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Letter to the editor from George Coppersmith
December 1930

From Sunny California.
Los Angeles, Dec. 15, 1930.

Please advance my subscription date as am inclosing $5.00. Will say we like to get the paper but do not find much Church or Dorchester news. Even the English Bench news does not seem to run like it did. Seems like it does not have the snap it did when W. S. was younger. Expect am getting older and do not feel like I did when there 30 years ago. Time seems to slip away and as I am writing this letter outside, wonder how the weather is in Iowa. We see more people from Iowa every year. Looks as if half the state will be here after awhile. We have people from every state in the union and lots from Canada, some that own homes in Florida. They all seem to like California best so it looks like California will be next to New York within the next 10 years. We had so much faith that we started our second store the 13th of June this year at 2400 W. Santa Barbara Ave. Expect you hear a lot from out here. There is only one thing that hurts California. The slump has hit it some and people can not get work. If there was plenty of work everything would be O.K.

Yours respectfully,
George Coppersmith.

~source: Allamakee Journal & Lansing Mirror, December 31, 1930
~transcribed by Ann Krumme


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