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Orient Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Collins, Fred M. Section 5 Farmer Oneida Co., N. Y. 1852 Orient
Dillon, Ruben Section 26 Farmer Ross Co., Ohio 1860 Creston
Garman, John Section 17 Farmer Harrisburg, Pa. 1869 Orient
Hoffstatter, W. C. Section 5 Farmer Wayne Co., Ohio 1869 Orient
Hoffstatter, J. C. Section 6 Farmer Wayne Co., Ohio 1869 Orient
Hastings, J. W. Section 17 Farmer Medina Co., Ohio 1869 Orient
Harris, N. Section 19 Farmer England 1867 Orient
Johnson, R. W. Section 17 Farmer Wayne Co., Ohio 1871 Orient
Launder, H. Section 20 Farmer Muskingum Co., Ohio 1869 Orient
Mitchel, D. E. Section 8 Farmer Union Co., Ind. 1869 Vino
Strong, W. H. Section 8 Farmer Bradford Co., Pa. 1869 Orient
Spencer, Charles A. Section 19 Farmer Ontario Co., Pa. 1870 Orient
Tuttle, L. L. Section 18 Farmer Oneida Co., N. Y. 1871 Vino
White, John Section 21 Farmer Hartford, Conn. 1873 Orient


Prussia Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Coleman, John Section 31 Farmer York Co., Pa. 1848 Fontanelle
Coon, Geo. W. Section 27 Farmer Iowa Co., Wis. 1870 Fontanelle
Davenport, J. Y. Section 18 Farmer Montgomery Co., Ind. 1856 Casey
Halsey, A. Section 31 Farmer Seneca Co., Ohio 1865 Fontanelle
Martin, John Geo. Section 5 Farmer Germany 1869 Casey
Rafter, Isaac Section 32 Farmer Richland Co., Ohio 1848 Fontanelle
Rafter, Philip Section 30 Farmer Northumberland Co., Pa. 1848 Fontanelle
Vance, J. R. Section 32 Farmer Washington Co., Ind. 1869 Fontanelle


Richland Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to Iowa Post Office
Chapman, David H. Section 6 Farmer Union Co., Ohio 1847 Fontanelle
Chapman, M. Section 6 Farmer Madison Co., Ohio 1847 Fontanelle
Dory, Adolphus Section 5 Farmer Coburg, Canada 1861 Fontantelle
Ewing, T. M. Section 8 Farm. & Stk. Raiser Champaign Co., Ohio 1854 Fisk
Evans, W. E. Section 19 Farmer Cambria Co., Pa. 1871 Avondale
Evans, Hugh Section 29 Farmer Clark Co., Ind. 1841 Fisk
Evans, J. W. Section 6 Farmer Cambria Co., Pa. 1870 Fontanelle
Fisk, A. H. Section 16 Farmer Washington, Vt. 1867 Fisk
Fleet, G. Section 24 Farmer Suffolk Co., N. Y. 1870 Vino
Latham, Frank Section 27 Farmer New London Co., Conn. 1869 Nevinville
McClure, James Section 8 Farmer Johnson Co., Ind. 1856 Fontanelle
Otis, C. W. Section 15 Farmer Kenosha Co., Wis. 1873 Fisk
Peet, Geo. R. Section 26 Farmer Gardner, Me. 1869 Nevinville
Sander, Fleming   Farmer Pittsylvania Co., Va. 1847 Fontanelle


Summerset Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Bailey, J. H. Fontanelle Attorney at Law Steuben Co., N. Y. 1865 Fontanelle
Buck, O. W., Jr. Fontanelle Hotel Propr. and Mail Line Contractor Dodge Co., Wis. 1861 Fontanelle
Black, M. E. Fontanelle Attorney at Law Windsor Co., Vt. 1860 Fontanelle
Blystone, F. A. Fontanelle Hardware Crawford Co., Pa. 1867 Fontanelle
Bennett, G. W. Fontanelle Farmer Herkimer Co., N. Y. 1851 Fontanelle
Bekerienk, Jno. W. Section 6 Farmer Holland 1859 Fontanelle
Bauer, John Henry Fontanelle Farmer Bavaria, Germany 1874 Fontanelle
Bauer, Henry Fontanelle Farmer Bavaria, Germany 1874 Fontanelle
Culver, J. G. Fontanelle Prin. Public Schools Cedar Co., Iowa 1849 Fontanelle
Gray, L. J. Fontanelle County Treasurer Caledonia Co., Vt. 1869 Fontanelle
Hunt, C. B. Fontanelle County Sheriff Milton, Mass. 1868 Fontanelle
Hill, John E. Fontanelle Farmer Monroe Co., Ohio 1868 Fontanelle
Haagensen, John Section 16 Farmer Isle of St. Thomas, West India 1860 Fontanelle
Kilburn, G. F. Fontanelle Attorney at Law Merrimack Co., N. H. 1867 Fontanelle
Jefferson, John A. Fontanelle Minister M. E. Church Philadelphia, Pa. 1851 Fontanelle
Martin, W. B. Fontanelle County Auditor Rochester, Vt. 1869 Fontanelle
Marquart, F. B. Fontanelle P. M. and Grocer   1867 Fontanelle
Marquart, D. W. Fontanelle Groceries Books & Sta'y Allen Co., Ind. 1867 Fontanelle
Mehl, Wm. Fontanelle Druggist Wurtemburg, Ger. 1872 Fontanelle
McDermid, Peter Fontanelle Physician and Surgeon Canada 1869 Fontanelle
Marquart, S. Section 20 Farmer & Stock Dealer Fairfield Co., Ohio 1858 Fontanelle
Proctor, H. P. Fontanelle Jeweler St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 1864 Fontanelle
Rany, James Fontanelle Pub. Adair Co. Register Tennessee 1866 Fontanelle
Rodgers, W. M. Fontanelle Att'y & Real Est. Agt. Guernsey Co., Ohio 1862 Fontanelle
Schowalter, Wm. J. Fontanelle Harness & Saddle Mnfr. Lee Co., Iowa 1849 Fontanelle
Schlecker, Wm. Fontanelle Druggist Wurtemburg, Ger. 1872 Fontanelle
Shannon, H. B. Fontanelle Furniture Manfr. Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 1868 Fontanelle
Seymour, Wm. M. Fontanelle Wagon & Carriage Mnfr. Kane Co., Ill. 1872 Fontanelle
Taylor, John Fontanelle Drugs & Stationery Westmoreland Co., P. 1863 Fontanelle
Tompkins, H. W. Section 14 Farmer Albany, N. Y. 1873 Greenfield


