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Welcome to Adams County!

Adams County is up for adoption and we're looking for volunteers to maintain Adams County and add new content.  If you might be interested, please the Join Our Team page for more information. My name is John Schulte, a volunteer for IaGenWeb. I've volunteered to watch Adams County and help in Jake Tornholm's absence.  Jake has maintained Adams County IAGenWeb for several years and has improved the county site immensely as you can see. Please contact me if you have any questions with Adams County, IaGenWeb Coordinating.

I have recently updated this site to make it more accessible and easier to view on mobile devices. If you have visited the site before or if this is your first visit, please explore the links and menu items above. If you have questions or suggestions for this site, please contact me. My goal is to make this site as user friendly as possible, so your input matters!

Many families living close to Adams county have genealogical links in the bordering counties. Please visit IAGenWeb.org for links to other county projects.

If you need assistance or help with individual research please post to the queries board.

map of counties surrounding Admas Co.

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