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First Baptist Church
Hook-Hastings Pipe Organ

Hook-Hastings Pipe Organ - photographer Ann Londres

The photos, text and scanned documents on this page were contributed by Ann Londres, current owner of the organ.

The organ was built specifically for the church by Hook-Hastings organ builders in the same year the building was completed. The philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donated $750.00 towards the purchase of the organ. L.W. Hersey (one of the founders of Waukon State Bank) was a prominent member of the church and donated much of the funds which made the building possible, so the congregation dedicated the organ to Mr. & Mrs. Hersey. The original plaque is on the organ to this day. The Waukon State Bank website has more information about L.W. Hersey (click on 'About Us' then 'History').

The organ is 1 of 67 in the State of Iowa which were involved with the Carnegie fund for organs. Unknown is how many exist today, although this one is in perfect working condition. The organ is Opus 2060 built in 1905. The term "Opus" means the number built, so the organ is the 2060th organ built by the company. Registers and Ranks mean the same thing which is the number of pipes an organ has.

Hook-Hastings Pipe Organ - photographer Ann Londres Hook-Hastings Pipe Organ - photographer Ann Londres


Thank-you Letter from the congregation to Andrew Carnegie

Thank-you Letter from the congregation to Andrew Carnegie

Close-up of the signatures:
Waukon, Iowa, March 18th, 1904

By the First Baptist Church
Waukon, Iowa

The First Baptist Church of this city takes pleasure in formally recording its acceptance of, and gratitude for, the generosity of Mr. Andrew Carnegie in so faborably (sic) responding to the appeal of our pastor in behalf of the proposed pipe organ for the new church edifice. The gift is acknowledged amid many expresions of joy.

Therefore, it is hereby directed that this sentiment be forewarded at once to Mr. Carnegie together with the thanks of the congregation; and the same be recorded in full by the church clerk in the records of this body.

C.H. Stull
E.B. Gibbs
Mrs. B.A. Hersey
E.W. Goodykoontz

Committee appointed by Church March 3d, 04

Ratified Sunday morning, March 20th, 1904


Hook-Hastings Receipt

Hook-Hastings Receipt

August 25, '05
Bill for Memorial Tablet

Rev. C.H. Stull, Waukon, Ia.

Dear Sir:
We are in receipt of your esteemed favor of Aug. 22nd, with check for $1143.72. We are sending by same mail to Mr. R.A. Franks, of the Home Trust Co., Hoboken, N.J., bill showing balance due on the organ $750.00, and accompanying the bill we send letter from Mr. J.H. Johnson, which you sent to us with your letter. Upon receipt of remittance from Mr. Franks we will send you receipt in full for the organ. We enclose bill for the Memorial Tablet, as requested.

Hook-Hastings Co.



Organ Specification Documents

Hook-Hastings Co. Organ Specifications - Cover of binder
The organ specifications are worthy for research purposes as others may be looking for similar information.

On the left is the cover of the binder of documents from Hook-Hastings Co. Organ Specification for First Baptist Church, Waukon, Ia.

Below is the Memorandum of Agreement between the church & the organ builder.

Boston, Mass., November 22nd, 1904

Memorandum of an Agreement made this day, by and between Hook-Hastings Co., Organ Builders, of Boston, Mass., and the First Baptist Church of Waukon, Iowa, through its representatives duly authorized. To wit: -

Said Hook-Hastings Co. shall build an organ, two manuals and pedal, according to the annexed specifications, of the best material and in the most thorough manner and set it up in the church edifice in good order, ready for use, warranted perfect in every respect, within ninety days from the date of a written notice to be given by said church to said Hook-Hastings Co., stating that the church is ready to receive said organ, said notice to be dated not later than April 1, 1905.

Said church shall prepare the place for the organ, and allow suitable convenience and opportunity in the church for the work of setting up and tuning it; and promptly upon its completion in the church shall have it critically tried and examined so that the expert before leaving may attend to any matters apparently defective; and in full consideration for the furnishing and delivery of the organ as above, shall pay to the said Hook-Hastings Co., upon its completion in the church, the sum of Two Thousand ($2000.) Dollars in cash.

And it is further agreed that until full payment be made, as herein stipulated, the organ shall remain the property of said Hook-Hastings Co., to whom it shall be insured by said church against damage by fire as its interest may appear, from the time the organ or its parts are deposited in the building it is to occupy.

All payments to be made in drafts on Boston or New York to the order of said Hook-Hastings Co. All contracts to be signed or countersigned at the Home Office.

Hook-Hastings Co.
F.H. Hastings Jr

First Baptist Church
Charles Henry Stull, Authorized


Waukon, Ia. Nov. 22d, 1904

Note - As the church would insure the organ in its own interest upon its completion it is only necessary to take out the policy a short time in advance.

The documents on the left below, are pages one and two of the specifications. On the right below is the document with the constructive details outlined.

The Exterior of the Organ to comprise symmetrical groups of richly decorated Pipes and Casing of quarter-sawed red birch, cabinet finish, all of appropriate design to be submitted for approval.

The Hook-Hastings Co.'s Improved Wind Chests are to be used, constructed on the very best principles, having important improvements over others in directness of wind supply and simplicity.

The Hook-Hastings Co.'s Improved mechanical Action is to be used, in which all is made nice, silent and delicate as that of a piano, avoiding complication and expense.

The Bellows to be large and to be arranged for hand blowing and for the future application of a suitable water motor.

Every Part and Pipe of the Organ to be constructed, applied and treated according to the highest standard of organ building art and fully warranted.


Carnegie Benefactors of Church Organs

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