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Michael Garin family
Harpers Ferry

Michael Garin & his wife Margaret Trahey
Photo taken at Farrington Studio, McGregor, Clayton co. Iowa

In 1858 Michael & Margaret Garin moved to Harpers Ferry, IA.  They had a large farm near the Paint Rock cemetery & were members of the St. Joseph Catholic Church. They were the parents of James, Mary Ellen, John, Michael T., Patrick, Elizabeth, Bridget (aka) Bertha, Anna, Agnes, Margaret & Josephine.
Michael Garin, born 1825, Cty Limerick, Ireland. Died March 23, 1890; buried in Paint Rock cemetery,  Harpers Ferry, IA.  He came to the USA late 1840's, due to the potato famine in Ireland, landing in the Boston area.  Married  Margaret Trahey. She was born Cty Limerick, Ireland in 1832. Died Dec.14,1913 and is buried in Paint Rock cem. She lived in Akron Ohio area 1850. Her parents died when she was young, raised by an Uncle who also migrated to the USA from Limerick Ireland.


James J. Garin
Oldest child of Michael & Margaret Garin

James J. was born in Ohio Aug. 18, 1851. He died Sept. 26, 1938 in Superior, WI & is buried in the Calvary Cemetery.  He was 7 years old when the family moved to Harpers Ferry. He left home early, worked on the railroad, married & lived in Nebraska before removing to Superior, WI for his final years.  He & his wife Alice R. (Rieswicz) were parents of 8 children.

Mary Ellen Garin
Oldest daughter of Michael & Margaret Garin

Mary Ellen was born Jan.31,1853 near Akron, OH & died Dec. 28,1947. Buried in St. Mary's Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, CA.  She married Hugh Duggan & had 3 children.  Lived in Nebraska, moved to California, where her husband was employed by the railroad.


5 of the 6 daughters of Michael & Margaret Garin.

L-R: Elizabeth, Bridget (aka Bertha), Anna, Agnes & Josephine

Elizabeth G. was born Nov. 15, 1864 in Harpers Ferry. She became a teacher & taught in this area before moving on to Montrose, S.D.  From there she went to Salt Lake, Utah & then moved to Great Falls,  Montana to resume her teaching career.  She died there Aug. 9, 1936, is buried in the Calvary cemetery, Great Falls, Montana.  Never married.

Bridget Delia was born Dec. 5, 1866 in Harpers Ferry. After she grew up, moved to Montrose S.D. with her sister Elizabeth, & sometime after arriving in the Salt Lake area, changed her name to Bertha Garin.  She moved on to Great Falls, Montana, was an elevator operator.  Died Feb. 7, 1947 & is buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery, Great Falls, Montana. Never married.

Anna C. was born Nov. 18, 1868 in Harpers Ferry. She married Mr. Jenkins in Montrose S. D.  & they moved to California.  Had several children. Anna died May 23, 1959 & is buried in Holy Cross cemetery, Los Angeles, CA.

Agnes Margaret was born Feb. 10, 1871 in Harpers Ferry. She became a professional seamstress & milliner.  Married Frank Webster. They lived in St. Paul, MN & she operated her own shop.Frank died in St. Paul and Agnes moved to Great Falls, MT to be near her sisters. She next married Lucius Hubbard. They had no children. Agnes (Garin)Webster-Hubbard died May 28, 1943 in Great Falls, MT & is buried in the Mt. Olivet cemetery.

Josephine was born June 10, 1875 in Harpers Ferry; the youngest of the Garin children.  She followed her sisters, moving 1st to Montrose, SD. then to the Salt Lake area, & then on to Great Falls, MT.   Married Gustave Klose there, having 1 son.  Shortly after the son was born, Mr. Klose died.  She & her son lived with her sisters Elizabeth & Bertha (Bridget) Garin.  Josephine died Dec. 23, 1937 and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Great Falls, MT


Michael & Margaret Garin children.
rear L-R: Agnes & Anna
front L-R: Patrick & Elizabeth

Patrick Henry Garin was born Sept. 17, 1862 Harpers Ferry. He   removed to Great Falls, Montana where he was employed by the railroad. Married  to Anna Post, had children & was transferred by the RR   to Portland, Oregon area.  Died Sept. 17, 1954, buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Portland Oregon.


Michael T. Garin & family.

rear: Bessie (Mary Elizabeth) Garin Evenson & Will Garin
front L-R: father Michael Thomas, son Lester Garin & mother Elizabeth

Michael Thomas Garin was born Jan.10, 1859 in Harpers Ferry.  He married Elizabeth Klett. They had 3 children.  He died April 20, 1926 & is buried in Paint Rock cemetery.  Michael T. bought his parents family farm; later it was sold to his daughter Bessie & her husband (*See correction note below).  After they could no longer work this land, it was sold to their daughter MaryAnn (Marion) Evenson & husband Jerry Cota.  Today it is owned by their son & wife, the Tom Cota's.

Not pictured are 2 children of Michael & Margaret:
-John William Garin, born 1855 in Michigan. Died Feb. 27, 1904 in Waukon area & is buried in Paint Rock cemetery, Harpers Ferry, IA.  
-Margaret Garin, was born in Michigan, died as an infant.


~Family notes & photos from her personal collection were contributed by LaVonne Garin, . Researchers can find LaVonne's email address in the surname registry for Garin

*Correction - 8/27/2013 - sent via email from Joyce Cota (Mrs. Tom Cota): "We currently own the heritage farm started by Michael Garin in 1858. There is an error, which states that Michael T. sold the farm to his daughter Mary Elizabeth "Bessie", who was my husband's grandmother. It was actually his sons, Bessie's brothers Will and Lester, who purchased the farm from their parents, and lived there until 1949. Marian and Jerry Cota ran the farm from 1944, and purchased it in 1949, from Will and Lester, Marian's uncles. They raised their family there, and Tom and I moved into the house and began farming in 1977, purchasing the farm in 1980."


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