adams county


Section 16, Carl Township

From the 1936 WPA Writer's Project

Another Adams County town which has no transportation facilities is Carl, located eleven and one-half miles northeast of Corning on County Roads X and C. The village has a population of fifty persons. The settlement has never made any material growth, serving merely as a community trade center. In the village are two general stores, two oil stations, a garage, a church and a small school building.

1984 Adams County History Book

The first settlers in Carl twp. were Mr. and Mrs. Jephtah Robinson in about 1856. The town, Carl, was named after their first child. The Robinsons ran a general store and post office in Carl. The post office operated from August 24, 1858 to Jan 2, 1907. Other owners of this store were Frank Davis, Cash Fees, Sam Kirkpatrick, Leon Antisdel, Junior Antisdel, and Alfred Krisinger. Another store on the north side of town was owned by Bert Harlow, Charles Drake, Ben Davenport, Creighton and Morrison, Pete Templeman and Pat Bennet. Ben Davenport and Everett Fees had a huckster wagon and delivered supplies to local farmers. Other stores included a blacksmith shop, livery stable, garage, hotel, creamery, barber shop, hatchery, and beauty parlor.