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Big-Four Institute
Premium Awards

List of the premium awards made at the Big-Four Institute held in
Postville, Allamakee Co. Iowa; Sept. 24, 25 and 26, 1930.

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32 dairy calves and 13 baby beeves were exhibited by the 4-H club boys and girls at the Institute

Purebred yearling
Holstein calves

1st - Leroy Gass
2nd - Robert Kneeskern
3rd - Dale Turner
Purebred senior and junior Holstein calves
1st - Virgil Hammel
2nd - Vernon Schroeder
3rd - Marjorie Deering
4th - Dale Turner
5th - Boyd Turner
6th - Leroy Gass
Open senior grade Holstein calf
Robert Kneeskern

Grade yearling Guernsey
Duane Lubbers

Grade senior calf
Duane Lubbers

Purebred senior milking Shorthorn
Raymond Brewer

Grade senior milking Shorthorn
Harold Fisher
Grade yearling Holsteins
1st - Vernon Schroeder
2nd - Boyd Turner
3rd - Robert Kneeskern
Grade junior and senior Holstein calves
1st - Vernon Schoreder
2nd - Merle Lange
3rd - Leroy Gass
4th - Dale Turner
5th - Boyd Turner
6th - Robert Kneeskern
7th - Ralph Kneeskern
8th - Jimmie Schlee
Open Guernsey senior calf
1st - Leo Bodensteiner
2nd - Peter Bodensteiner

Dairy calves - showmanship
1st - Orville Weihe
2nd - Vernon Schroeder

Baby beef class - showmanship
1st - Gordon Lawson
2nd - Bobbie Hangartner
Purebred yearling Brown Swiss
1st - Orville Weihe &
Clifton Weihe

Purebred senior Brown Swiss
1st - Clifton Weihe
2nd - Orville Harnack

Grade senior Brown Swiss
1st - Harlan Foels
2nd - Robert Foels
Baby Beeves
1st - Cleone Crawford
2nd - Robert Hangartner
3rd - Clarence Everman
4th - Junior Crawford
5th - Harold Everman
6th - Leslie Lawson
7th - Gordon Lawson
8th & 9th - Keith Waters
10th - Alois Swenson
11th - Verni Eberling
12th - Florence Schroeder
13th - Laverne Brewer


Spotted Poland China - boar
1st - F.H. Schultz
2nd - Henry Oldag
3rd - F.H. Schultz

Tammworths - boar
1st & 2nd - Chas Hammel


Single comb White Leghorn

Young pen:
1st: Miss Ethel Smith
2nd: Euclid Marston
3rd: Mrs. Frank Hangartner
4th: John Martin

1st & 2nd: Miss Ethel Smith
3rd: Mrs. Frank Hangartner

1st & 2nd: Miss Ethel Smith
White Rocks

Young pen:
1st: Mrs. Wm Lubbers
2nd: Mrs. Frank Hangartner

1st: Milton Schierholz
2nd & 3rd: Mrs. Frank Hangartner

1st: Milton Schierholz
2nd: Mrs. Frank Hangartner
Barred Rocks

Young pen:
1st: Louie Benjegerdes

1st: Louie Benjegerdes
2nd & 3rd: Mrs. L.D. Walter

1st: Louie Benjegerdes
2nd: Mrs. L.D. Walter
White Langshans

1st young pen: Otto Goeke
2nd young pen: Elmer Klepper

1st & 2nd on hen: Elmer Klepper
R.C. Reds

1st young pen, 1st old pen & 1st cockerel:
Walter Sander

Buff Rocks

1st young pen & 1st old pen:
Leska Martens
S.C. White Minorcas

1st young pen:
Mrs. Swen Swenson
S.C. Black Minorcas

1st & 2nd cockerel, 1st & 2nd pullet and 1st & 2nd old hen:
H.H. Conley
White Wandottes

1st cockerel:
Mrs. Frank Hangartner

1st young pen: John Martin

1st young pen and 1st cockerel:
Mrs. Harry Turner

Best pair: Leslie Lawson
Toulouse Geese

1st young pair: Otto Goeke
2nd young pair: Milton Schierholz

White Embden Geese

1st young pair: Elmer Klepper
White Pekin Ducks

1st young pair: Elmer Klepper

Bronze Turkey

1st old pair: James Farley

1st & 2nd young pair: James Farley
3rd young pair: E.M. Becker



1st place:
Allamakee co.
Ruth Rominger & Ruth Kosbau
leader - Miss Ethel Gilchrist.
A vegetable salad and a fruit salad
from Canned goods

2nd place:
Winneshiek co. team

Booth exibits

1st place:
"Sunbeams" - Allamakee co.
leader Mrs. Wm. Kaveny

2nd place:
"Go-Getters" - Winneshiek co.

3rd place:
"Eager Hands" - Clayton co.


Boiled Soap
1st: Mrs. Ervin Moritz

Cold Stirred Soap
1st: Mrs. Lawrence Welzel
1st: Mrs. Ella Hangartner
2nd: Mrs. Wm. Baltz
Dried Corn
1st: Mrs. L.D. Walter
2nd: Mrs. J.C. Weihe

Dried Apples
1st: Mrs. Brooks

~Postville Herald, October 9, 1930
~transcribed by S. Ferrall

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