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Elmer Erastus Vaughn & Bud Wallace

in doorway of carpenter shop, Nodaway, IA circa 1900

submitted by Sue (Vaughn) Turner <>

Vivian Vaughn (Anna Bucheister) and husband Orvil Kent

Vivian was the foster daughter of Elmer E. and Mattie Vaughn, and taught in the rural schools near Nodaway, ca 1915.

submitted by Sue (Vaughn) Turner <>

H. D. "Clyde" Vaughn and Fred Carothers

mail carriers in rural Nodaway after WWI (with Indian motorcycles)

submitted by Sue (Vaughn) Turner

Charles Watts and H D "Clyde" Vaughn

in front of Nodaway Hardware & Implement Co. in 1936

submitted by Sue (Vaughn) Turner

dining room of New Century House Hotel in Nodaway

at grand opening, March 26, 1902

submitted by Sue (Vaughn) Turner

Abbie (Thuman) Vaughn, and her rebel girlfriends in Nodaway, 1916

Avanelle Garner, Elizabeth Friman, Olive Narigon, Abbie Thuman, Bird Neill, Mamie Lyman, Mayme Lacox, Mary Kernan, and Jessie Kapple

SSS Club, formed in 1913

submitted by Sue (Vaughn) Turner


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