at the turn of the century


There were many ways our ancestors had to show pride in their country. There were parades with colors flying in every direction and bands playing patriotic music. Groups of people dressed in patriotic attire. School children and their teachers planned a human flag display. People collected cards with a patriotic theme.

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Fourth of July scene, 1891 in Adair, Iowa

Young Adair County Women show their patriotism in the late 1800's.

The woman to the far right in the last row is Jennie Mae Kilpatrick,

who will, in a few years, become the bride of Walter Andrew Piper.



Between the Opera House and the Court House in Greenfield,

school children line up to form a flag, using their colorful clothes to define

the stars and stripes.



card collection from cnoland

Eight year old Clifford Noland of Orient, Adair County,

received these cards from his Grandma Elizabeth Handley in May and July of 1910.

Move your mouse over the card for a view of the second card.


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