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Dr. Frank Baker
Veterinary recommendation letters


The letters were transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall, Allamakee co. coordinator. Many of the names were difficult to read, errors most likely exist.

Harper's Ferry, Ia., Aug. 22, ' 02
We the undersigned citizens of Harper's Ferry, Ia., do hereby certify that Dr. Frank Baker has practiced veterinary surgery in Harper's Ferry, Ia., and vicinity for past ten years with very best of results, and we cheerfully recommend him to any one having work in his line.

J.H. McCoy
J.J. Hogan
J.M. O'Brien
W.J. O'Brien
T.F.P. Kelly
N.F. Ryan
L. Delmers
Thomas A. Houlihan
P.J. Houlihan
H.W. Melaven
T.A. Oestun
M. Ward
T.F. Calvey
J.H. O'Neill
P.H. Oneill
P.J. Broderick

Prof. Jas Collins
D.A. Hennessy
J.F. Clark
F.T. Hernan
M.J. Gleason
B.G. Basslin hind
T.F. McCaffory
Jno Wieduer
Thos. Bramble
Thomas Kelly
Geo. W. Clark
G.F. Hulse
J.H. Barry
Nels P. Nelson

Letter of recommendation signed by S.C. Myers, Rossville, Iowa

Waterville Iowa Aug. 20, 1902
We the undersigned citizens of Waterville Iowa, hereby certify that Henry (crossed over and Frank written above) Baker has practiced in this city and state as veterinary surgeon for ten years. That he has discharged his proctice in a most able and creditable manner, and that we believe him to be one of the very best veterinary surgeons in the country. We therefore recommend Doctor Frank Baker. Cheerfully and sign this certificate with our own names and signatures.

J [?] Engebretson
A.J. Ellifson
Ed McCormick
P.C. Frok
Melvin Frok
William Schultz

A.C. Grimsgord
C.A. Spingner
Gabriel Pederson
B.W. Battalfson
Patric Houlihan
Thos. Fitzpatrick

- source: original letters
- contributed by Stella Lee, great-granddaughter of Frank Baker. Stella's email address can be found in the Surname Registry for Baker

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