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St. Ann's Catholic Church
St. Joseph's - Paint Rock Church

Taylor twp.


"Paint Rock Catholic church, located two or three miles from Harper’s Ferry, is a very early organization, having been established over fifty years. Father P. A. McManus was pastor in the early seventies. A 3,000 lb bell was placed in this church in August, 1889. Rev. F. Kernan was here in 1892. It became incorporated under the statutes of Iowa, November 16, 1911, under the name of St. Joseph’s Church of Harper’s Ferry, with Rev. Michael Sheehan, pastor, and Nicholas Brazell and Bernard J. Finnegan lay members of the board of directors.

St. Ann’s Church of Harper’s Ferry is of comparatively recent date. This became incorporated at the same time as St. Joseph’s, with Thos. Cavanaugh and James J. Finnegan laymen directors. Both of these churches are under the pastorate of Rev. Michael Sheehan, and of course Archbishop James J. Keane is ex-officio president of the corporate bodies."

~source: "Past & Present of Allamakee County", 1913, chapter 19

St. Ann's Church

St. Ann's Catholic church, Harpers Ferry
St. Ann's Catholic church, Harpers Ferry
photographer: Payne

~photo contributed by Betty Palmer


St. Joseph Church - Paint Rock

The church was located at the site of the Paint Rock cemetery. The bell from the church and a plaque marking the site of the church is at the cemetery. Established in 1855, the church was closed and torn down in 1975. The sacramental records were removed to the Immaculate Conception Parish, Wexford.

St. Joseph's - Paint Rock Catholic church
~exterior photos contributed by J. Howard

St. Joseph's Catholic church
St. Joseph's - Paint Rock Catholic church
unknown date
~interior photo contributed by Betty Palmer

Bell from St. Joseph's church
The bell from St. Joseph's church marks the site where the church stood
~photo taken by S. Ferrall, 2008



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