Salem UCC Cemetery Survey 2006
Ludlow Township, Allamakee county Iowa

In Loving Memory of Willard and Esther Grotegut

This survey is an Eagle Scout Project by Zach Kimber, done in the fall of 2006. He got the idea from his aunt (Ann Krumme) and his mother (Wendy Kimber) and found examples at other cemeteries (Protevin and Ossian). After a lot of brainstorming he decided on the concept of a map and numbering of the stones. Luckily the cemetery was well laid out and fairly easy to map but it took many trips to measure and check the lists. He found a bulletin board he liked that would hold the finished project. He planned a Saturday when his fellow scouts could come and help.

Zach did this as a memorial for his grandparents, Willard and Esther Grotegut. He is now an Eagle Scout. Congratulations Zach, we are all proud of you and applaud your efforts! All Salem cemetery visitors will benefit from your project.

Zach Kimber with his Eagle Scout project, 2006
Zach Kimber with his Eagle Scout project

N 14 Baumgartner, Florence M.
N 14 Baumgartner, John H.
B 28 Baumgartner, Norman E.
I 12 Bechtel, Amelia
M 08 Bechtel, Arthur F.
B 31 Bechtel, Donald A.
I 12 Bechtel, Fred J.
M 08 Bechtel, Lydia F.
G 08 Bechtel, Martin
D 08 Becker, Amelia
D 06 Becker, Anna E.
F 04 Becker, Bertha E.
E 07 Becker, Caroline
F 04 Becker, Fred S.
F 01 Becker, Frederick
A 10 Becker, Friedrich
A 15 Becker, George
F 13 Becker, Hannah S.
F 01 Becker, Henrietta
F 13 Becker, Henry H.
B 22 Becker, Infant (son of S & C )
L 03 Becker, Karl C.
A 01 Becker, Louisa
A 10 Becker, Louise
G 18 Becker, Ralph F.
E 07 Becker, Simon C.
E 16 Becker, Simon F.
Q 10 Berg, Kyle M.
Q 10 Berg, Peggy (Winkie)
P 02 Berger-Ludeking, Virginia Ann
P 08 Bjerke, Ernest M.
P 07 Bjerke, Janice Marie
P 09 Bjerke, Linda Sue
P 08 Bjerke, Lorna A. (Grotegut)
K 12 Butler, Leona G.
Q 14 Clark, Nancy L. (Hesse)
L 02 DeBuhr, Ada L.
L 02 DeBuhr, Anton P.
O 01 DeBuhr, Betty
L 07 DeBuhr, Lydia A.
L 07 DeBuhr, Rev. Edmond M.
O 01 DeBuhr, Victor
H 04 Depping, Benj. A.
A 08 Depping, Charley
J 04 Depping, Christina S.
D 01 Depping, Edward C.
F 09 Depping, Fred
A 18 Depping, Frederick C. E.
B 16 Depping, Gertrude E.
A 18 Depping, Henrietta
F 09 Depping, Minnie
H 04 Depping, Simon J.
P 16 Dickman, Darlene M. (Stuckman)
P 17 Dickman, Diane M.
P 16 Dickman, Norman E.
M 07 Duevell, Anna
M 07 Duevell, William
H 03 Duvel, Albert
E 02 Duvel, Amelia
E 12 Duvel, Anna
P 12 Duvel, Bernice M (Sanderson)
M 03 Duvel, Caroline L.
I 09 Duvel, Charles
M 03 Duvel, Clarence A.
O 15 Duvel, Donald E.
O 06 Duvel, Donus A.
F 08 Duvel, Edwin L.
O 06 Duvel, Elaine
L 01 Duvel, Ellen B.
I 09 Duvel, Emma
H 06 Duvel, Ervin A.
J 09 Duvel, Fred W.
E 02 Duvel, Frederick
N 15 Duvel, Gloria J.
E 12 Duvel, Henry
F 10 Duvel, Henry F.
O 14 Duvel, Laura J.
