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A. T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa,

1875 Eureka-Lincoln


Eureka Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Porter, J. R. Section 9 Farmer Montgomery Co., N. Y. 1863 Adair
Sias, Aaron   Farmer Stratford Co., N. H. 1864 Jackson


Grand River Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Abbott, Reuben Section 32 Farmer Hamilton Co., Ohio 1858 Greenfield
Augustin, C. Section 28 Farmer Germany 1858 Hebron
Busby, D. F. Section 22 Farmer Madison Co., Ind. 1869 Hebron
Bush, James Section 13 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1854 Middle River
Hawkins, Geo. C. Section 1 Farmer Windsor Co., Vt. 1855 Middle River
Hardman, Geo. Section 35 Farmer Coshocton Co., Ohio 1868 Hebron
Kramme, Fredrick Section 31 Farmer Germany 1853 Greenfield
Lures, J. D. Section 26 Farmer Germany 1855 Hebron
Morey, F. R. Section 34 Farmer Germany 1872 Hebron
Romans, F. H. Section 16 Farmer Knox Co., Ohio 1868 Arbor Hill
Steward, H. C. Section 19 Farmer Piscataquis Co., Me. 1872 Groveland
Schnellbacher, E. M. Section 34 Farmer Ohio 1858 Hebron
Savage, J. E. Section10 Farmer Kennebec Co., Me. 1860 Middle River
Wilson, L. J. Section 31 Farmer York Co., Can. 1858 Greenfield


Greenfield Township

Post office, Greenfield

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State
Ayers, J. F. Section 10 Farmer Caledonia Co., Vt. 1870
Brown, F. M. Greenfield Attorney & Real Estate Agt. Clinton Co., Iowa 1845
Bricker, D. Section 26 Farmer Marion Co., Ohio 1870
Brown, R. O. Greenfield Co. Recorder Land and Loan Agt. Portage Co., Ohio 1863
Carmichael, A. S. Greenfield Physician and Surgeon Mercer Co., PA 1854
Callison, J. C. Section 15 Farmer Pocahontas Co., VA 1869
Church, D. W. Greenfield Attorney at Law Lewis Co., Mo. 1875
Dew, J. M. Greenfield Hotel Marion Co., Ohio 1871
Doan, M. S. Greenfield Farmer Marion Co., Ind. 1852
Dew, A. R. Greenfield Co. Surveyor Belmont Co., Ohio 1871
Dooley, A. J. Greenfield Dlr. Clothing, Boots & Shoes Boone Co., Ind. 1869
Gow, Jas. M. Greenfield Pubrs. Adair Co. Reporter Washington Co., Pa. 1869
Gow, Geo. L. Greenfield Washington Co., Pa. 1867
Hutchinson Brothers Greenfield Merchant, & Livery, Feed & Exchange Stable Morgan Co., Ind. 1863
Hutchinson, D. J. Greenfield 1863
Hutchinson, A. M. Greenfield 1863
James, J. F. Section 16 Farmer Pike Co., Ohio 1846
Litts, Franklin Section 16 Farmer Tompkins Co., N. Y.


Litleton, A. P. Greenfield General Merchandise Fayette Co., Ohio


McMullen, Wm. Section 24 Farmer Mercer Co., Ill.


Naylor, J. C. Greenfield Attorney & Collection Agent Wirt Co., W. Va. 1856
Olmsted, E. R. Section 29 Farmer Fairfield Co., Ohio 1870
Rivenburgh, Wm. Greenfield Farmer & Agt. for Agl. Implts. Albany Co., N. Y. 1869
Rivenburgh, Peter Section 20 Farmer Wayne Co., Pa. 1869
Spooner, E. Greenfield Physician and Surgeon Tuscarawas Co., Ohio 1868
Sheppard, E. L. Secetion 10 Farmer Indiana 1856
Varner, Samuel C. Section 2 Farmer Washington Co., Pa. 1866
Wilcox, E. Section 15 Farmer Henry Co., Ill. 1874


