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Dee Family

Christian Dee was born in Langestick, Germany and died on June 1872 in Germany.

He married Doretha E. Wehlitz. She was born in Langestick, Germany on January 31, 1818 and died at Lansing,  Iowa on April 1, 1901.  She is buried at Ebenezer cemetery.

Doretha left Germany with her youngest daughter Julianna, and son Theodore, his wife and small daughter. They arrived in New York in 1878, then removed to Iowa.

Another daughter, Maria, had previously immigrated and was in Iowa. Maria married Mr. Andrews.

Christian & Dorothea had eight children: Frederick, Karl August, Wilhelmina, Maria, Theodore Christian, Gustave, Charles and Julianna.

Dorothea Wehlitz Dee




Gustave Dee and Augusta Feuerhelm Family, ca 1905/1906

The parents are seated in front
L-R standing: Ida, Edward, Evelyn & Malinda (between her parents)

Gustave Dee and Augusta Feuerhelm Family

Seated: Gustav and Augusta
L-R: Malinda (Mrs. W. Cooper), Ida (Mrs. Herman Werth), Edward (married Lydia Wendel) & Evelyn (Mrs. A.T. Wendel)

Gustave Dee immigrated in 1877 with his younger brother, Charles. He took leave from the military in Germany and never went back. After arriving in New York they came to Iowa.



Frederich William Worm & Augusta Wilhelmine Dee Family

Back: Ottilie (Mrs. A.J. Nathan), Paul, Louise (Mrs. Will Blumer)
Seated: Wilhelmine (mother), Alvin, in front of Alvin is Emma (Mrs. John Riser), William (father) and Otto (married Helen Bonin)

Augusta Wilhelmine Dee and F. William Worm were both born in Germany. They married in 1869 and immigrated in 1878, settling in Allamakee county.



Theodore Dee & Wilhelmina Zehrendt Family

Back:  Theodore Christian Jr., Lizzie, Gertrude & Selma
Front:  Theodore Christian Dee Sr., Mamie & Wilhelmina (Zehrendt) Dee

Theodore and Wilhelmina were married in Germany in 1876 and came to America  1878. Their children: Theodore Jr. (b.12-15-1886) married Elsie Heinkel,  Lizzie (b. 09-19-1876) married Herman Schmieden, Gertrude (b. 10-16-1890) married Gustave Schulze,  Selma (b. 6-5-1883) married Fred Steiber,  Mamie (b. 4-1 1892) married Bernhard Wurtzel.



Karl August Dee & Ernestine Willelmina Born

Karl August was born December 21,1840 at Longestueck, Brandenburg, Germany. Ernestine Willelmina Born was bornn October 5, 1843 at Pyrehne, Province of Brandenberg, Germany.  They married June 12, 1866 in Germany and came to America in 1886.  They had six children, five of whom I have names: Agusta (Mrs. Wm. Goettel),  Berthold (married Mary Selberg), Gustave (married Louise Wurtzel), Ernest F. (married Emma Schreiber), and Ida (Mrs. Herman Nagel).



Charles Dee & Emma Feuerhelm Family

Back: Harry, Leonard & Tresco Dee
Front: Mother Emma Dee, Hattie Dee Marti, Agnes Dee Bakewell, Father Charles Dee
Foreground: Clinton Dee

Charles Dee and Emma (Feuerhelm) were married April 4, 1882 at Lansing, Allamakee co. Iowa. Charles was born October 28, 1858 at Langastega, Germany. Emma Feuerhelm was born April 11, 1861  at Waukesha, Wis.  Six children born to this family: Hattie (Mrs. William Marti), Agnes (Mrs. Harry Bakewell), Harry (married Clara unknown), Leonard (married Gladys Wendel), Tresco (married Myrta Worm) and Clinton (married Esther Dresselhaus).



Julianna Dee Hagemeier Kuehn

Julianna Dee, born March 26, 1855 in Langestega, Germany, came with her mother and brother to America in 1876. Julianna first married Adolf Hagemeier (1826-1896) who was a widower with children Charles & Otto Hagemeier, Tillie Kellison and Rika Brenson. Julianna and Adolf had the following children:   Albert (1879-1921; married Cora Raymond), Edward (1881-1975; married Florence unknown), Lydia (1883-1963; married Oliver Feuerhelm), Emma (1884-1964; married unknown Loose) and Paul (1886-1971; married first to Emma Leiran & second to Esther Christensen). Julianna's second marriage was to August Kuehn. Julianna died in 1939.

Adolph Hagemeier & Julianna Dee family ca1891

In front, standing: Paul
Behind (L to R): Emma, Juliana, Edward, Albert, Adolph, Lydia.

Photo & identifications were contributed by Larry Cool: "I identified the people by their relative ages.  It is possible that Emma and Lydia might be switched." (original photo from David Hagemeier)


~Photos were contributed for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb by Janet Koozer from her personal collection unless otherwise credited. Janet's email address is registered for "Dee" in the Surname Registry
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