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Goettel - Kiley family

Conservation Winners: Sarah & Jared Kiley with their father, Steve Kiley, Deb Kiley, and Danny, Dorothy, Jeff and John Goettel.

John Goettels Win County Soil Conservation Award

Mr. and Mrs. John Goettel of rural Harpers Ferry have been selected to receive the 1983 Iowa Soil Conservation Award in Allamakee County. Selection for this award was made after reviewing the farming operation to determine the effectiveness of their soil and water conservation program.

John and Dorothy Goettel own a 705 acre farm in Lafayette township east of Waukon. Land use on the farm include 360 acres of cropland, 202 acres of permanent pasture, 123 acres of woodland, 20 acres of roads and building sites. Steve Kiley currently leases the family farm from his father-in-law. John and Dorothy rented the 200 acre farm in 1946, purchasing it in 1962. The remaining 505 acres was purchased at various times with the last purchase in 1980. The Goettels became soil conservation district cooperators in 1953.

To date, conservation practices used on the farm include 360 acres contours, over 2.5 miles of terraces, 3 acres of grassed waterways and 6 ponds. Minimum tillage was used on all corn stalk ground. More terraces are planned for this year. The 1983 crops grown include approximately 188 acres of corn, 92 acres of hay and 88 acres of set aside in the PIK program. Crops produced on the farm are utilized in the livestock program that includes a cow-calf herd and feeding out the calves, and hogs farrowed and fed out.

John and Dorothy are the parents of five children: Linda, Barbara, Debbi, Jerri and Jeff. John currently is a member of the Farm Bureau, County FmHA committee member, director of German Farmers Insurance, member of the Cattleman’s Association, member of the county Pork Producers (past secretary), and past 4-H committeeman. Dorothy is currently township chairman for the Farm Bureau. The Goettels are members of the First Baptist Church of Waukon. John was selected as Outstanding New Cooperator in the Des Moines Register and Tribune contest in 1955.

The Allamakee County Soil Conservation district commissioners congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Goettel for their efforts in soil and water conservation practices on their farm.

~Allamakee Journal, Lansing, IA, May 1983
~contributed by Errin Wilker


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