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Bryan at West Union

Wednesday August 7th was Postville Day as well as Bryan Day at West Union and it was something scandelous the way our Progressive Republicans poured out to pound their palms for the noted native of Nebraska and to cheer to the echo the greatest progressive Democrat now living as he ably and honestly and fairly reviewed the work of the Republican and Democratic national conventions and showed up the trickery of the thieves in both, and briefly summarized the Taft, Wilson and Roosevelt platforms. It was great dope, delightfully delivered by an able artist. It seemed to be a general holiday for people herabouts, 115 going over by train and many others by auto, and all had a good time and are glad they went. Following are a few of those who went from Postville:

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Topel
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. John Leui
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Pixler
Mr. and Mrs. John Waters
Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Thoma
Mr. and Mrs. Bert E. Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Durno
Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Meier
Mr. and Mrs. F.S. Burling
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Daubenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bellows
Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Durno
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Platt
Mr. and Mrs. John Hecker
Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Bully
Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Bollman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Luhman
Robert Ward
Opal Belows
Arthur, Ralph & Clara Topel
P.J. Beucher
Lynn McEwen
Otto Beucher
Hans Christopherson
Hale Burling
A.B. Cook
H.R. Wells
Geo. W. Harris
W.S. Webster
Jake Hangartner
W.C. McNeil
J.M. Harris
Julia Olson
Mrs. Grant Huey
R.D. Blackburn
Jas Fisher
Jas Steele
Barney Brummelkamp
Harvey Roberts
Mrs. Belle Williams
Mrs. O.J. Blessin
Miss Ruby Webster
Mrs. W.C. Thoma
John Hammel
Wm. Foels
Harry Cole
B.F. Schroeder
Seth Stafford
Vivian Bollman
R.F. Hecker
Jas Gregg
Leo Beucher
Will Thiese
Miss Josephine Durno
Louis Schutte
Talcott Bollman
  J.N. Leithold
Miss Delia Leithold
D.A. McMartin
Bert McMartin
C.W. Meyer
C.H. Schroeder
W.H. Meyer
F.H. Welzel
Carl Holter
Jas McNeil
Chas Miller
Chas Mitchell
Chas Krumm
John Splies
Wm Kaiser
J.A. Maiers
L.D.B. Hawkins
Thos Gordon
Wallace Gordon
Gaddis Brooks
Ernest Kaiser
Jas Uhlreich
Mrs. Will Clark
Chas Bloxham
Homer Jacobia
Miss Isabelle Thyme
Frank Sebastian
A.E. Cornell
A.L. Peterson
C.F. Meier
Will Daubenberger
Cloy Waters
Joe Hecker
Geo Waters
B.C. Fleming
Rudy Hein
Lemon Cayton
C.B. Bachtell
Ralph Bacetell
Fred Reuckdaschel *
Eldo Kluss
Pearl Ellis
John Gregg
Hubert Luhman
Earle Forreser
H.S. Luhman
John Sanders
Dr. Charles H. Flynn, Eleanor & Laura
Hannah, Lucy, Julia & Edna Lange
Miss Beryl Burns
Mrs. J.E. Perry
Miss Leta Perry
J.F. Miller
Iowa Bellows
W.J. Makepeace
R.D. Sams
Cy Ammons

..... and others.

* Ruckdaschel

- source: Postville Review; August 9, 1912
- transcribed by: Sharyl Ferrall

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