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The following is a list of surnames currently being researched by individuals with Adair County roots. You may add as many surnames to the list as you would like by sending an e-mail which includes the following information:
Surname, migration route, residence within Adair County, time period they lived in Adair County, your name, your e-mail address. If any of this information is unknown just include a question mark. Perhaps you will be able to add more information later.

Please put "Adair County Surname List" in the subject line of your e-mail. The time period should reflect the period of time that your ancestor resided in Adair County, Iowa. The residence may include town, township, address or general area within Adair County.

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Surname Migration Route Residence Time Period Researcher
Abrams Pennsylvania to Iowa Harrison Twp, Adair County 1876-1887 Susan
Allard, Etta b.1846 Vermont, 1854, IA. City IA. d. 1905, Whiterock Ok., m. Jasper Norris Moore, 1870 lived in Prussia Twp, both are buried in Prussia Center, Children: Alva, Cynthia L, Edger O,and Jasper M. 1870? to ?? Beverly
    1875-1970's Sherry
Brown Oh>IL>MO>IA Jackson & Summerset Twps 1880-1940 Tom
Bunting July 1855, in La Grange Township, Cass County, Michigan > 1857 to Calhoun County Iowa> in the 1860’s to Jasper County>between 1878 and 1880 Page County, Iowa > 1885 Walnut Street in Greenfield Township in Adair County Iowa.  Walnut Street in Greenfield Township in Adair County Iowa.  1885-1943 Andrew
Comly, Jesse From PA to Poweshiek Co IA about 1885? and then to Walnut Twp. Adair Co. IA about 1890 and early 1900's , Gravestones in Canby Friends Cemetery 1885-1890 Orrin
Conway So Dak>IA Walnut Twp early 1900's Carlyss
Cox, Phoebe (wife of William Winn, below) North Carolina> Indiana> Iowa   Left Indiana to Iowa about 1856 Paula

    1873- present Sherry
Doan, Doane
Bucks County, PA>Ontario, Canada>near Memphis, TN>Warren County,
IN>Decatur County, IA>Adair County, IA
Greenfield, Adair County, IA
Eckardt Germany in 1846 to New York, Mendota, Illinois and on to Prussia Twp. in the 1860's. Prussia Twp., Casey, Greenfield 1860-2002 Darrell
Erbes Germany>Bureau Co, IL>Adair County, IA. Not sure which townships, but near Fontanelle 1872 Angie
Evans Wales >PA>Iowa Richland Twp 1860's - 1940 Sandra
Floyd and Bathurst family farmed outside of Casey, Iowa in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s. John Floyd had a farm outside Casey and his son, Elmer Floyd, also had a farm near John’s. Elmer married Edna Hazel Bathurst, whose family had a farm down the road from John Floyd’s farm. Elmer lost his farm during the depression and eventually did trucking for Harry Basset trucking of the Casey area. The Bathurst farm was sold in 1991 or 1992.

Casey, Iowa 1880-1992 Elmer Leroy Floyd’s grandson
Funke Braunschweig, Germany>NY>Bureau Co, IL>Adair County, IA Summerset Township 1872 Angie
Gillis IRE>IL>IA Grove Twp early 1900's Carlyss
Girard France>OH>IA Harrison Twp, Stuart, Greenfield 1870's- present Marie
Griffin, George F. Mass>IA>Chickasaw County>Adair County Orient Township 1880 Barbara
Handley IRE>WVIR>IA Prussia Twp, Greenfield 1893-1959 Carlyss
Hanna WVIR>IA Prussia Twp, Greenfield 1893-1936 Carlyss
Harry, Margerett, b?, d.1869?,   lived in Prussia Twp. buried in Prussia Center, Mother to Jasper Norris Moore, who married Etta Allard, 1870 early 1850's until death, 1869 Beverly
Herrick NY>Wis>Iowa Grand River, Washington, elsewhere 1866- Ken


George T. Herrick
George E. Herrick

New York/Wisconsin/Iowa Washington Township 1867-1963 Jeff Gross
Audra Sidney Higens Greenfield, Iowa born 13 Feb 1899 in Greenfield, Iowa 1869 granddaughter of Audra, Suzanne
Parents of Audra, Wilber Lionel Higens (b. 10 Aug 1872 in Spring Hill, Iowa) Died on 10 August 1872 in Spring Hill Iowa, buried in Greenfield, Iowa -- and ---Margaret Vivian Lake, born 27 January 1877 in Quincy, IL. She died on 08 Apr 1907 in Garwood, Texas but was buried in Greenfield, Iowa.

