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St. Peter's
United Church of Christ
New Albin
Record of Baptisms


Some Interesting Facts on Baptism at St. Peter’s U.C.C.

Rev. Fredric Bemberg  
  • 1936
    Earl Crowley
    Ralph Meyer
  • 1937
    Glory Darbo
    Ronald Darbo
    Patricia Darbo
    Richard Darbo
Rev. Ervin Florin  
  • 1938
    Harriet Wunnecka
    Ronald Mattie
    Aubrey Erickson
    Ruby Richards
    Ruth Bresser
    Betty Thomford
  • 1939
    Harry Travis
    D. Elaine Breeser
    Rose Ann Sadler
  • 1940
    Janice Middendorf
  • 1941
    LeRoy Meyer
    Joan K. Jordan
    David Schuldt
    Merlin Welper
    Wendell Wild
    Gerald Richards
    Donna Welper
    Keith Valesh
  • 1942
    Gary Sommermeyer
    Kathryn Beneke
  • 1943
    Fritz Meyer
    Beverly Schuldt
Rev. Paul Franzmeier  
  • 1943
    Rita Luttchens
    Gary Wohlers
Rev. H. W. Radloff  
  • 1943
    Neil Zarwell
    Lawrence Waters
    Barton King
Rev. Paul Franzmeier  
  • 1944
    David Blomquist
    John Schuldt
    Cassandra Plagge
  • 1945
    Jane Valesh
    Robert Waters
    Alice Meyer
    Diane Wohlers
    David Richards
    Anita Luttchens
    Sharon Oitzman
  • 1946
    Barry Blomquist
    James Carnine
    Ruth Lennox
    Mardell Dierksen
    Diane Wuennecke
    Bonita Weymiller
  • 1947
    Sharon Neumann
    Gary Schaller
    Richard Zarwell
    Denice Franck
    Barbara Breeser
    Richard Blomquist
    Jane Beneke
    Bruce Beneke
    Kenneth Weiland
    Ronald Somermeyer
  • 1948
    Orville Meyer
    David Wild
    Thomas Richards
    Barbara Parkin
    Bonnie Meyer
    Lynette Weymiller
    Linda Westervelt
    Linda Beneke
  • 1949
    Ronald Zarwell
    Robert Beneke
    Sheila Weiland
    Alan Richards
    Stephen Breeser
    Keith Beneke
    Gerald Plagge
    Timothy Riehm
    David Zarwell
    Debra Carroll
  • 1950
    Donald Somermeyer
    Bette Somermeyer
    Jeffrey Middendorf
    Mrs. Carmen Middendorf
    Michelle Ellis
    Eunice Loeffler
  • 1951
    Randall Meyer
    Randy Wohlers
    Scott Richards
    Katherine Neumann
    Laughn Gordon
    Gregory Middendorf
    Daryl Beneke
    Loren Richards
  • 1952
  • 1953
    Marilyn Sommermeyer
    Milton Pottratz
    Gregory Pottratz
    Curtis Pottratz
    Mrs. Nadine Pottratz
    Rowland Somermeyer
    Linda Luttchens
    Gary Gordon
    Alan Meyer
    Christi Pottratz
    Scott Carroll
Rev. Emil Burrichter  
  • 1954 Robert Somermeyer
    E. Lynn Gordon
    Beverly Breeser
    Robert Loomis
    Kenneth Schaller
    Brian Middendorf
  • 1955
    Darrell Neumann
    Randall Beneke
    Debra Meyer
    Lorena Plagge
  • 1956
    N. Don Burrichter
    Janine Middendorf
    Eileen Neumann
    Steven Fruechte
    Terry Riehm
  • 1957
    Kimberlee Carroll
    Terry Schoh
    Neal Luttchens
    John Burrichter
    Lincoln Middendorf
    Robert Wiemerslage
  • 1958
    Barry Fruechte
    Ruby Gordon
    Renee Schoh
    Mark Middendorf
    A. Jefffrey Pohlman
    Dwight Duensing
    Terry Meyer
    Douglas Weymiller
    Wayne Meyer
    Nancy Stehr
  • 1959
    Toby Burrichter
    Dale Neumann
    Karen Somermeyer ( by E. Wetzel)
    Janet Beneke
    Thomas Riehm
    David Wohlers
    Debra Crowley
    Douglas Duensing
    Galen Breeser
  • 1960
    Renee Fruechte
    Linda Zezulka
    Vicki Schoh
    Dennis Weymiller
    David Steele
    Sandra Luttchens
    Anita Erickson
    Richard Erickson
    Tamie Protsman
    Alan Wuennecke
    Zane Middendorf
  • 1961
    Jane Wiemerslage
    Mark Linzenmeyer
    Jeffrey Adamson
    Holly Burrichter
    Donald Bellon
    Lisa Pohlman
    Roy Travis
    David Bayler
    Debra Dresselhaus
    Ronald Zezulka
    Jeffrey Schoh
  • 1962
    Bruce Erickson
    Sally Weymiller
    Tammy Steele
    Mark Luttchens
    Krislyn Carroll
    Clark Meyer
    Gayle Travis
  • 1963
    Jonathan Bayler
    Sheryl Luttchens
    Steven Wild
Rev. Clyde Lee  
  • 1963
    Pamela Adamson
    Amy Stehr
    Jeffrey Wild
    Robert Norskog
  • 1964
    Lisa Somermeyer
    Arlis Breeser
    Scott Schoh
    Linda Erickson
    Roger Erickson
    Julie Adamson
    Robert Zezulka
    Wendy Timmesch (by Navy Chaplain)
  • 1965
    Diane Wild
    Laurie Wild
    David Goetzinger
    Paul Zezulka
    Michael Zezulka
    Kenneth Wild
  • 1966
    Joel Thorson
  • 1967
    Deanne Vickery
    Jodi Meyer
    Christie Middendorf
    Michele Waters
    Shane Carroll
  • 1968
    Donald Vickery
    Erick Oitzman
    Julie Schoh
    Daniel Erickson
  • 1969
    Sue Weymiller
  • 1970
    Jodi Kottman
    Pamela Oitzman
    Norbert Protsman III
  • 1971
    Chris Schoh
    Rebecca Waters
    Dean Beneke
    Darryl Oitzman
    Karla Wild
  • 1972
    Erick Dickenson
    Michael Schoh
    Shauna Sires
    Cid Breeser
  • 1973
    Tammy Barker
    Nancy Dickenson
    Julie Protsman
    Wendy Dibert
    Jennifer King
    Tammy Beneke
  • 1974
    James Baures
    Kelly Waters
  • 1975
    Erin Strong
    Walter Ellefson
    Niki Breeser
  • 1976
    Brian Wellendorf
    Sandra Farrell
    John Kottman
  • 1977
    Dana Vickery
Rev. James Dahlgren  
  • 1977
    James Strong (twin)
    Jason Strong (twin)
    Melody Beneke
Rev. R. Kuechmann – supply  
  • 1977
    Shannon Maust
Rev. Richard Waters  
  • 1978
    Jeff Wellendorf
    Michael Kasten
  • 1979
    Lori Jennings
    Holly Dibert
    Daniel Beneke
    Candia Hess
  • 1980
    Mathew Beneke
    Amanda Beneke
    Justin Meyer
  • 1981
    Nicholas Beneke
  • 1982
    Nicholas Hammell
    Leisha Emerson
    Andy Luttchens
    Andrew Beneke
    Angela Jennings
    Keri Strong
    Valerie Kasten
  • 1983
    Danny Wood
    Terrence Miller
    Mark Waters (Rev. Fried)
  • 1984
    Megan Leppert (Rev. Fried)
    Christopher Tanner
    Mitchel Luttchens
    Heather Emerson
    Steven Neumann


