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Brooks Family

Joseph Brooks Family

Standing L-R:   Gaddis A. (b. 1871, m. Elizabeth Wintrick, 2 daughters),  Joseph H. (b. 1859, m.1st to unknown Clark & 2nd to Mary Niblock, 6 children), William A. (b. 1861/2, m. Sarah Amanda Eaton, 1 son),  Ellan J. (b. 1863, m. Abraham Evans, 8 children),  John M. (b. 1867, m. Carrie L. Stahl / Stall, 7 children).

Seated L-R:  father Joseph Brooks (b. 1818 PA, m. 2nd Sarah Jane Shuff,  10 or 11 children), Amy Ann (b. 1873, m. George W. Stahl, 8 children), mother Sarah J. Shuff (b. 1835 VA).  

Joseph Brooks was the son of Aaron & Elizabeth (Seltzer) Brooks of Fayette Co., PA. He was the 11th of 12 children. He married first Charlotte Baker and they had 6 children. When she passed away the little ones were taken into brothers and sisters homes and raised. Joseph came to Iowa in the 1850's. Joseph & Sarah are buried in a cemetery outside of Monona, Clayton co. Iowa.

Gaddis A.

Gaddis Andrew Brooks

Ellizabeth "Lizzie" Anne Wintrick

Gaddis Andrew Brooks was born Jan 9, 1871 at Watson, IA. Gaddis was a rural mail carrier, a drayman (delivered railroad freight) and a farmer. He married Ellizabeth "Lizzie" Anne Wintrick. She was born  Oct. 28, 1878 in Zurich, Switzerland and was the daughter of  Christian  and   Magdalena (Brennaman) Wintrick.  Lizzie was housewife, quilter, and gardener.  They lived in the Postville area and are buried there. Gaddis & Lizzie raised two daughters: Ida Belle (b. 1904, m. Laurence H. Hofer. No children) and Bessie (b. 1911, m. Wilson A. Lange. 4 children). Ida Belle was an Elemetary School teacher in the Postville area.   Bessie lived in the Decorah area.

Joseph H.

Joseph H. Brooks family outside their log cabin near Penny Springs, ca 1912/13

Photo is of Joseph & Sarah Brooks'  oldest son Joseph H. and his wife Mary M. (Niblock) Brooks and their children standing outside their log cabin near Penny Springs in Franklin Township, Allamakee Co. This property is still in the Brooks name.

L-R:  Mayme 'Mary' Niblock (b. 1875 WI), she is holding Matthew (b. 1913 IA), Joseph H. (b. 1859 IA) is seated on the porch with Janie (b. 1910/11 IA),  Harry (b. 1903 IA),  Esther (b. 1905 IA), Charlie (b. 1908 IA) and Orval (b. 1901 IA).

Mary Niblock was the daughter of David & Fanny Niblock.   Orval, Esther & Matthew never married. Harry m. Hazel Dee and had 4 children. Charlie m. Jeanette Cavers. Janie m. 1st  Harry W. Bray and 2nd to Harold Evans.

William A.

Joseph and Sarah Brooks'  2nd son, William A. Brooks and his wife Sarah Amanda Eaton (b. 1872 WI) and their only child Vernon Arthur (b. 1895). William & Sarah farmed near Britton, S.D. and then later moved into Britton.

Ellan J.

Abraham Evans & Ellan J. Brooks

Abraham Evans, son of Alex & Mary A. (Lane) Evans  and Ellan J. Brooks were married Dec 25, 1884 at Council Hill by the JP. Above is their wedding photo.

Abraham Evans Family, abt 1917/18

L-R  standing: Arthur L. (b. 1898 single), Phoena A. (b. 1895, m. Earl J. Ralston, 9 children), William V. (b. 1896, m. Ethel Beebe, 1 step-daughter), Maude M. (b.  1887/8, m. James Fish, 3 children), and John C. (b. 1901, m. 1st Mildred Opsuhl, m. 2nd.  Violet Neidercorn, no children).

L-R  seated: Ellan 'Ella' Jane (Brooks) Evans, Adeline E. (b. 1904, m. Herbert D. Frink, 3 children) and Abraham 'Abe' Evans.  All were born in Iowa.  

Amy A.

George Stahl and Amy Ann Brooks
wedding 1890/91

George Stahl and Amy Ann Brooks, 1941

George Stahl and Amy Ann Brooks family ca1926

L-R: Amy Ann Brooks Stahl, Mary E. Stahl (b. 1892, m. Ross Thornton, 10 children), Pearl Nevilla Kuehne (m. Cecil Stahl), Jessie Bell Farnham (m.  Sidney Stahl,  2 children), Donald Stahl (b. 1905, m. Letha Thorpe,  3 children), Kenneth Stahl (son of Sidney & Jessie Bell),   Bob Stahl, Helen Bessie Stahl (daughter of Sidney & Jessie Bell), Sid Stahl  (b.1897), Dick Stahl (b. 1894, m. Vernie Lurye Rush, 10 children), George Stahl, and Cecil Stahl (b. 1899). The 3 little boys in front left are Mary & Ross Thornton's children Milo Thornton, Harold Thornton and LeRoy Thornton.  

Not in picture- Elizabeth Stahl (b. 1902  m.  Clarence R. Thayer , 11 children) and Asa Seymore Stahl (b. 1901), Owna Everett Stahl (b. 1907  m Martha Gilbertson ,  8 children).  

John M.

John Brooks and Carrie L. Stahl, ca 1893

John Brooks family

Back row:  John  Brooks, Kenneth Brooks & Allen Brooks  
Front row:  Carrie Brooks & Jessie Brooks

The photo above left, isn't John & Carrie's wedding picture, but surely the first year of their marriage, which occured in Waukon, Iowa on August 26,1893. John was 26 yrs and Carrie 23 yrs. Carrie was the daughter of Myron E. & Mary A. ( Juilleret) Stahl / Stall.

Kenneth Brooks married Colene Wendel in 1932,  they had 3 children. Colene was the daughter of A.T. & E.E. Wendel.

Allen Brooks married Mildred McShane in 1936 they had 2 sons. Mildred was the daughter of Irvin & Anna (Nelson) McShane.

Jessie Brooks married John Ralston in 1925, and they had 4 children. John was the son of George & Mary ( Douglas) Ralson. Myron, William and Stella Brooks have passed away. William Brooks married Gladys Huffman in 1920, and they had 5 children.


~Photos were contributed by Janet Koozer from her personal collection. Janet is the granddaughter of John & Carrie (Stahl/Stall) Brooks. Her email address is registered for "Dee" in the Surname Registry.


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