Carbon School

~photo contributed by Marcy Rose

School photo in Carbon about 1915. The girl with an X on her dress with the teacher behind her is Lucille Boham, the other girl with the X on her dress is Grace Cozad. The boy with the X above his head is Charlie Boham.

~photo & identification submitted by Floyd Lawrence

1922 Carbon School Identifying names on the back of the photo: Shirley Montgomery, Intermediate Teacher Mabel Lawrence, Primary Teacher Irvin J. Barr, Advanced Teacher Pupils in the photograph: Blanche Gail; Harry Wild; Everett Reynolds; Hollis Dhone; Harold Boham; Horatio Reynolds; Virgil Gebbie; Herbert Reynolds; Wayne Ferrin; Edward Dixon; Harold Smith; Dale Lory; Susie Robison; Haleen Gebbie; Wilma Stone; Ethel Gail; Daisy Sterns; Nellie Walton; Donald McMorran; Norman Landrus; Bessie Hardesty; Letha Tyler; Marilla Lockwood; Elsie Yordt; Velma Pattison; Audrey Dhone

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