Summit Township

Post office, Adair

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State
Albee, Aurel Section 9 Farmer Orleans Co., Vt. 1870
Arnold, F. D. Adair Agt. C. R. I. & P. R. R. & Dlr. in Lumber, Grain & Real Est. Otsego Co., N. Y. 1870
Chesnut, John Section 16 Farmer Berkley Co., W. Va. 1870
Libby, W. C. Adair Hardware & Agricul. Implts. Mahaska Co., Iowa 1847
Moran, John E. Adair General Merchandise St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 1869
Sisson, Azariah Section 16 Farmer Washington Co., N. Y. 1869
Starr, H. P. Adair Lumber Dealer Monroe Co., N. Y. 1873
Sisson, W. A. Adair Real Estate Agent Washington Co., N. Y. 1869
Thompson, Hiram Section 2 Farmer Monroe Co., N. Y. 1848
West, D. S. Adair Proprietor "Adair House" Knox Co., Ill. 1870


Union Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Bivens, Jeremiah Section 30 Farmer Garrett Co., Ky 1869 Creston
Bivens, Wm. G. Section 30 Farmer Carroll Co., Ill. 1874 Creston


Walnut Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Clark, A. B. Section 25 Farmer Oneida Co., N. Y. 1855 Casey
Denison, R. R. Section 29 Farmer La Porte Co., Ind. 1875 Casey
Holsington, Lee Section 34 Farmer Warren Co., Ill. 1868 Canby
Keeney, Norris Section 8 Farmer Hartford Co., Conn. 1871 Casey
Narber, Bartley Section 18 Farmer Lycoming Co., Pa. 1858 Casey
Raper, John Section 31 Farmer Yorkshire, England 1874 Casey
Rutt, Abram Section 3 Far. & Lumber Dlr. Lancaster Co., Pa. 1856 Casey
Smith, Charles Section 4 Farmer Chatham Co., N. C. 1855 Casey
Stockwell, M. P. Section 4 Farmer Louisville Co., Ky. 1854 Casey
Shelters, Henry Section 22 Farmer Monroe Co., N. Y. 1871 Casey
Semler, John Section 25 Farmer Bavaria, Germany 1872 Guthrie
Thompson, A. J. Section 2 Farmer Chatham Co., N C.   Casey
Taylor, C. E. Section 20 Farmer Peoria, Ill. 1874 Casey
Wertman, Nathan Section 16 Farmer Berks Co., Pa. 1868 Casey


Washington Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Campbell, J. R. Section 33 Farmer Nicholas Co., Ky. 1841 Carl
Glougie, John R. Section 31 Farmer LaMoille Co., Vt. 1872 Carl
Hulbert, Jas. H. Section 23 Far. & Stk. Raiser Huron Co., Ohio 1868 Avondale
Harrington, John Section 13 Farmer Lee Co., Ill. 1867 Fontanelle
Hinck, H. F. Section 17 Farmer Hanover, Germany 1874 Fontanelle
Kembery, Thomas Section 32 Farmer Somersetshire, Eng. 1853 Carl
Lawrence, John M. Section 12 Farmer Selkirk Co., Scotland 1853 Fontanelle
Lilly, L. Section 2 Farmer Northumberland Co., Pa. 1838 Fontanelle
Lacey, Warrick S. Section 33 Farmer Louisville, Ky. 1865 Carl
McBroom, Henry Section 9 Far. & Propr. Grist & Saw Mill Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 1872 Fontanelle
Vorrath, C. Section 17 Farmer Hanover, Germany 1872 Fontanelle
Witt, B. W. Section 10 Farmer Winchester, N. H. 1870 Fontanelle


Adair County

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