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"Our Friends on the Acres"

The "Our Friends on the Acres" column ran in the Postville Herald starting in November 1939. Each week the Herald reporter visited a different farm to interview the owners in their rural homes.

The farmers lived around the Postville vicinity, on farms in Allamakee county, northwestern Clayton co., northeastern Fayette co. and southeastern Winneshiek co.

In most cases, the interviews include ancestral family information as well as historical land ownership. I have included the columns in both Land Records and Biographical Records for that reason. The researcher will find many surnames and lots of information in these terrific articles!

The biographies were transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb

Barr, Mr. & Mrs. Frank
Becker, Mr. & Mrs. Fred
Blumhagen, Mr. & Mrs. Fred
Brockmeyer, Mr. & Mrs. William
Bugenhagen, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph C.

Clark, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey
Colvin, Mr. & Mrs. Frank

Erickson, Mr. & Mrs. Ben

Gass, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M.
Gericke, Mr. John H.
Gericke, Mr. Henry
Gordon, Mr. Edwin
Green, Mr. & Mrs. E.W.
Guese, Mrs. Fred (Minnie)

Hangartner, Mr. & Mrs. Frank F.
Harris, Mr. Sam
Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Warner M.
Hecker, Mr. Robert F.
Heins, Mr. Fred J.
Held, Mr. & Mrs. August

Kerr, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J.
Klemme, Mr. Theodore R.
Koenig, Mr. & Mrs. Fred H.
Kugel, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. H.F.

Lien, Mr. & Mrs. Even O.
Livingood, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R.
Lubka, Mr. & Mrs. Louis
McNeil, Mr. & Mrs. Ed
Meyer, Mr. & Mrs. Carl H.
Meyer, Mr. & Mrs. Fred W.
Meyer, Mr. & Mrs. Henry L.

Oldag, Mr. & Mrs. Henry
Olson, Mr. Thov. H.
Opperud, Mr. & Mrs. Dorf
Orr, Mr. & Mrs. Darius

Panncke, Mr. & Mrs. Fred J.
Pearson, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd
Putnam, Mr. Ray

Rathbun, Mr. & Mrs. Blake

Schroeder, Mr. & Mrs. Edward C.
Schultz, Mr. & Mrs. August
Schutte, Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Shafer, Mr. & Mrs. Ben
Smith, Mr. Cassius P.
Swenson, Mr. & Mrs. Sander O.

Topel, Mr. & Mrs. Paul E.

Walch, Mr. & Mrs. John
Waters, Mrs. Ray (Mabel)
Wettleson, Mr. Wettle T.

Zieman, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer J.


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