GUSS CEMETERY -- Soldier Burials

Adams County Union-Republican
Wednesday, June 8, 1927

Names of Soldiers Buried in the Adams County Cemeteries
Record as Complete as We Are Able to Get It at the Present Time from Records

We are herewith giving a list of the soldier dead in the various cemeteries
in Adams county. If relatives or friends of the deceased ones know of any
errors in this list, we shall be pleased to have them notify us, so that the
records may be kept as accurately as possible.

In some instances the department of service is not given. If any of our
friends can furnish this information, it will be gladly received.

Asa Brown, Kentucky volunteer in War 1812-15.
Albert A. Brown, 23d Iowa Inft.
Sylvester Thomas, 29th Iowa Inft.
Samuel Glasgow, 23d Iowa Inft.
W.T. Dennis, 22d Iowa Inft.
Wm. Kelso, 3d Iowa Calvary.
H.G. Johnson, 17th Illinois infantry.
Levi Davis, 92d Ohio Inft.
B. Murphy, 88th Illinois Inft.
Wm. McCain, 2d Wisconsin Cavalry.
N. Graves, 143d Ohio Infantry.
Edward C. Stephens, 6th Iowa Cav.
Geo. Noiles, 38th Wisconsin Inft.
Robt. Grieves, E 25th Iowa.
Geo. Dennis, 1st and 14th Iowa.
Emory Brown, H 4th Iowa Inft.
Samuel McCoun.
Barion Brown, B 51st Iowa (Spanish war.)
Alex Greenway, veteran Cherokee Indian war.


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