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Iowans Picnic in California
Postville area attendees

Southern California is populated largely with former Iowans, and from the following list it would seem that most of them were from Postville. Sixty thousand former Hawkeye residents attended the Iowans picnic in California on Washington's birthday, and the following is a list of those present from Postville:

Roy Evert
A.W. McCready
May Franklin
Edyth Crouch
Mrs. L. Chriss
H.S. Harris
Hiram E. Booth
L.J. Parker
E.T. Courson
J.W. Perry
G.W. Harris
Ella Hardwick
T.T. Shroyer
Frank Roller
H.D. Webb
W.C. McNeil
Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Finney
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Davis
Mrs. Velma Shepherd
Kate VanVelzer
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Thomas
Marie Thomas Schlack
Mrs. Helen Shepherd Price
Mrs. John S. Dresser
Mrs. Jessie Tripp
J.H. VanVelzer
Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Parker
Mrs. Rena P. Mattoon
Mrs. Sarah Lovewell
Mrs. DeEtta Carrick
Mrs. Rebecca Austin
Margaret Mitchell
Mrs. Geo. McWilliams
Mary Eaton Herzig
Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Cornell
Mrs. F.H. Welzel
Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Sebastian
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Ripley
Mrs. Elvirs Taylor
Mrs. Amanda Harris
Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Eaton
Mrs. Jas. mcCunniff
Minnie A. Parker
John A. Finney
W.S. Webster
Mary McDaneld
Ruby Webb
G.E. Eaton
Lizzie Williams
Geo. Rathman
Alice Eaton
L.B. McWilliams
S.B. Finney
R.D. Topliff
Jessie Shannon
Margaret Turner
Eila Hawkins
J.F. Smith
W.G. Makepeace

~Postville Herald, April 10, 1924
~transcribed by S. Ferrall, from a photocopy contributed by Reid R. Johnson
~transcriber note: Because my gg-grandfather, G.W. Harris, is on this list I know that some named may have been visiting when they attended the picnic, and did not live in California. Researchers should confirm the residence of picnic attendees before assuming that if they appear on this list, they had actually moved to California.

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