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Waterloo Ridge Norwegian Lutheran Church
Waterloo township

photograph by Errin Wilker, copyright August 2012
Come to Gods House

The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Waterloo Ridge, became an incorporated body March 25, 1869, the trustees being Hans Johnson Gaare, John Svenson, and Peter Martinson; and other incorporators were Anders Larson and Ole Clauson. Their present pastor is Rev. O. Wangenstein. This church is located on the north side of section 18, a beautiful and commanding site on the ridge overlooking the valleys of Bear creek on the south, Waterloo creek on the east, and Winnebago creek to the north. Their grounds are said to be the most neatly kept of any country churchyard throughout this region. A stone church building was erected here at an early day, which has just been replaced with a handsome and substantial edifice costing some $15,000, which was dedicated in the spring of 1913.

~Past & Present of Allamakee County, 1913; chapter 19

photograph by Errin Wilker, copyright August 2012

Waterloo Ridge Kirke
Waterloo Ridge Kvindeforenings

Waterloo Ridge Church 3/28/1912

booklet cover Waterloo Ridge Kirke

Pastors 1868-1925

Pastor H.A. Stub
H.A. Stub

(no photo)
O. Bostad
Pastor J.A. Bergh
J.A. Bergh

Pastor L.O. Pederson
L.O. Pederson

O.K. Weium
(no photo)
M.F.R. Lunde

Pastor N.J. Vikingstad
N.J. Vikingstad

Pastor W.O. Wilhelmson
W.O. Wilhelmson

O.M. Wangensteen
O.M. Wangensteen

Pastor Christen Heltne
Christen Heltne

Members of the Congregation pictured in the booklet

Elias Hansen family
Elias Hansen family
Esten Lassesen, his wife & son John
Esten Lassesen, his wife & son John

Claus Olsen
Claus Olsen

Peder Stensli, his wife & their foster son
Peder Stensli, his wife & their foster son


~Photos are from: 'Waterloo Ridge Kirke og Waterloo Ridge Kvindeforenings Historie', by John E. Lasseson, 1926
~contributed by Susan Larson
~contributor's notes: While researching my Larson roots in southern Minnesota, I visited the library at Luther College in Decorah in 2010 and found this little booklet hoping to find something about my Norwegian immigrant family in it. Unfortunately they aren't mentioned, but I took photographs of some of the pages "just in case". The booklet is only 10 or 11 pages but appears to have the history of the Waterloo Ridge church and names many members of the congregation. It looks like it might have been written by John, the son of Esten Lassesen, who is in one of the family pictures. I had a very difficult time browsing for familiar names in the book because it is in Norwegian (which I don't read) and because the print is a fancy & hard to read. Thought the pictures would be nice for the Allamakee website & to let others know about the booklet.

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