Spring Hill, Iowa


Quincy, Il

    granddaughter of Audra, Suzanne
Jameson Rockbridge Co VA>Franklin Co OH>Allen Co OH>Dallas County, IA>Cass County, IA>Adair Co, IA. Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa between 1900 and 1910 Angie
Jeffryes England>IL>IA Jackson Twp 1865-1921 Tom
Kilpatrick IRE>WIS>IA Richland Twp circa 1870-1954 Carlyss
Leppard/Lepard/Leopard   Lincoln Twp. circa 1870-1885 April
Madison     1880-1902 Lynda
McCloud Tyler & Wetzel Co., VA>Grant Co., WI>IA Orient, Iowa 1880-1900 Sandy
McClure Indiana >Iowa Richland Twp 1856 -1940 Sandra
McGinnis OH>Ind>IA Jefferson Twp, Stuart, Greenfield 1860's-present Marie
Calvin Beal McGinnis b. 5 Mar 1875       Retha
William Leroy McGinnis b. 1Jul 1901
Adair County, Iowa     Retha
Martin KY>Muscatine Co, IA> Adair Co, IA
Washington Township, Adair Co 1900 Jack



Butler County, Pa to Port Byron, Rock Island, Illinois in 1857. To Le Claire Township, Scott, Iowa 1860. Durant, Cedar, Iowa from Jan 1868 to May 1869, Farmington Twp., Cedar, Iowa 1870. Newton, Jasper, Iowa from 1873 to 1880, 1881 moved to Adair county Residence within Adair County: Grove Township then Greenfield 1880 to 1941 Andy
Murphy     1850's to present Sherry
Overholt, Jacob SR Illinois>Adair County, Iowa born in Greenfield, Adair County in 1895 State census Debbi
County Tyrone, Ireland>Wheeling WV>St. Joseph, MO>Greenfield, Adair
County, IA
Greenfield, Adair County, IA
William Simpson McGinnis b. 29 Nov. 1851
McKeeby     1880-1902 Lynda
Nevins Kansas>IA Jefferson Twp, Stuart 1880's-present Marie
NEWBURY, Curtis Daniel b. 15 April 1826 in Ellery, Chautaugua Co., New York, son of Garret NEWBURY & Cynthia CURTIS. Curtis d. 22 July 1896 in Summerset Twp., Fontanelle, Adair Co., Iowa. He m. Maria Eliza WRIGHT 21 May 1854 in Springfield, Springfield Twp., Sangamon Co., Illinois.(See Wright below) Ellery, Chautaugua Co., New York, They came to Iowa in 1882 first settling near New Virgina & St. Charles, Madison, Co., Iowa. In the same year they bought land two miles west of Fontanelle, IA. In 1889 Curtis & his brother Norman, built a creamery at Fontanelle. Summerset Twp., Fontanelle 1826-1896 Carol
Ireland>Adair County, IA
Greenfield, Adair County, IA
Noland ?>VIR>OH>IA Greenfield, Orient circa 1900-1958 Carlyss
O'Brien IRE>IL>IA Harrison Twp, Stuart 1870's-present Marie
Piper England>Mass>IL>IA Grove Twp & Richland Twp 1872-1961 Carlyss
Pote Pennsylvia, and Virgina, Indiana
Iowa (Cedar County then Adair County
also Guthrie County)
Farm in Adair County,
Son -drug store in Bridgewater

1875-1960 Nancy Kunkel, granddaughter of Guy Pote, Bridgewater
Purdy, William James b. 1842 Chattem Ont. d. 1903 Fletcher, Canada . m. 1865 in Kewanee, Ills.to Margret Harry,b. 1846 Ohio, d.1887 , from 1866 to 1873. ill > 1875-1895 Adair co. Iowa 1875-1895 residence of Eureka., Adair Co. Children, Mary E., Sherman, Charles A., Josephine, William J.both William and Margaret are buried in Eureka,,bp of mother Canada, can't find out Williams mother or father, or Margret's parents 1842-1895 Beverly
Samuel Ralston and Elizabeth (Fritz) Ralston
They were both born in Virginia, and migrated through Kentucky, and Illinois. In 1840 they resided in Henry Co, IA. In 1850 and 1860 they resided in Madison County, IA. They lived in Summerset Township, Adair County, IA from before the 1870 Census until their deaths. Elizabeth died there in 1879 and Samuel died there in 1889. Sue
Reed No.IRE, County Antrim, 1846>Penn>IL>IA Lee Twp 1871-1943 Carlyss
Lyle Raymond Rhodes Lyle Raymond Rhodes was the son of John W Rhodes and Grace L. Rhodes (NEE Morgan). He was born on the family farm in Adair County in 1917. He moved to Pueblo, Colorado and eventually to Des Moines, with his mother. Lyle married Elvera Christine Rhodes (NEE Larson) of Des Moines. Lyle served as an infantryman in the 506 Parachute Regiment Combat Team (later part of the 101st Airborne Division) during WWII. Lyle moved to Council Bluffs in 1959 and died in Omaha in 1989. He is survived by his son, Lyle R Rhodes, Jr. who was born in 1946. Adair County to Council Bluffs, died in Omaha 1917-1989 Lyle R. Rhodes Jr
John W. Rhodes and family born PA ca. 1858, lived in Pottawattamie Co., IA between 1885-1895. He married Leanna Putnam, dau of Rufus and Rosina Eastman Putnam and they had five children William (b. 1885), John, Charles P., Frank and Odessa (b. 1894), in Pottawattamie Co. before moving to the Greenfield area of Adair County ca. 1895. Here they had two more children: Bryan (1896) and Anna (1898). Charles P. Rhodes married Grace L. Morgan in Adair Co. ca. 1912. They had Harold (1915), Lyle (1917) and Betty A. (ca. 1921). Charles and Grace divorced before 1925 and he moved to Idaho with a wife from Nebraska. Grace moved to Des Moines by 1930.

