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August Thiese family

August Theise & Dorothy 'Dora' Ryberg wedding photo, 1890
August Thiese & Dorothy 'Dora' Ryberg wedding photo
August 1890

August Thiese family ca1904
August Thiese family ca1904

August Thiese, Dora (Ryberg) Thiese, Stella Thiese (standing on left), Eldo Thiese (standing on right), Luara Thiese, Dorothy Thiese & Esther Thiese (seated in front). Esther was the first Thiese born in South Dakota in 1902. The picture was taken in Alexandria, South Dakota.

August W. Thiese family
August W. Thiese Family

L-R: Bill Thiese, August Thiese, Ruth Plymal, Leonard Thiese, Stella Kelly, and Esther Thiese

August Thiese family ca1949, Flint, MI
August W. Thiese Family

Picture taken in Frank & Stella Kelly’s backyard, Flint, Michigan
circa 1949

L-R: William (Bill) Thiese, August Thiese, Ruth Plymal Thiese, Leonard (Pete) Thiese, Stella Thiese Kelly, and Esther Thiese.

August W. Thiese Timeline, 1867-1950

Guttenberg Iowa, 1867-1889
Postville Iowa, 1890-1901
Alexandria South Dakota, 1901-1919
White Lake South Dakota, 1919-1936
Flint Michigan, 1936-1950 (Buried at Alexandria, South Dakota)

1867-August Thiese born on December, 21. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Thiese of Guttenberg, Iowa. August Thiese' mother died giving birth to August.

1867-Mrs William Thiese, August’s mother, dies. She leaves behind William and 3 sons: August, born in Iowa; Wilhelm (William) Thiese (b. 1862) and Heinrich (Henry) Thiese (b. 1863), both born in Hanover, Germany.

1869-William Thiese remarries. Magdalena Thiese becomes August’s step-mom. He is 1 year old.

1889-Henry Thiese, August’s brother, marries Amelia Spoo, Postville Iowa.

1890-August Thiese marries Dorothy 'Dora' Ryberg in Oelwein, Iowa. August and family moved to Postville, Iowa. The family resides in a farm in Grand Meadow Township in Clayton County. They live just south of the Allamakee County line, near Postville.

1891-Stella Louise Thiese is born on August 21st. She attends Postville Elementary School. Stella is followed by Eldo Thiese (1893), Laura Ida Sina Thiese (1896), and Dorothy Louise Thiese (1899) Family attends St. John German Lutheran Church.

1901-Mary Irene Thiese, 12 year old daughter of Henry Thiese, is hit by a passing train and killed. August Thiese and family leaves the Postville area and emigrates to Alexandria, South Dakota where they purchase a 360 acre farm.

1902-Esther Elizabeth Thiese born on June 4.

1903-Henry Thiese takes poison and dies on the anniversary of his daughter Irene’s death on March 18, 1901. At the time of his death he owned the Eden restaurant in Monona, Clayton co. Iowa. Obituary (opens in a new window)

1905-Stella Louise Thiese is confirmed in the German Lutheran Church, age 15. Ruth Martha Elenore Thiese born on August 9.

1907-Wilfred Lawrence Thiese born on August 6.

1908-Stella Louise Thiese graduates from Alexandria High School. She plays on the girls basketball team which goes 12-1 for the season.

1910-William Thiese, August’s brother, is listed in the city directory for the City of Alexandria. He is a blacksmith and livery owner. Leonard Fred (Pete) Thiese born on April 13.

1912-August sends Stella Louise Thiese to the Grand Island Business College in Grand Island, Nebraska. She plays on the girls basketball team and has an important role in the school play, “The Mother-in-Law”. Stella is 21.

1915-Laura Thiese, 19 years old, dies from Juvenile Diabetes. Stella Louise Thiese marries Frank Leopold Kelly on August 26, 1915. William Thiese, August’s father, dies in Guttenberg.

1917-Eldo Thiese joins the 361st Infantry and travels to Fort Lewis Washington for training for World War I. Stella (Thiese) Kelly moves to Flint, Michigan.

1918-Eldo while serving in the Argone Forest is severely gassed by German Troops. He is transferred to a field hospital and returns home.

1919-August and family move to White Lake South Dakota and purchases several farms. Eldo returns home and works the farm but is often in poor health due to gas injuries. August’s step-mom Magdalena Thiese dies in Guttenberg, Iowa

1920-Eldo Thiese dies from breathing problems associated from battle scars to his lungs. He receives biggest military funeral in Alexandria history. Obituary (opens a new window)

1921-August active member of the farm union. Moves to town of White Lake and sells farm. Ruth Thiese plays on High School Basketball Team. Very active in Lutheran Church.

1936-Dorothea (Dora) Ryberg Thiese dies. August moves to Flint, Michigan.

1950-August Thiese dies. He is 82 years old. His body is returned to Alexandria to be buried in Greenlawn cemetery with Dorothy, Eldo, and Laura Thiese. Obituary (opens a new window)

August & Dora in their later years

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Stella Louise Thiese

Stella Thiese Kelly - 1891

Stella Louise Thiese as a baby. She was born in Postville Iowa in 1891, daughter of August W. Thiese and Dora Ryberg Thiese. The family lived in Postville area from 1890-1901.

Stella Thiese & friend - 1910

Stella Louise Thiese as a young woman with a friend about 1910. She was about to begin her college days at Grand Island Business School in Nebraska.

Alexandria, South Dakota 1908 girls basketball team. Stella is center in the back.

She once wrote that travel to away games were very interesting in the "tin lizzies". Stella also played girls basketball for the Grand Island Business College in Grand Island Nebraska from 1912-1915.

Stella Thiese Kelly's Biography & Obituary (opens in new windows)


August Theise & g-grandson Kelly Wernette, ca1947
August Theise & g-grandson Kelly Wernette, ca1948/1949


~all information & photos on this page were contributed by Kelly Wernette, g-grandson of August Theise & Stella Thiese Kelly's grandson.
Kelly's email address can be found in the surname registry for 'Thiese'



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