N 06 Duvel, Laura M.
J 09 Duvel, Lena B.
F 08 Duvel, Leona A.
N 06 Duvel, Lloyd L.
L 10 Duvel, Merlin F.
P 12 Duvel, Milton F.
H 03 Duvel, Minnie
N 15 Duvel, Norman A.
O 14 Duvel, Orville D.
F 10 Duvel, Pauline A.
L 10 Duvel, Ruth L.
O 06 Duvel, Thomas M.
L 01 Duvel, Wesley H.
M 04 Flage, Edward F.
G 14 Flage, Estella G.
G 14 Flage, LeRoy H.
M 04 Flage, Lilly H.
J 02 Gerleman, Inez Marie
F 03 Goeke, Herman
F 03 Goeke, Marie H.
L 14 Grotegut, Albert
E 11 Grotegut, Anna
J 05 Grotegut, Arthur H.
B 24 Grotegut, Baby
J 05 Grotegut, Edna M.
B 13 Grotegut, Elmer
N 03 Grotegut, Erma J.
O 13 Grotegut, Esther H.
K 09 Grotegut, Evangeline
E 13,14 Grotegut, Frederick
D 18 Grotegut, Helen
F 12 Grotegut, Henry F.
K 10 Grotegut, Hertha
B 11 Grotegut, Infant (daughter of S. & H.)
K 10 Grotegut, John
D 20 Grotegut, Lydia
F 12 Grotegut, Lydia
A 09 Grotegut, Lydia
B 10 Grotegut, Mable (daughter of H. and L.)
E 14,15 Grotegut, Minnie
N 12 Grotegut, Nora A.
B 23 Grotegut, Robert A.
N 16 Grotegut, Roger W.
L 14 Grotegut, Ruby
N 12 Grotegut, Rueben C.
D 19 Grotegut, Simon H.
A 05 Grotegut, Simon Heinrich (B6,7)
K 09 Grotegut, Walter
A 05 Grotegut, Wilhelmina Carolina (B8)
O 13 Grotegut, Willard K.
G 01 Hanke, Carl W.
G 02 Hanke, Emma
B 02 Hanke, Fred W.
E 03 Hanke, Henrietta
A 13 Hanke, Karl
K 01 Hanke, Martha L.
K 01 Hanke, Paul T.
B 01 Hansmeier, Elmer
O 02 Hansmeier, Gertrude
N 10 Hansmeier, Helen P.
E 09 Hansmeier, Herman S
N 10 Hansmeier, John E.
N 07 Hansmeier, Lorna M.
E 09 Hansmeier, Louise P.
N 07 Hansmeier, Merlin J.
O 02 Hansmeier, Reuben
O 08 Hanson, Esther H.
O 08 Hanson, Julian A.
H 10 Harris, Florence A.
H 10 Harris, Fred H.
J 10 Henning, Albert
O 11 Henning, Calvin L.
P 15 Henning, Dorothy L. (Cooper)
J 07 Henning, Edgar H.
L 08 Henning, Emma
J 10 Henning, Helen H.
A 17 Henning, Henry
O 11 Henning, June E.
J 07 Henning, Louella A.
P 15 Henning, Robert E.
L 08 Henning, Theodore
A 17 Henning, Whilmine
J 06 Hesse, Clara A.
P 06 Hesse, LaVonne V. (Geving)
J 06 Hesse, Paul A.
I 06 Hesse, Regi
P 06 Hesse, Roger W.
Q 13 Hesse, Ronald E.
Q 13 Hesse, Shirley G.
N 04 Hill, LaVonne M. (Stuckman)
I 07 Hobson, Crystal Michelle
O 09 Hoffman, Harold C.
O 09 Hoffman, Marie G. (Grotegut)
I 04 Hoffman, Randal Alan
I 02 Hoffman, Ronald Lee
O 12 Honn, Linda L.
O 12 Honn, Meryle S.
P 18 Ingwersen, Jody J.
P 18 Ingwersen, John H..
I 05 Johnson, Ronald Lee
A 20 Kamin, Augusta
A 20 Kamin, Henry
G 03 Kiesau, Albert F.
N 09 Kiesau, Alfred R.
L 12 Kiesau, Dennis W.
B 12 Kiesau, Edwin A.
J 03 Kiesau, Emma L.
M 15 Kiesau, Esther S.
D 11 Kiesau, Florentine
J 03 Kiesau, Frederick W.
N 09 Kiesau, Gladys M.
I 11 Kiesau, Gustav A.
H 08 Kiesau, Helen M.
D 11 Kiesau, Henry C.
H 08 Kiesau, Henry S.
I 11 Kiesau, Ida
G 03 Kiesau, Inez M.
H 12 Kiesau, Lydia S.
D 14 Kiesau, Mary (Mrs. Simon)
