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Message: The spelling and punctuation is reproduced as it is on the card.


This postcard is to Fay Piper. It is from Mrs. Krooss.

Message: “I wish you a very happy Christmas. Yours, Mrs. Krooss”


This postcard was sent to Clifford Noland, Greenfield, Adair Co. Iowa. On December 25,1909 from his Aunt Ella who lived in Missouri.

Message: "Dear Clifford and all, well are you snowed under up there it has been awfully cold here, did you stop at Arcadia when you went through there. Earnest and his Papa is going down to larand Pa Christmas. but I am going to stay home this time are you going to school now. from your aunt Ella"


This post card is addressed to Clifford Noland, Orient, Iowa and post marked Greenfield Iowa Dec 21, 1911

The message: "Christmas Greetings from Roy"


This post card is addressed to Miss Fay Piper Greenfield, Iowa RD1. It is postmarked from Greenfield, Iowa Dec. 21, 1909

The Message: I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New year.

Grand Pa Kil"


This post card is addressed to Clifford Noland Orient, Iowa. It is postmarked Dec.1912 from somewhere in Missouri.

Message (appears to be from a child):" Dear Clifford how are you are all (unreadable) i wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year Iam ging to school My teachers nam is Goldie Stolt I will close from Grace"


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