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Register der Gemeinde Mitglieder

(Translation: List of the parish or congregation members)

German Lutheran Church, Postville, Iowa


-This information is best examined individually, rather than using your "search function"
-The members were transcribed from Registers signed by the church member him/herself. Some names were completely illegible and have been left off of this transcription. Every effort has been made to decipher the names/spelling correctly, but these lists are certain to contain errors -- use them only as a guide -- in your research
-Names not enclosed in (parenthesis) were quite legible, although they still may contain errors
-Names enclosed in (parenthesis) are best guesses or other possible spellings
-It is assumed by the submitter that the microfilmed lists followed in chronological order by date, thus they have been presented in that manner, despite the lack of a date on every list -- this assumption may be incorrect.


List #1 - Undated

Ernst Ruckdäschel
Charles Stopperan
J. (M--ifeld)
Friedrich Thoma
Wilhelm Volkmann
Jacob Leui
C. Schulz
Henry Eggert
H. Weihe
G. Brus
J. Kemm
F. Sanders
Crist Reish
H. Kress
C. Knodt
H. Schroder
J. Thoma
John Hammel
John Petri
C. Thoma
John Welzel
Carl Fr. Wegner
Wilhelm (Laitz)
W. Thoma
J. Freitag
J. W. Leithold
C. (Deihce)
John Tristram
Christian Petri
Johnn Gass
W. Gottschalk
F. Schulz (Schulx)
H Shultz
(given name illegible) (Lethmann)
Matt Leithold
Loranz (Roaff)
John Hubacher (Hubasker)
C. Schultz
F. Heins
Montfried (Longfair)
(Jacob) Nagel
Linderman (surname illegible)
John Poesch
Fritz (---- kunburg)
C. Sander
Carl (surname illegible)
(Gabriel) (Miller or Müllar)
Barbara Pösch
J. (Müllar)
Hinrich (Missafal)
Fritz (Nefirfan)
Johann (Nefirfan)
Fritz (surname illegible)
Malcolm (surname illegible)

List #2 - July 1874

Ernst Ruckdäschel
C. Deihse
Carl Knodt
Carl Shutz
G. Poesch
Jacob Leui
J. Thoma
Friedrich Thoma
Matt Leithold
John Welzel
John Poesch
H. Weihe
(J.M. Mintor)
Jacob Meyer
W. Thoma
J.N. Leithold (J.D.)
M. Beucher
Fritz Sundee
George Bruse
John Hubacker junr
John Freitag
W. (Lacky)
F. P. Nagle
Johann Sass
Henry Kress
Joachim Schuldt
Carl Fr Wagner
(Joufiau) Möller (Müller)
C. ßeoßen (Beoben)
C. Sander
Carol Höfert
John Hemm Kimm (Kemm)
John Hammil
John Schneider
H. Schultz
Henry Eggert
Fritz Scheper (Leheper)
John Scheper (Leheper)
C. (Tfousor)
Carl Meier
Charles Stopperan
C. Leithold
August (Le----------)
Heinrich Schroder
C.A. Buchwald
M. (surname illegible)
F. Meyer
C. Petri
John Petri
Julius Ruf
Cristian Reusch
Henry Deyer
Barbara Poesch
John Kimm
August Schlarp
Henry Müller
Christoph Levenhagen
Wilhelm Gottschalt

List #3 - Undated

C. Schulz
Henry Kress
Jacob Meyer
Johann Poesch
Frederick Thoma
Georg Bruse
Charles Stopperan
Henry Eggert
Jacob Leui
John Thoma
Henry (Weihe)
John Welzel
John Sass
John Freitag
Ernest Ruckdäschel
(R.D.) Nagel
Fritz Sander
Carl Miller
C. Sander (Lander)
G. (Mor--)
H. Mahnke

List #4 - Undated

C. Schulz
Henry Eggert
Georg (surname illegible)
Johann Sass
Henry Kress
H. Meyer
H. Dreyer
Johann Kima (Kemce)
(Jofosm) (surname illegible)
H. Weihe
Jacob Meyer
August C. Buchwald
J. Thoma
W. Thoma
W. Louenhagan
(given name illegible) Heiden
John Welzel
Ernst Voss
Carl Miller
F. Thoma
F. Sander
Matt Leithold
John Hann
Jacob Leui
J. N. Leithold
H.C. Meyer
C. Deuhse
C. Schultz
Rudolph Meyer
C. Petri
T. Heins
C. Thoma
E. Ruckdäschel
Ch. Mahnke
C. Knodt
G. (Müif)
F. Klinkenberg

List #5 - Undated

Christian Reusch
Carl Wegner
Carl Stopperan
Henry Müller
John Meyer
Carl Gelkröde (Gelkrösleo)
C. Sander
H. Föls
Heinrich ßurarky (Burarky)
L. Plagmann
Jas Oldag
G. (surnamed illegible)
Jofru (Militan)
Fritz Lübey
John Klesse (Kleise)
John Schesser
H. Heins
A. Blumhagen
Fritz Schuike
Herman Weber
Wilhelm Moritz
Johan Quinan (?)
Wilhelm Ryberg (Rüberg)
Johnann ßagette (Bageth)
H.W. Shierhotz
Diedrik Peck
Jürgen Lüth
Jorfis (Jossestln)
Carl Hübert (Hüfert)
Wilhelm (Luquist)
Carl Leitholz
Gottlieb Brandt
Lowl (Moukno)
Heinrick Dakms (Dahms)
John Freitag
C. (Henlin)


~Microfilmed Church record, 1872-1989, St. Paul's Lutheran Church; #1671959, Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1990
~transcribed by Georgia Bruns & proof-read by S. Ferrall


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