Greenfield area, Adair County 1895-circa 1925 John M. Rhodes
Sellers Ohio to Iowa Harrison Twp, Adair County 1876-1887 Susan
IL>Adair County, IA
Greenfield, Adair County, IA
?-before 1890
Stanton, Frank born in New York about 1831>
1870 Elmira, Stark, Illinois>
1880 Kewanee, Henry, Illinois>
1885 and 1895 Iowa Census living in Lincoln Twp, Adair County, Iowa
1900 and 1910 Frank and Jane Stanton living in Lincoln Twp, Adair County, Iowa. A farmer.
1900 Living with son, Charles Stanton,1920 Lincoln Twp, Adair Co. Iowa Living with son, Charles Stanton
Children: Charles, Minnie, Electa, Lillie, Warren, Sarah All born in Illinois.
1831-1920 Carolyn
Esther Strickland (wife of George F. Griffin, see above)
their 3 children

Mabel Griffin b 1879
Sadie Griffin b 1883
Esther Griffin b . 1890
Chicksaw County, Iowa>Adair County, Iowa Orient Twp 1880 Barbara


Milo J. & Dorothy (Fellows) Strong
Arlington M. Strong
Estella Pearl Strong

Vermont/New York/Illinois/Iowa Washington Township 1867-1963 Jeff Gross
Sullivan     1880-1902 Lynda
Speed England>MD>OH>IA Union, Orient, Richland, Eureka & Summerset Twps 1890's-1940's Tom
Snyder Indiana and Ohio and then on to Iowa then Kansas and back to Iowa Union and Grand River twps 1885-1895 Cheryl

NY>IL>IA 1817 in NY; in IL in 1860s and 1870s. Appears in Adair county, IA in 1880 census 1817-1880 Rowdy
Voss Family Germany>Cedar Cnty, Ia. > Adair Cnty, Ia > Missouri Prussia Twp, S.E. Corner Section 15 1883 - 1902 John
Wallace, Henry Hamilton No. Ireland (probably County Antrim) >arrived in NY Nov 1841 with
parents>1841-1855 Philadelphia Co., PA>1855-1868 Peoria Co, IL>1868/9? to Cass Co., IA & on to Sommerset Twp, Adair Co in 1890s
Died in Summerset Twp, Adair Co 1911.Descendants have continued to live in Adair Co to
present day.
1890's-present Arlene
White CT>Grant Co., WI>IA Orient, Iowa 1880-1900 Sandy
Winn, William Indiana>Iowa   Left Indiana to Iowa about 1856 Paula
Woodson VA>KY>Monroe & Ralls Co MO>Cass County, IA> Adair County, IA> Greenfield around 1900 Angie
Woodson ?>IA Lee Twp early 1900's Carlyss
WRIGHT, Maria Eliza b. 28 May 1832 in Rodman Twp., Jefferson Co., New York. dau. of Asa WRIGHT Jr. & Abigail WOODSON/WOODSOM. Maria died 2 June 1895 in Summerset Twp., Fontanelle, IA.
Both Maria & Curtis & families are buried in the Fonanelle Cemetery.
Rodman Twp., Jefferson Co., New York. They came to Iowa in 1882 first settling near New Virgina & St. Charles, Madison, Co., Iowa. In the same year they bought land two miles west of Fontanelle, IA. In 1889 Curtis & his brother Norman, built a creamery at Fontanelle Summerset Twp., Fontanelle, IA. 1832-1895 Carol
Young, Jacob (or JJ) and Magdalena (or Margaret) Young, daughter (Inez) Anna Young born 1886 in Adair
migration route ? (Would like to know where Jacob and wife came from and their origins)
Richland Twp.

1886 - 1920 Gina
Young Scotland>Illinois>Iowa>Greenfield Greenfield, Stella Street 1895-1930 Alan MacMillan, Fife, Scotland


Adair County

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