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Historical Record
Lansing (German) Evangelical Church


Church at Thompson Corner
Thompson's Corner Church

The Merger

Stationed to the Lansing appointment in the spring of 1927, we arrived here Apr. 17. We found three struggling churches. They were known as the Thompson’s Corner, Mays Prairie, and Lansing Churches.

The only solution for the situation was a merger and centralizing the work at Lansing. On April 27th the Thompson’s Corner Church was merged with the Lansing Church, and steps taken towards planning for the erection of a new Church Building. The digging of the new basement was well underway the last day of August.

In September the May’s Prairie Church was merged with the work at Lansing.

The three churches were dismantled as the material was used in the erection of the new edifice.

On Jan. 22, 1928 the New Church was dedicated. Services in charge of Bishop Spreng.

During my stay here there has been a reorganization of the entire work. The congrgation has increased from 65 to 101 members. A YPMC. has been organized.
The cost of the New Church was about $9000.00 in cash, besides the old material and Donated Labor. The ??debtness has been reduced to $2100.00.

L. T. Olson


Ministers to the Lansing Mission
1860 - 1923

1860..... Primary Evangelists, Hammeter and Seder

1862..... Mission organized and served by Rev. C. Lahr

1864..... Columbus Ridge is taken from the Decorah Mission and given to Lansing making 36 members [individuals] served by Rev. Luter

1865..... Rev. A. Strojmeier

1866 - 1867..... Rev. C. Escher

1868..... Rev. Herman Bunse. The Locust Lane appointment in Winneshiek County was added to the Lansing circuit.

1869 - 1871..... Rev. C. C. Pfund

1871..... Rev. J. J. Pippert

1872 - 1874..... Rev. L. Scheurer. The Zion Church is built at Columbus Ridge during his term.

1875 - 1877..... Rev. C. Escher

1878..... Rev. E. O. Beck

1879..... Rev. Robert Schmitz

1880 - 1883..... Rev. Emil Müller

1884 - 1885...... [Unknown]

1885 - 1888..... Rev. J. Knoche

1889 - 1892..... Rev. L. F. Smith

1893 - 1895..... Rev. August Goetze

1895..... Rev. J. Abrams

1896 - 1898..... Rev A. H. Buente

1899 - 1902.... Rev. P. Schott

1902 - ???..... Rev. J. M. Krafft

It is known that Rev August Raecker served the mission for some years that included 1912 and Rev. Weiland served some period that included 1914. Rev. August Beckman also served the churches in that era, 1923- ?


Sunday School Committee Assignments (select entries)
English translation follows the original German entry

[first part cut off....]
für Clasz führer wurde gewählt auf 2 Jahre F. Sundermann. Vermahner W. Worm

for Class leader elected for 2 years, F. Sundermann. Exhorter, W. Worm


Mays Prarie Jan 7, 1900 wurden die Sontag Schul Beamten gewählt. Karl Feuerhelm, Suptr; Wm Göttel, Gehilfes; u[nd] Gusta Göttel, Schatzm:

Mays Prairie [Church] [On] January 7, 1900 the Sunday School Officers were elected. Karl Feuerhelm, Superintendent; William Goettel [Jr.], Assistant; and Gusta Goettel, Treasurer
[note: Augusta Goettel (nee Dee) is William Jr.’s wife]


Columbus Ridge Jan 14, 1900 S. S. Beamten gewählt: Wm. Gaunitz-- Suptr.; u[nd] J. Gruber Gehilfes Suptr.; H. Frölig den Seckr. u[nd] Dan Göttel, Schatzm:

Columbus Ridge [Zion Church] [On] January 14, 1900, elected Sunday School Officers: William Gaunitz, Superintendent and J[ulius] Gruber, Assistant Superintendent; H[enry] Froehlich the Secretary, and Dan Goettel, Treasurer.


Am 5th May 1900 wurde Gemeinde werf[?] = gehalten in Col Ridge Kirche, Bruder C. Schulz wurde wieder als Trustee auf 3 Jahre gewählt. Seiner wurde vorgeschlagen u[nd] unterstützt die
Kirche aus wendig anzustreichen und inwendig zu Tabezieren und also den Trustees den austrag gegeben, dazu zu sehen;

On 5 May, 1900 a Congregational election was held in Columbus Ridge Church. Brother C[arl] Schulz was again elected as Trustee for 3 years. (He was ahead of defeat and supported the Church from maneuver on to level and inside to ___ and so the Trustees the deliver appropriate, with them to be seen.)
[note: Very difficult to determine exactly what is intended with options to the literal translation of discoverable words. I presume it is saying that Carl and the other trustees had guided the Church to a financial balance so it is proper that he continue.]


Am 30th Dec 1900 wurden die S. Schul Beamten gewählt Wm Gaunitz Suptr. J. Gruber Gehilfes; H. Frölig Seikr. D. Göttel Schatzm:

On 30 December 1900, the Sunday School Officers were elected. William Gaunitz, Superintendent; Julius Gruber, Assistant; Henry Froelich, Secretery; Dan Goettel. Treasurer


Jugendbund Wahl am 3rd Jan 1901 Col Ridge. C. Hagemeier, Präsz; Amanda Göttel, Vitzu Präsz; Anna Göttel, Schrist Führer; Salma Dee, Schatzm; Correspondieren Seckr. H. Frölig Sen.

Young People’s Association Election on January 3, 1901, Columbus Ridge. Carl Hagameier, President; Amanda Goettel, Vice President; Anna Goettel, Secretery; Selma Dee, Treasurer; Henry Froelich, Corresponding Secretery.


Am 4th Jan 1901 wurde S. S. Wahl gehalten in Ebenezer Classe. Alb. Hagemeier, Suptr; C. Kühn gehilfes Suptr; Classführer Alb. Hagemeier u[nd] Vermahner Gottl Schellschmidt auf 2 Jahre.

On January 4, 1901, Sunday School Elections were held in [the] Ebenezer Class [Waukon?]. Albert Hagemeier, Superintendent; Carl Kuhn Asst. Superintendent; Class Leader, Albert Hagemeier, and Exhorter, Gottlieb Schellschmidt for 2 years.


--The Merger: Hand written document received by Dorothy Goettel and Deb Goettel Kiley from the Lansing United Methodist Church, February 19, 2000
--List of Ministers: compiled from a church history located at the Allamakee County website and signatures of officiating pastors in the church reords located at the United Methodist Church in Lansing, Iowa; July 2000
--Sunday School assignments: There were a number of pages from the late 1880 - 1910 period giving the Sunday School Committee assignments for different tenures at each of the churches in the Mission. The page transcribed above has ID #14.
--Thompson's Corner church photo is from the private collection of Steven Goettel

These records were translated from German & transcribed by Steven L. Goettel
- © 2003 Steven L. Goettel

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