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St. Peter's
United Church of Christ
New Albin
Record of Marriages

1885-1954 | 1955-1984
Johann Buckendahl and Anna Meyer

Fredericke Munckel and Catherine Buckendahl


Carl Albrecht and Adelheid Rudnick
Peter Yust and Emma Weymiller

Albert Pommerening and Emilie Matthews

Otto Schulze and Dorothea Kohlmeyer

William Renk and Sophia Luttchens
August Lubberstedt and Anna Kruse

Henry Hahn and Bertha Pohlman
Otto Luttchens and Mathilda Pohlman

Herman J. Schulze and Minnie Kohlmeyer

John Schuldt and Minnie Pohlman
John Timmerman and Dorothea Meyer
Carl Kriese and Bertha Harms

Charles J. Hinrichs and Mary Wild

Nick Didling and Augusta Kurk
Leo Fink and Lydia Meyer

George Wiemerslage and Mathilda Kubitz

Fritz Wuennecke and Anna Meyer

Peter Boltz and Alvina Meyer
Albert Sommermeyer and Frieda Krzebietke

Elmer Deters and Hildor Kuehn
Henry C. Meyer and Emma Wuennecke
Gustav Becker and Lizzie Pohlman

Adolph Rudnick and Augusta Yohe
Edward H. Meyer and Bertha Krzebietke

Edward Weymiller and Rosina Fruechte

August Somermeyer and Selma Fruechte
Gottfried Loeffler and Minnie Meyer double wedding with
Herman Meyer and Gertrude Loeffler

George Solberg and Martha Rudnick

Rudolph Jordan and Minna Meyer

Ervin Luttchens and Ella Bellows
Walter Weymiller and Hanna Fruechte
Wilhelm Gade and Martha Meyer

Albert Wuennecke and Laura Meyer

Carl Vonderohe and Alma Hahn

Henry Vonderohe and Marie Hahn
Kermit Wild and Bernice Meyer

Arthur Gran and Ella Schuldt

Albert Diersen and Esther Pohlman

Alvin Rend and Edna Hahn

Elmer Middendorf and Ruby Sires
Bernet Richards and Gladys Middendorf
Harold Welper and Selma Schaller

John Hudachko and Edna Welper

Louis Beneke and Vivian Loeffler
John Schuldt and Mamie Christoff
Maynard Sinrud and Lorena Jordan

Clarence Schaller and Esther Hahn
Howard Beckel and Melita Pottratz
Alvin Beneke and Violet Solberg

Walter Breeser and Phyllis Meyer
John Beneke and Melba Meyer
Jim Turnipseed and Mavis Jordan

Arthur Magnusson and Adele Stehr
Robert Ellis and Maria Jordan
R. E. Rue and Mrs. Ann Boyd

-1948 -

Joseph Richards and Nancy Steele
Edmund Carroll and Rhoda Russell
Floyd Zarwell and Malita Staggemeyer

Earl Reiser and Mrs. Emma Bloomquist
Kenneth Fisher and Irene Meyer


Rowland Somermeyer and Donna Russell
Robert Somermeyer and Patricia Crowley
Owen Thorson and Carol Harvey

Paul Gade and Arlene Beneke
Ernest Loomis Jr. and Lillian Meyer
Wesley Schroeder and Mrs. Elsie Somermeyer

Donald Neumann and Glenda King
Donald Kruse and Belva Meyer
Edgar Wuennecke and Shirley Meyer
Norris Burrichter and Mary Lou Middendorf

Norman Dresselhaus and Beverly Wild
Lamoine Middendorf and Joanne Oitzman
Raymond Mulholland and Hannah Bresser

Donald Schoh and Annette Wohlers
Earl Crowley and Dolores Moldenhauer
Fred Glander and Nancy Piel
Gaylord Schoh and Ruby Richards
Ivan Bjorge and Iona Beneke
Donald Gilsdorf and Ruthmary Bundy

Merlin Meyer and Luella Bresser
James Taylor and Nancy Kenyon
Robert Bayler and Lavon Burrichter

Roger Zezulka and Kathryn Beneke

Paul Breeser and Mrs. Esther Neumann
N. Paul Adamson and Janice Middendorf
John Linzenmeyer and Janice Wohlers
Harold Barker and Lorrayne Meyer

Robert Middendorf and Donna Somermeyer
Lester Olson and Ruth Meyer

Ralph Meyer and Jane Jensen
Wendell Wild and Marilyn Oitzman
Robert Thimmesch and Donna Hurley
Curtis Beardmore and Rita Luttchens

Vern Goetzinger and Sharon Oitzman

William Zezulka and Roxanne Barth
F. James Wurm and Cassandra Plagge
Gerald Meyer and Anita Luttchens

Larry Thordson and Diane Wohlers
Millard Vickery and Bonita Weymiller
Delmer Ideker and Dorothy Vonderohe
Allen Osmndson and Grace Gordon

-1967 -
Kenneth Imm and Shirley Bellon
Martin Luebbin and Mary Jo Sands

Lyle Meyer and Ruth Johnson

Norbert Protsman Jr. and Marilyn Renk
Gary Kottman and Sharon Neumann

Gary Dickenson and Barbara Breeser
Benjamin Rogers and Linda Mieners

Fremon Shaw and Margaret Hale
George Stemper and Joan Loeffler
Craig Lee and Karen Sires
Kent Tanner and Linda Luttchens
Ronald Protsman and Mary Halverson

Richard Meiners and E. Lynn Gordon
Harry Kruse and Iona Beneke Bjorge

Jeffrey Jannsen and Ione Hauser
Robert Ellefson and Katherine Neumann
David Wellendorf and Grace Gordon

Lester Buchholz and Mrs. Alice Weber
Robert Miller and Carmen Smith
Keith Gelo and Wendy Schuldt
Thomas Richards and Shirley Schaller
David Strong and Angela Wuennecke
James Rethwisch and Maglei Meyer
Gordon Davis and Beverly Breeser

Ellsworth Johnson and Helga Wongen
Eugene Farrell and Sandra Kasten
Robert Collins and Nada Cyl

Mark Hess and Anita Erickson
Alan Zeune and Gwendlyn Meyer
Robert Klug and Janelle Thorson
Reuben Lindley and Rora Guardalafene
Dennis Smith and Cindy Maust

Leonard Miller and Patricia Jacobson
Randall Beneke and Martina Conner

Daryl Beneke and Karen Welper
Kurtis Stalsberg and Janet Beneke

Paul Hinton and Lori Hanson
Floyd Wild and Mrs. Bernice Wild

Mark Hammell and Renee Fruechte
Thomas Crane and Debra Weymiller
Arthur Ammerman and Donna Mooneyham

Daniel Stanislawski and Jana Dresselhaus
Roger Emerson and Sally Weymiller
Terry Shepard and Krislyn Carroll
Wayne Burmester and Debby Pitts
Geoffrey Schive and Nancy Stehr

Randall Sevelin and Linda Erickson
Gerald Powell and Renee Schoh
John Bulman and Patricia Connor
Scott De Loach and Amy Stehr

Dale Atkinson and Jamie Anderson
David Steele Jr. and Tamie Protsman
Henry Ceason and Elsie Schultz
Douglas Myers and Alice Meyer
Barton King and Wendy O’Neill

Harlan Moen and Coleen Lenser
Gary Weymiller and Roxi Zezulka


- source: St. Peter's United Church of Christ Anniversary Book "Celebrating Our Centennial" 1885-1985
- transcribed by Diana Henry Diedrich and proof-read by Richard Diedrich

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