Grove Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Carl, Washington Section 10 Farmer Cedar Co., Iowa 1838 Holadays
Griffin, Henry Section 3 Farmer Devonshire, England 1873 Holadays
Gilles, John Section 35 Farmer Franklin Co., Vt. 1872 Greenfield
Matteson, G. C. Section 33 Farmer Jefferson Co., N. Y. 1871 Groveland
Patterson, Mary A. Section 20 Farmer Maryland 1860 Groveland
Swisher, P. O. Section 20 Farmer Vermillion Co., Ill. 1863 Groveland
Sackett, H. Section 29 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1874 Groveland
Shirk, F. S. Section 21 Farmer Lancaster Co., Pa. 1871 Groveland
Sackett, E. G. Section 10 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1874 Groveland
Sackett, F. M. Section 10 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1874 Groveland
Wood, E. G. Section 19 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1852 Groveland


Harrison Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Earl, David Section 16 Farmer Highland Co., Ohio 1855 Stuart
Elliott, L. C. Section 22 Farmer Knox Co., Ind. 1856 Arbor Hill
Fleming, J. B. Section 33 Farmer Morrow Co., Ohio 1856 Arbor Hill
Garrett, Solomon Section 25 Farmer Washington Co., Pa. 1854 Middle River
Haynes, Andrew Section 21 Farmer Ross Co., Ohio 1865 Stuart
Murphy, R. T. Section 22 Farmer Putnam Co., Ind. 1853 Arbor Hill
Nokes, S. L. Section 31 Farmer Brown Co., Ill. 1871 Arbor Hill
Wight, George Section 13 Farmer Fleming Co., Ky. 1857 Dexter


Jackson Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Aspinwall, W. H. Section 13 Farmer Jefferson Co., N. Y. 1871 Fontanelle
Bryant, John H. Section 12 Farmer Butler Co., Ohio 1842 Fontanelle
Bailey, L. J. Section 8 Farmer Orleans Co. Vt. 1866 Jackson
Codrier, A. P. Section 22 Farmer Franklin Co., Ohio 1862 Fontanelle
Durbon, S. S. Section 4 Farmer Rush Co., Ind. 1869 Jackson
Latas, John Section 22 Farmer Grant Co., Wis. 1870 Fontanelle
Lewis, T. L. Section 5 Farmer Oswego Co., N. Y. 1863 Jackson
Madison, W. H. Section 5 Farmer Henry Co., Ind. 1868 Jackson
Norton, N. Section 4 Farmer Oswego Co., N. Y. 1861 Jackson
Rechtenbach, A. W. Section 20 Farmer Prussia 1869 Fontanelle
Sullivan, J. B. Section 34 Farmer Monroe Co., Ind. 1853 Fontanelle
Salisbury, George Section 15 Farmer Vermillion Co., Ill. 1852 Casey


Jefferson Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Abbott, Simeon Section 33 Farmer Onondaga Co., N. Y. 1864 Holadays
Baker, J. R. Section 26 Farmer Guernsey Co., Ohio 1856 Holadays
Bruce, Jacob Section 33 Farmer Union Co., Pa. 1853 Stuart
Bateham, James Section 29 Farmer Jay Co., Ind. 1857 Holadays
Cady, W. M. Section 11 Farmer Genesee Co., N. Y. 1866 Stuart
Clifford, Edwin Section 2 Farmer Susquehanna Co., Pa. 1869 Guthrie
Curtis, John O. Section 10 Farmer Sagadahoc Co., Me. 1870 Guthrie
Chamberlain, Danl. Section 34 Farmer Allegany Co., N. Y. 1871 Holadays
Crabb, G. M. Section 15 Farmer Licking Co., Ohio 1870 Guthrie
Derby, Ira Section 9 Farmer Otsego Co., N. Y. 1869 Guthrie
Dickey, Andrew Section 33 Farmer Waldo Co., Me. 1868 Holadays
Dutton, J. E. Section 34 Farmer Kankakee, Ill. 1859 Holadays
Easton, John Section 22 Farmer New York 1857 Guthrie
Easton, W. H. Section 23 Far. & Member Leg. Oswego Co., N. Y. 1855 Guthrie
Easton, John A. Section 14 Farmer Peoria Co., Ill. 1855 Guthrie
Hitchcock, J. C. Section 4 Farmer Lake Co., Ohio 1869 Guthrie
Hitchcock, Chas. M. Section 4 Farmer Peoria Co., Ill. 1859 Guthrie
Hartsell, E. Section 12 Farmer Warren Co., N. Y. 1873 Stuart
Kirkendall, Wm. Section 12 Farmer Holmes Co., Ohio 1866 Stuart
Lowe, J. N. Section 24 Farmer Guilford Co., N. C. 1865 Stuart
Loucks, John Section 27 Farmer Marion Co., Ind. 1854 Guthrie
Laughlin, Thomas Section 26 Farmer Down Co., Ireland 1866 Stuart
McPherson, Geo. B. Section 3 Farmer Butler Co., Ohio 1856 Guthrie
Marshall, Clayton Section 9 Farmer Wayne Co., Ind. 1855 Guthrie
Mack, Platt Section 9 Farmer Waupacca Co., Wis. 1870 Guthrie
Rinard, Jeremiah Section 5 Farmer Randolph Co., Ind. 1855 Guthrie
Rinard, Stover Section 8 Farmer Randolph Co., Ind. 1855 Guthrie
Rinard, A. L. Section 8 Farmer Randolph Co., Ind. 1855 Casey
Ryan, James Section 36 Farmer Limerick, Ireland 1871 Holadays
Schreves, Jonathan Section 23 Farmer Clay Co., Ill. 1850 Stuart
Sibert, Noah Section 24 Farmer Shenandoah Co., Va. 1871 Stuart
Sill, Michael Section 29 Farmer Philadelphia, Pa. 1853 Guthrie
Varley, Charles Section 24 Farmer Yorkshire, England 1869 Stuart
Wilson, A. L. Section 10 Farmer Hunterdon Co., N. J. 1874 Guthrie
Walton, J. L. Section 23 Farmer Jennings Co., Ind. 1855 Stuart