Some Interesting Facts on Baptism at St. Peter’s U.C.C.

Only two pastors of St. Peter’s have had a child baptized in New Albin while they were service the church here.

JAMES CALVIN DENNINGHAFF, a son of Rev. Louis and Lucia Denninghaff, was born on September 13th, 1925, and baptized on December 6, 1925, at the parsonage.

MARK RICHARD WATERS, son of Rev. Richard and Jeanne Waters, was born on {Private} and baptized on {Private}, at the church.

Three children were baptized on the same day; June 9, 1929. Rev. P.C. Keinath was the pastor. The sacrament was performed in the homes of the children. Those who were baptized that day were; LESTER BOLTZ, son of Theo. and Louise Boltz: RUTH MEYER, daughter of Paul and Alma Meyer; and GILMAN MEYER, son of Walter and Hulda Meyer.

Three sets of twins were baptized by our church; ALBERT and ALFRED Renk, sons of Wilhelm and Lena (Luttchens) Renk; born on Feb 21, 1900, and baptized by Rev. Henry Kunz on Feb. 25, 1900. GENEVA and JEANETTE FINK, daughters of Leo and Lydia (Meyer) Fink; born on July 22, 1927, and baptized by Rev. P. C. Keinath on Sept. 18, 1927.JAMES and JASON STRONG, sons of David and Angela (Wuennecke) Strong; born on {Private}, and baptized by Rev. James Dahlgren on {Private}.

The greatest number of baptisms performed in one year was 12 – in 1889 and again in 1895.1940, 1966, 1969, 1980, and 1981 – there was only one baptism performed during each of these years.

The first baptism in our present church building was for RANDY GENE WOHLERS, son of Earl and Berth (Jannsen) Wohlers. Randy was born on {Private}, and baptized by Rev. Paul Franzmeier on {Private}. The sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wohlers.

The first baptism at St. Peter’s was that of IDA MINNA MESSALL, daughter of Louis and Ida (Lenz) Messall. She was born on Feb. 24, 1885, and baptized on April 12, 1885, by Rev. Jacob Maierle. The sponsors were Frederick Lenz and Henrietta Hadelbrink.

The last baptism to be performed (during our first one hundred years) was for STEVEN RAY NEUMANN., son of Darrell and Anita (Mahler) Neumann. He was born on {Private}, and baptized on {Private}, by Rev. Richard Waters. The sponsors were Beth Heckman and Barton and Wendy King.

Until 1954 (the beginning of Rev. Burrichter’s pastorate), the large majority of baptisms were performed at the homes of the child’s parents or grandparents, or at the parsonage. After Rev. Burrichter began his ministry here, only 4 baptisms were done at the home and just 2 at the parsonage. All the rest were in the church, and this tradition has continued to the present time.


*transcribers notes, re: Renk Twins (1900): Alfred Renk lived until he was about 12 years old, dying 2 June 1911 and is listed in the Wheatland Cemetery records. Albert died shortly after birth living only a few days. Sadly, their mother Lena also died a few days later. Lena is also listed in the Wheatland Cemetery records (in error under her maiden name). Albert is not listed, but I believe he is buried with his mother.

- transcribers notes: I have added {private} to any information that maybe current

- source: St. Peter's United Church of Christ Anniversary Book "Celebrating Our Centennial" 1885-1985
- transcribed by Diana Henry Diedrich (the Renk Twins and the Fink Twins were cousins of mine)
- proof-read by Richard Diedrich

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