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"Our Friends on the Acres"
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Schroeder


Two well known residents of this community, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Schroeder, are located about 5 1/2 miles northeast of Postville on their property, which is in Post and Franklin townships. When the Herald writer called on the Schroeders last Thursday they were experiencing a little difficulty heating their house, due to the "absence" of a furnace. "The old furnace started coming apart," Mr. Schroeder explained, "so we took it out and are now waiting for a new one to be installed. In a few days the new furnace will be in operation and we won't have to depend on these little burners and the range in the kitchen to heat the house."

Edward C. Schroeder was born in Grand Meadow township, Clayton county, Dec. 15, 1891, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder. When he was five years old he moved with his parents to the farm now occupied by his brother, Arthur Schroeder, and his sister, Minnie Schroeder, which is just 30 rods away from the Edward C. Schroeder property. Mr. Schroeder spent his youth on this farm, attending the West Grove rural school only 1 1/4 miles away. "When I first started going to school there were 40 pupils enrolled," Mr. Schroeder said, "so you can see the school was a big one. I attended school from the time I was six years old until I was 17. I don't believe the enrollment was as large the last year I was in school. There were probably 25 boys and girls in the school then."

Mrs. Schroeder is the former Miss Nora Wilke. She was born in Clayton county March 2nd, 1893, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilke. When she was a year old she moved with her parents to a farm near Postville Junction. The family lived on several farms in this vicinity before Mr. and Mrs. Wilke purchased their own property northeast of Postville in 1913. The Wilke farm is the one now owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder. Mr. Schroeder and Miss Wilke were married in the home of the bride's parents on Nov. 21, 1917. About two months later, in January, 1918, Mr. and Mrs. Wilke retired to Postville, leaving the newlyweds in charge of the farm. For three years they rented the land, then they made the purchase. The property consists of 146 acres.

They are the parents of three children: Milton, 19, Darlene, 13, and Merlin, 8, all of whom live at home and help with general duties about the farm. "No, I don't have t hire any help," Mr. Schroeder stated, "Milton is here all of the time and he is a big help. Darlene and Merlin are attending school, but they help us too, especially during the busy seasons. When we were first on the farm I did the work alone many years, occasionally hiring a man to help."

Last spring 30 acres of corn were planted on the Schroeder farm. "We just finished the job of husking a little over a week ag." Mr. Schroeder said, "and we received a yield of about 2,000 bushels, which isn't quite an average of 70 bushels to the acre. We husked 19 acres and shredded 11 acres." "Our corn was much better this year than it was in 1939. A year ago grub worms caused considerable damage to the corn, but we weren't bothered this year." Oats on the Schroeder farm went 46 bushels to the acre as 28 acres yielded 1,300 bushels. The heavy July rains lowered the yield somewhat and the Schroeders were unable to thresh some of the oats.

There are 30 head of Shorthorn cattle on the Schroeder farm, 66 hogs, four sheep, four horses and about 200 laying White Rock hens. The Schroeders just sold 31 hogs so their pens aren't quite as full as usual.

Since Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder have lived on their property they have made many improvements. Farm buildings have been given attention and their house has also been repaired and improved. Last February they had their home energized by the REA project. "It was a big improvement," said Mr. Schroeder. "For 17 years we electrified our home with a gasoline plant, but I believe it is a little cheaper to be hooked up with the REA."

Mr. Schroeder has one brother, Arthur, and a sister, Minnie Schroeder, who live on a nearby farm, and another sister, Mrs. Will Topel of Monona. Two brothers and two sisters have passed away. Mrs. Schroeder has four sisters*, Mrs. George Bruehahn and Mrs. Fred Kruse of Monona, Mrs. Lester Harnack of Postville, and one brother, William Wilke, of this vicinity.

Mr. Schroeder's parents have passed away, his father in 1916 and his mother in 1922. Mrs. Schroeder's mother lives in Postville and her father passed away two years ago.

~Postville Herald, November 20, 1940
*Transcription note: the biography only gave the names of three sisters


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