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Patrick & Bridget McMorrow family
Union Prairie Township

Patrick & Bridget (Mitchell) McMorrow

Last known photo of Patrick McMorrow
ca 1918
The McMorrow's were an early pioneer family of Allamakee County. They were married in 1865.

Bridget's life story, written by an unknown grandchild:
January 6, 1920
My Grandmother's Life in the Factory

Grandmother was born in Ireland in 1844. When she was four yeras old, her Father died. Shortly after this her Mother and two brothers came to America. In 1853 when Grandmother was nine years old, she and her two brothers came to America in charge of the captain. One brother was ten and the other was eight. It took thirty-three days to cross the ocean. Grandmother went to live with her Mother in Cahoes, New York. She did the house work while her Mother worked in a mill.

When Grandma was twelve she went to work in a mill where sheeting was woven. She was so small a platform was made for her to stand on to make her high enough to operate the loom.

At four o'clock in the morning the first bell was rung for the factory workers to get up. The next bell was at four-thirth and every body was expected to be at the factory. At the ringing of the last bell at five o'clock work was begun. From seven to seven-thirty they came out for breakfast. Twelve to twelve-thirty was the lunch hour. Then she would work until seven at night.

At first Grandmother operated two looms and received five dollars a month. When she had learned to operate three looms she got ten dollars a month. After she had worked in the mill for some time she operated six looms and received one dollar and ten cents a day. Each loom weaves one cut or one bolt a day. One bolt is sixty-five yards. When Grandmother was operatig six looms she would weave six cuts a day. After she had worked in Cahoes several years she went to Indian Orchard, Massachusetts where she worked in another mill. When she was twenty-one she and her Mother moved to Iowa, where two older brothers had established a home. And there her factory life was ended.

Bridget Mitchell McMorrow
ca 1920

Patrick & Bridget McMorrow family ca 1890

Back Row: Ella, Katie, John, Mary Alice, Ann and Elizabeth
Front Row: Michael, Bridget & Patrick, William

1. John McMorrow lived to be 101 and lived his life on the family farm
2. Click here for a close-up of Michael McMorrow from the above photo

McMorrow family farm c1918. This home is still standing & being lived in.
Pictured are William & John with their father, Patrick McMorrow
(click the photo for a larger version)

McMorrow Family picture of the parish church near their farm
St. John’s in West Ridge, ca 1900
This church is still standing.


Michael McMorrow, son of Patrick & Bridget

Michael and Florence McMorrow
(likely their wedding photo, they were married in May 1915) 

right to left:
Unknown Man (may be Florence's brother), Michael with Florence (sitting) and Mike’s sister, Ann McMorrow (standing)

Michael & Florence (Laliberte) McMorrow ca 1915

According to the 1900 census Michael McMorrow taught for a very short time at the local Catholic School. In the early 1900s he left the farm at Union Prairie and made his home in SW Minneapolis with his wife Florence, and six children, Gerald, Leo, Rita Thompson, Ralph, Mickey Doucette and Yvonne Mielke.


These family photos & notes were contributed by Fr. Dennis S. Thompson, g-grandson of Patrick & Bridget, and grandson of Michael & Florence McMorrow. Several of the photos on this page were shared with him by Frances McMorrow (niece to Michael McMorrow and cousin to his mother, Rita), when he visited Allamakee co. in the summer of 2005. His Uncle, Jerry McMorrow gave him the life story of Bridget Mitchell-McMorrow that was written by one of her grandchilden. (Dennis' email address can be found in the Allamakee co. surname registry for McMorrow)


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