Lincoln Township

Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Barnett, Joseph Section 23 Farmer Jefferson Co., Pa. 1862 Stuart
Bailey, George Section 26 Farmer England 1855 Stuart
Clark & Trego Section 13 Farmer Buck Co., Pa.
Knox Co., Ill.
Cook, Henry Section 25 Farmer Fayette Co., Pa. 1858 Dexter
Daniels, E. R. Section 25 Farmer Franklin Co., Mass. 1870 Dexter
Davis, A. M. Section 13 Farmer Highland Co., Ohio 1864 Dexter
Frost, Wm. Section 7 Farmer Knox Co., Ohio 1871 Stuart
Gray, W. B. Section 27 Farmer Caledonia, Vt. 1869 Stuart
Gitlins, R. Section 26 Farmer England 1852 Dexter
Gilpatric, F. D. Section 1 Farmer New York 1873 Dexter
Gilpatric, R. S. Section 1 Farmer New York 1873 Dexter
Harris, Thomas Section 22 Farmer England 1857 Stuart
Kivett, Levi Section 5 Farmer Morgan Co., Ind. 1869 Stuart
Kuns, John Section 35 Farmer Canada 1869 Dexter
Love, James Section 11 Farmer York Co., Pa. 1869 Dexter
McMenamy, Corn'l's Section 4 Farmer Scotland 1868 Stuart
McKee, A. Section 15 Farmer Scotland 1865 Stuart
Macy, W. M. Section 4 Farmer Randolph Co., Ind. 1873 Stuart
Middleton, J. D. Section 14 Farmer Franklin Co., Ohio 1868 Stuart
McBride, J. A. Section 13 Farmer Hampshire Co., Va. 1870 Dexter
Nelson, Daniel Section 17 Farmer Licking Co., Ohio 1868 Stuart
Osborn, A. Section 2 Farmer Somerset Co., Me. 1869 Stuart
Rockafield, G. W. Section 24 Farmer Green Co., Ohio 1869 Dexter
Russell, Chas. Section 13 Farmer New York City 1868 Dexter
Shobert, A. Section 12 Farmer Pennsylvania 1855 Stuart
Simcoke, T. J. Section 10 Farmer Randolph Co., Ind. 1868 Stuart
Stewart, W. W. Section 36 Farmer Washington Co., Pa. 1867 Dexter
Smith, R. F. Section 10 Farmer Adams Co., Ohio 1868 Dexter
Sipe, A. Section 12 Farmer Bedford Co., Pa. 1866 Dexter
Turner, G. W. Section 24 Farmer Rappahannock Co., Va. 1859 Dexter



Adair County

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