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United Methodist Church Dedication
Church Dedication Program
Sunday, August 27, 1916

Dedication of the M.E. Church
New Albin, Iowa
Sunday, August 27, 1916

Sunday, August 27
Morning Service, 10:00 o'clock

Voluntary, "Sweet the Moments" - Donezette
Hymn, Hymnal No. 661
Apostles Creed
By Dr. W.G. Crowder, District Superintendant
Solo, "Oh Divine Reedemer" - Gounod
By C.J. Travis
Old Testament Lesson
New Testament Lesson
Hymn, Hymnal No. 106
By Bishop Homer C. Stuntz, D.D., L.L.D.
Dedication Service
Hymn, Hymnal No. 310

Evening Service, 7:30 o'clock

Voluntary, "Hark! Hark! My Soul" - Shelley
Hymn, Hymnal No. 530
Anthem, "The Venite in E Flat" - Williams
Scripture Lesson
Solo, "Revelation" - Egener
By Professor C.B. Brooks
By Bishop Homer C. Stuntz, D.D., L.L.D.
Hymn, Hymnal No. 44

Choir assisted by Professor C.B. Brooks, Miss Fanny Lapham and Mrs. Estelle Hesse.

Monday, August 28

Afternoon and Evening: Mutual Chautauqua at Tent

Tuesday, August 29

7:30 o'clock: Sacred Concert

Wednesday, August 30

7:30 o'clock: Reunion of Pastors

An expression of thanks is hereby tendered to our New Albin citizens and business man and to our numerous friends who have contributed to the success of the building enterprise and for their sympathetic cooperation in our labors.
Rev. C.R. Disney

Pastor C. Roswell Disney
Pastor C. Roswell Disney

Review of Circumstances, Desires and Hopes Culminating in the New Home.

The New Albin society of Methodists was organized forty-three years ago by Rev. H.W. Houghton. It has continued to serve the community throughout the years, and during the latter half of this period has been the only English speaking society in the community.

The conviction grew in the minds of the people that the church home should be replaced by a building constructed along the line of the present day religious development. This action was finally hastened by the dangerous condition of the old church, and an ever increasing demand for institutional church work.

The various conclusions reached by individuals who had the interest of the kingdom at heart are worthy of being chronicled here:

The efforts of the society were blest of God from the first and it is only natural that the affairs of the church should, in an appropriate manner, be governed by best methods. The general advance of the people is oftimes hindered by the unnecessary church organizations in their respective communities. The total value of the several churches usually found in towns of similar size of ours would in many cases amount to the sum spent on the erection of court houses in many county seat towns. The agregate average salary of the several pastors would provide for efficiently trained co-laborers enough to successfully conduct the work.

The community represents the work of the church. It is its opportunity of service. Not to a few but to the lat man, woman and child in its environs. Equipment must keep pace with the communal demand.

The above meager outline contains the hopes and aspirations of this people to serve their fellow men, but a closer inspection of the plan and purpose is invited.

Pastoral Record of the Church

H.W. Houghton, 1874-1877
G.W. Pratt, 1877-1878
R.C. Ambler, 1878-1879
A.M. Sanford, 1879-1882
L.N. Green, 1882-1885
No Pastor, 1885-1886
T.F. Heatley, 1886-1887
H.J. Bowder, 1877-1890
J.B. Wyatt, 1890-1892
W.A. Allen, 1892-1893
E.D. Hall, 1893-1894
Squire Heath, 1894-1896
R.L. Finney, 1896-1897
W.G. Crowder, 1897-1898
A.A. Hallett, 1898-1899
B.C. Barnes, 1899-1901
Herbert S. Kester, 1901-1903
William Lease, 1903-1905
C.C. Casper, 1905-1907
W.A. Smith, 1907-1908
Henry Allshouse, 1908-1911
E.T. Gough, 1911-1913
W.T. Smith, 1913-1914
C.R. Disney, 1914


Homer C. Stuntz, Bishop - Omaha, Nebraska
W.G. Crowder, District Superintendant - Dubuque, Iowa
C. Roswell Disney, Pastor


R.G. May
C.J. Travis
J.H. Reiser
C.M. Steele
R.C. May
William Schultz
August Hausmann

Building Committee

J.H. Reiser
R.G. May


C.M. Steele
Mrs. John (Katherine) Sires
C.J. Travis
Mrs. James Goble
Edd Bock
William Schultz

Aid Society

Mrs. James Goble, President
Daisy Robinson, Secretary

Epworth League

Nina Goble, President
Eva Bellows, Secretary


Parkinson & Docknedorf - La Crosse, Wisconsin


C. Roswell Disney


~photos & text from an original copy of the dedication booklet were contributed by Errin Wilker


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