swenson, Mrs. Mary Leet, Mrs. Jennie Waters, Mrs. Carolyn Cook, Mrs. C.B. Miller, Mary Miller, J.F. Miller, Mrs. Clarence Owen, George Jones, Mrs. Jennie Smith, Mrs. Susanah Early, Mrs. Ruth McGhee, Mrs. Olive Yarwood, Mrs. Lottie Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth Sawyer, Mrs. Stella Uhl Cook and Mrs. Carolyn Hammel.

- source: Postville Herald, 1930
- Contributed by Sharyl Ferrall

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