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The Lansing Mission

The Lansing Mission consisted of four churches - Dorchester, French Creek, May’s Prairie and Lansing Ridge.

It is not exactly known as to when Dorchester’s church was started, but it is believed to have been in 1858 when Reverend C. F. Leipprand came to meet with the people in an unfinished school house located in the valley somewhere near the present town’s location. These meetings were held every third and fourth Sunday.

The next minister was Reverend Kolby of Hokah who is said to have done “great work.” He secured the following as charter members: Mr. And Mrs. Frederick Steinbach, Mr. And Mrs. George Wenig, Mr. And Mrs. Johan Luehr, Mr. And Mrs Peter Dehning, Johan Wendel.

A minister named Fiegenbaum served between 1859 and 1862; the exact date not known.
In 1862 to 1863, Reverend Harmel came to meet with people. During his ministry records were kept and have been from thence on.

The first baptisms took place October 20th, 1861, with Elder John Plank officiating. Those baptized were “Marie Emilie”“ born September 7, 1861, child of H. And Marie Briecher; Johann Heinrich, born August 12 1861, child of Johann and Elizabeth Schwarz; “Katrina” born October 1st, 1861, child of George and Maria Wenig.

The first marriage was that of Fredrick Reiser of May’s Prairie and Margaretha Schwarz of Waterloo twp., which took place March 10th, 1864, Reverend J. Haas officiating.

The first death of the church’s members is recorded as “Johan Luehr” November 1st, 1885.

Ministers having served here are:
P. Haas 1863-‘64
G. Linsemeyer 1864-‘65
John Plank 1865-‘66
Johann Brauer 1866-‘68
Gerhard Becker 1868-‘69
Friederick Schmidt 1869-‘72
T..J. Spicker 1872-‘74
Heinrich Kaste 1874-“75

During this period the church was built and dedicated on August 28th, 1875 by Elder Christof Schulz.
August Lamprecht 1875-‘76
Wilhelm Korner 1876-‘78
Kasper Hess 1878-‘80
George Stetter 1880-‘82
FT. Spicker 1882-‘83
F.C. Tramm 1883-‘85
C. H. Priebe 1885-‘88
F..W. Merten 1888-‘90
T..A. Lemke 1890-‘93
H. T. Schmidt 1893-‘98
F. H. Schuldt 1898-1901
Andreas Immer 1901-‘05
S. C. Steinbrenner 1905-‘07
F. W. Schafter 1907-‘08 and part of 1909
A. C. Panzlau 1909-‘12
J. F. Danke 1912-‘15

In 1913 the W..F.M .S. was organized by Reverend J. Daake and Missionary Estella Klaus. The charter members are: Frieda Bockhaus, Caroline Kumpf, Mathilda Luehr, Louisa Wenig, Lena Wenig, Minnie Wenig and Kathryn Schroeder.

Reverend Grieve 1915-‘16
Reverend B. Wendlandt 1916-‘20
Reverend G. Kochler 1920-‘26
(Up until 1926, 204 baptisms are recorded.)
A.C. Prust 1926-‘33

Under the supervision of this beloved pastor, a complete renovation of church was made adding greatly to the appearance of same. Several hundred dollars were donated by the faithful members. On October 25th, 1931 the churches’s re-dedication took place, Reverend Shellhase leading the services.

H. W. Singer 1933-‘36
This period brought forth the re-decoration of the interior of the church.
Robert Davies 1936-‘39
Rev. Rob. Davies supervised the celebration of the church’s 62nd anniversary.
Hillis C. Culver 1939-‘1942
William H. Mitchell 1942-1948
During Brother Mitchell’s pastorate about 14 persons were received into the church, and several were baptized. The pastor’s salary increased from $300 to $500 per annum.

Mr. Mitchell, despite his advancing years, missed only 3 appointments in Dorchester during his 6yr. Pastorate, coming out every Sunday from Waukon. He came on occasions when no one else was present.

H. Myron Braun 1948-

~source: St. John's Methodist Church records, Historical Record Page 4 through 9
~transcribed & contributed by Diana Diedrick

St. Pauls Methodist Church, Dorchester - photo taken Feb 2007 by Errin Wilker
St. John's Methodist Church, Dorchester
February 2007, photo taken by Errin Wilker

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