M 16 Kiesau, Mary Anna (unmarked)
D 15,16 Kiesau, Mary Caroline (Mrs. Otto)
H 13 Kiesau, Mildred H. (daughter)
H 14 Kiesau, Otto F. (father)
H 07 Kiesau, Paul D.
H 12 Kiesau, Robert M.
M 15 Kiesau, Roland S.
P 13 Kiesau, Ronald C.
B 18 Kiesau, Ruth H.
D 14 Kiesau, Simon
P 13 Kiesau, Susan E.
G 06 Klepper, Charles
B 03 Klepper, E. C.
L 05 Klepper, Elmer
F 02 Klepper, Fred
B 29 Klepper, Frederick L. (Son)
F 06 Klepper, Henry F.
L 05 Klepper, Inez
F 02 Klepper, Johanna
D 07 Klepper, Lena
A 19 Klepper, Louise
F 06 Klepper, Lydia
D 02 Klepper, Martha L.
G 06 Klepper, Mary
D 09 Klepper, Mattie
E 17 Klepper, Ralph T.
A 19 Klepper, Simon
E 10 Koehring, Ida
K 11 Koehring, Ida L.
E 10 Koehring, Karl
K 11 Koehring, Otto G.
Q 11 Koenig, Harlen W.
Q 11 Koenig, Lorraine M.
L 11 Kriete, Fred H.
D 13 Kriete, Friederike
B 09 Krueger, Albert C.
E 01 Krueger, Fred
E 01 Krueger, Lizzie
L 15 Kruger, Alfred C.
F 15 Kruger, Donald J.
K 13 Kruger, Elmer F.
N 11 Kruger, Emmett
F 11 Kruger, Hulda F.
F 11 Kruger, John F.
K 13 Kruger, Loraine L.
L 15 Kruger, Lorna J.
K 08 Kruger, Lydia A.
K 06 Kruger, Niles J.
K 06 Kruger, Norma L.
N 11 Kruger, Shirley
K 08 Kruger, William H.
K 03 Krumme, August F.
A 02 Krumme, Charles
A 07 Krumme, Christina
G 10 Krumme, Edward A. (brother)
J 11 Krumme, Ella M.
L 13 Krumme, Esther M.
G 05 Krumme, Fred W.
A 07 Krumme, Frederick
L 13 Krumme, Henry J.
G 10 Krumme, Lena (sister)
D 12 Krumme, Lisetta
G 05 Krumme, Lydia S.
B 21 Krumme, Marie C.
M 11 Krumme, Milton W.
M 11 Krumme, Miriam C.
E 06 Krumme, Sophia
J 11 Krumme, William H.
B 05 Kunst, Calvin G. R.
J 14 Kurth, Berniece A.
J 14 Kurth, Louis J.
M 01 Ludeking
N 02 Ludeking
B 19 Ludeking, Aleta L.
A 06 Ludeking, Charlotte (back of stone)
J 08 Ludeking, Clara
M 02 Ludeking, Clarence J.
J 01 Ludeking, Cynthia G.
D 05 Ludeking, Daniel
J 08 Ludeking, David
J 01 Ludeking, George A.
N 01 Ludeking, Georgia A. (Wernet)
A 06 Ludeking, Heinrich
I 08 Ludeking, Jacob
P 01 Ludeking, Jesslie D.
A 11 Ludeking, Joseph
M 05 Ludeking, Lloyd L.
M 05 Ludeking, Lucille A.
M 02 Ludeking, Martha H.
N 01 Ludeking, Ronald R. "Ron"
D 05 Ludeking, Sophia
M 06 Ludeking, Suzanne Kay
A 16 Luedeking, Sophia R.
I 10 Lundt, Curtis Dean
G 12 Lundt, John W.
G 12 Lundt, Lydia S.
K 07 Martin, Dianne P.
J 15 Mauss
I 14 Mauss, Leona H.
I 14 Mauss, Ray John
H 05 Meier Ella A.
H 05 Meier, Rev. J. H.
H 01 Nagel, Mary C.
K 15 Nelson, Burton G.
K 15 Nelson, Lillian M.
P 14 Opfer, Betty V. (Henning)
P 14 Opfer, Virgil L.
G 11 Pratt, Lois Koehring
I 01 Quandahl, Frederich J.
P 11 Quandahl, Marcellus Peter
P 11 Quandahl, Ruth L. (Becker)
O 04 Sanderman, Dorothy W.
I 13 Sanderman, Edwin P.
I 13 Sanderman, Mary
I 13 Sanderman, Otto
O 04 Sanderman, Urban E.
H 02 Selberg, John H.
H 02 Selberg, Lillie A.
N 13 Selberg, Louella G.
