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Civil War Veterans buried in
Greenfield Cemetery

E. R. Gantt, sergeant, Company I, Tenth Iowa Infantry.

C. G. Cleland, private, Company G, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry.

W. V. Hamlin, lieutenant, Company I, Third Pennsylvania Cavalry.

E. W. Piper, private, Company B, Ninety-first Illinois Infantry.

Nathan Mason, private, Company A, One Hundred Forty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

S. G. Brown, private, Company B, Fifth Iowa Cavalry.

David King, private, Company H, One Hundred Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry.

T. M. Gile, private, Company G, Forty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

C. E. Sampson, sergeant, Company D, First Iowa Cavalry.

Ed Morris, private, Company G, One Hundred Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry.

W. M. Rodgers, private, Company D, Twenty-seventh Illinois Infantry.

Peter Hoover, private, Company G, Eighty-sixth Ohio Infantry.

William Romesha, sergeant, Company C, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry.

H. P. Wobert, Company D, Seventh Iowa Infantry.

J. P. Sinclair, private, Company F, Forty-third Indiana Infantry.

Abraham Miller, private, Company B, Fiftieth Illinois Infantry.

M. S. Doane, sergeant, Company K, Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry.

J. A. Hetherington, drummer and private, Company I, Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry and Company K, Fifty-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Oswin Cahow, sergeant, Company D, One Hundred Twelfth Illinois Infantry.

Zadock Perkins, private, Company D, Second Iowa Cavalry.

D. M. Priddy, Company L, Sixth Iowa Cavalry.

G. C. Havens, Company B, Twenty-fifth Iowa Infantry.

A. L. Harrison, Company B, Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry.

Jasper Reno, Seventh Indiana Battery.

T. J. Harvey, Company E, Fifteenth Indiana Infantry.

Franklin Letts, Company D, One Hundred Second Illinois Infantry.

H. B. Goodman, Company D, One Hundred Forty-fourth New York Infantry.

J. J. Hetherington, Company H, Twenty-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Joseph Sevasin, Company E, Fifty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

J. G. Goodman, Company B, Ninety-fifth Illinois Infantry.

J. M. Bean, Company A, Ninth Kentucky Cavalry.

Fleming Bevens, Company C, Nineteenth Iowa Infantry.

J. G. Orr, drum major, Company H, One Hundred Twenty-sixth Illinois Infantry.

E. J. Stevenson, Company K, Seventh Illinois Cavalry.

James McNair, Company A, Eighth New York Artillery.

S. A. Gordon, Company F, Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry.

William H. Needles, Company I, Twenty-second Wisconsin Infantry.

Nathan Wertman, sergeant, Company G, Ninety-third Illinois Infantry.

William Mitchell, Company K, Eleventh Iowa Infantry.

Thomas Kennedy, naval ship, Springfield Fairview Cemetery.

J. U. Young, Company B, Twenty-fourth Iowa.

William H. Anderson, corporal, Company H, One Hundred Nineteenth Illinois Infantry.

Henry Taylor, Company B, Thirty-ninth Iowa.

Richard Wallace, Company F, Ninth Michigan Infantry.

William Bacon, corporal, Company E, Eighth Iowa Infantry.

J. C. Mason, corporal, Company A, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry.

Charles Foster, Company K, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.

J. I. Calwell, One Hundred Sixty-sixth Ohio Infantry.

Note: This list may be incomplete; at the time of the writing of this article (1915), almost 50 Civil War veterans were still living in the city of Greenfield.



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