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C.J. & Charlotte Ericson
50th wedding anniversary

This photo originally was posted as unidentifed by Sharon Hillis, who wrote: "I bought this undated photo in Seattle, Washington. It is of a large gathering of people in front of a 3 story house. Perhaps an anniversary celebration, family reunion or another type of gathering. Most all of the men and some of the women have a "ribbon" attached to the chest of their garments. The only identification on the photo is: Photographer, Steele, R. I., Waukon, IA. The size of the photo is 10”x12”. (Sharon's original posting of the photo)

C.J. & Charlotte Ericson, 50th anniv., Center twp. "Joy Top"


April 2, 2020 - Doris Anderson saw the photo posted on the Query Board by Sharon Hillis in 2014 and has identified it: "The photo was taken in 1907 on Joy Top, the occasion being the 50th wedding anniversary of the C.J. Ericson's. I have sent you a copy of the write up done in the Waukon Standard some years ago, about 1972, when Doc Wiley owned the farm."


The photo as printed in the newspaper, cropped by S. Ferrall.
The honored couple are seated in the front row, left-most in this cropped photo showing only those to the left of them (right side of photo)

(below) Photo showing those to the right of the Ericson's (left side of photo)

The article that ran in the Waukon Standard was transcribed by S. Ferrall; anything in a [bracket] is by the transcriber:

Three Score and Six Years Ago

Mr. Alden F. Wiley, Waukon, owns a farm in Center township which he calls "Joy Top" and which is presently occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shogren.

Mr. Wiley recently had framed an old photograph which was taken on the farm in 1907, with the occasion the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Ericson. The individuals in the 66-year-old picture are identified as follows:

Seated, and to the right: Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Erickson, canes, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ericson, their son, and daughters Grace, Ruth and Charlotte; Andrew Aure; Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson; Char[les?] Ahlstrom; Sem Sjodine, and Herman Hector, standing.

Behind and then to the right:
Mrs. William Ericson are Hannah and T.T. Ericson, the C.J. Ericson's son. Between them is P.A. Anderson. Next to T.T. is Nora Olander, then Ada Hector, Ellen Aure, Robert Ahlstrom (next row back), Delia Ahlstrom, Oliver Shogren (next row back), Florence Lumberg, Aldwin Ahlstrom, and Abner Anderson is way back under the porch decoration.

Seated to the left of C.J. Ericson (with the cane) are Mr. and Mrs. Willard Aldrich, the C.J. Ericson's daughter, holding Delbert, Alvin, and she has Lemuel; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ericson, the C.J. Ericson's son holding Eugene, Edgar and Agnes, and O.G. Anderson. Britta Sandman is at the far left end.

Behind C.J. Ericson is William S. Hart, the day's speaker, then to the left is John Ericson. Behind him is Robert Johnson and looking over Ericson's shoulder is John Shogren, then Fred Ericson, Ed Larson, and standing way back are Hulda Swenson and Mary Bergman. Right in front of Hulda is John Anderson holding his daughter Grace. Ida Olander is behind a Mr. Ahlquist and Mrs. John Anderson is to the right.

Some of the living relatives of the people pictured are: Edgar Ericson, Waukon, Reuben Ericson, Lansing, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Shogren, Waukon, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Shogren, Lansing, Ed Johnson, Waukon, Edwin Shogren, Waukon, Alvin Aldrich, Waukon, Nap Olander, Waukon, Mrs. C.A. Sommer, Waukon, Hannah Ahlquist Kellison, Waukon, Mr. and Mrs. Charles [And?], Lansing, Clifford [And?], Lansing, Robert S. [?son], Lansing, Robert Anderson, Waukon, [?] Johnson, Waukon, Mrs. Kenneth Shogren, Waukon, William Hart and Maurice [?] of Waukon.

There are many more distant relatives of these and many of the close relatives have families throughout the county.


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