I 03 Selberg, Mark Curtis
L 04 Selberg, Vivian B.
L 04 Selberg, Walter H.
O 07 Shafer, Marian R. (Koening)
O 07 Shafer, Raymond W. "Ray"
G 04 Snitker, Ada D.
K 02 Snitker, Alfred
E 04 Snitker, Amelia
D 17 Snitker, Anna
J 12 Snitker, August H.
G 16 Snitker, Augusta L.
J 13 Snitker, Benjamin
E 18 Snitker, Bernard H.
M 14 Snitker, Bernice H.
E 08 Snitker, Clara A.
L 06 Snitker, Dan T.
E 08 Snitker, Daniel
P 05 Snitker, David D. "Dave"
P 03 Snitker, Donald D.
E 18 Snitker, Dora Jean (Thornton)
L 06 Snitker, Elsie
K 14 Snitker, Emma F.
G 09 Snitker, Emma K. Bechtel
K 02 Snitker, Esther
G 15 Snitker, Evelyn R.
H 16 Snitker, Geneva C.
G 17 Snitker, Gertrude L.
G 16 Snitker, Henry J.
A 14 Snitker, Herman
K 14 Snitker, Herman C.
O 03 Snitker, Howard J.
K 05 Snitker, Jane
P 05 Snitker, Janet L. (Larsen)
P 04 Snitker, Joyce A. (Kolsrud)
H 15 Snitker, Lena
K 04 Snitker, Leonard L.
B 30 Snitker, LeRoy, L.
P 04 Snitker, Lloyd M.
P 03 Snitker, Loretta M. (Gjefle)
L 09 Snitker, Marnetta
E 05 Snitker, Martha
J 12 Snitker, Martha E.
K 04 Snitker, Minnie E.
O 05 Snitker, Ralph A.
H 16 Snitker, Raymond M.
L 09 Snitker, Roland D.
H 11 Snitker, Simon W.
C 01 Snitker, Sophia G.
O 03 Snitker, Viola S.
H 15 Snitker, William F.
F 07 Snitker, William H.
A 12 Steffen, Louisa
A 12 Steffen, Simon H.
H 09 Stock, Arthur
H 09 Stock, Emma
H 09 Stock, Joyce Ann
F 14 Stuckman, Albert
M 10 Stuckman, Alta Mae
N 05 Stuckman, Arla J.
Q 12 Stuckman, Ethel L. (Dinger)
M 10 Stuckman, George A.
M 09 Stuckman, Harlan K.
G 07 Stuckman, Ida
D 10 Stuckman, John (brother)
D 10 Stuckman, Lydia (sister)
F 14 Stuckman, Mabel E.
Q 12 Stuckman, Richard F.
N 05 Stuckman, Robert L.
G 07 Stuckman, William
D 04 Stuckmann, Louisa
D 04 Stuckmann, Simon
M 13 Teslow, Lester A.
M 16 Thoma, Arthur J.
M 16 Thoma, Inez K.
A 04 Unknown
B 04 Unknown
B 14 Unknown
B 15 Unknown
B 17 Unknown
B 20 Unknown
B 25 Unknown
B 26 Unknown
B 27 Unknown
F 05 Unknown
A 03 Weber, Louise
O 10 Wheeler, Jean L. (Dotseth)
O 10 Wheeler, Norman H.
M 12 Winke, Albert Roy
D 03 Winke, Emilia Marie
D 03 Winke, Henry August
M 12 Winke, Ida Louise
N 08 Winkie, Clarence
G 13 Winkie, Cynthia M.
P 10 Winkie, Darlene H. (Flage)
G 13 Winkie, Robert R.
P 10 Winkie, Ronald L. "Ron"
N 08 Winkie, Ruth
K 16 Winter, Cletus D.
K 16 Winter, Janice J.
J 16 Winter, Wade D.

This survey is published on the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb with permission of:
Zach Kimber (Project Director)
Life Scout on the trail to Eagle Scout
Troop 64
Waukon, Allamakee co. Iowa
copyright Zach Kimber

Zack's advisors & assistants in the project:
Wendy Kimber (Map Maker)
Ann Krumme (List Maker)
Keri Krumme (Landscaper)
Assorted Scouts (Workers)
Neil Krumme and Lyle Henning (Volunteers from the Church)



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