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Raymond and Harriet (Fredrick) Lundy, farmers, were married at Maryville, Missouri, on November 24, 1938.  Raymond and Harriet were both born in Prussia Tonwship in Adair County.  Their children are Patricia Ann, 37; and Sandra Lee. 34.  Parents of Raymond were Murray and Mary (Neumeyer) Lundy.  Father of Mary (Neumeyer) Lundy was L. C. Neumeyer, and he was the Lutheran minister in Fontanelle.  Parents of Harriet were Harry and Eva (Huffman) Fredrick.  The farm they live on has been in the family for over one hundred years.
Robert and Berthie (Gross) Bigelow, farmers, were married March 28, 1948, at the Lutheran Church in Fontanelle.  Robert was born at Strawberry Point, an Berthie was born at Fontanelle.  Their children are Rose, 28; Lester, 25; Paul, 22; Daisy, 20; Iris, 18; and Kirk, 13.  They were also parents to a set of twins, Rex and Max, born in 1950, but they lived only a short time.  Parents of Robert were Chester and Verna (Gillpatrick) Bigelow.  Later his foster parents were Fred and Clara (Miller) Mangels.  Parents of Berthie were Oscar and Emma (Baudler) Gross.
Ronald and Helen (Rosser) Purdy were married November 1, 1942.  Ronald was born near Fontanelle, and Helen (Rosser) Purdy was born at Stuart.  They bought their farm in 1959.  Their children are: Janet, 29; Barbara, 25; Jerry, 22; and Jack, 21.  Ted was born in 1944 and passed away at the age of 12.  Parents of Ronald were Floyd and Muriel (Pierce) Purdy, and parents of Helen were Archie and Mary ((Glasscock) Rossner.
Max and Helen (Peters) Erbes, farmers, were married May 29, 1960.  Max and Helen were both born near Greenfield.  Their children are: Daniel, 15; Richard, 14; Sara, 10; and James, 5.  Parents of Max are Albert and Mabel (Hohertz) Erbes.  Parents of Helen are Raymond and Doris (Denton) Peters.
Elton and Maxine (Dickie) Herr, farmers, were married February 28, 1954, at Fontanelle, in the Lutheran Church.  Elton and Maxine were both born in Adair County.  Their children are Steve, 22, and Douglas, 20.  The bought their farm from Guy and Belle Hodge.  Parents of Elton are Henry and Edna (Baudler) Herr.  Parents of Maxine are Francis and Mary (Gardner) Dickie.
Eugene and LaVonne (Huff) Jensen were married May 27, 1956.  Eugene and LaVonne were both born in Adair County.  Eugene is a farmer and is also employed at the Farmers Elevator Coop in Fontanelle.  Their children are Mark and Margaret (Jacobs), and parents of LaVonne are Samuel and Alice (Bond) Huff.
Harold and Opal (Knapp) Marckman, farmers, were married April 14, 1957. Harold was born in Summerset Township in Adair County, and Opal was born in Stotesburg, Missouri.  Their children are Max, 17, and twin daughters, Sandy and Cindy, 15.  Parents of Harold were Herman D. and Maude (Diers) Marckman, and parents of Opal were Thomas and Maude (Street) Whitten.
Dean and Ann (Weaver) Feick, farmers, were married September 9, 1961.  Dean was born south of Fontanelle, and Ann was born at Creston.  They have one boy, Steven, age 13.  Parents of Dean are Edwin and Helen (Huntington) Feick, and parents of Ann are Guy and Gertrude (Lilly) Weaver.
Walter and Gertie (Meisenheimer) Goetz were married February 16, 1927.  Eugene and Gertie both were born in Adair County.  Their children are: Charlotte, 48; Herbert, 47; Donald, 44; Betty, 37; and Marvin, 35.  Parents of Eugene wee Jacob and Alice (Rechtenbach) Goetz, and parents of Gertie were John and Nina (Smith) Meisenheimer.
August and Cora (Roberts) Miller Fust were married October 19, 1959.  August was born in Adair County, Cora in Cass County.  Their children are: Marie, 62; Wilma, 57; Helen, 54; Marietta, 55; Jessie Earl Miller, 55; and Beulah, 48.  The farm has been in the family since before 1900.  Parents of August were Mary (Sasz) Fust.  Parents of Cora were John and Mary Ellen (Boyer) Roberts. 
Henry and Ruth (Armstrong) Baudler, farmers, were married January 21, 1956.  Henry and Ruth were both born in Adair County.  Their children are Marlene, 19, and Malinda, 14.  Parents of Henry were Ernest and Lizzy (Lorenze) Baudler, and parents of Ruth are Marion and Eunice (Peterson) Armstrong.
Roy and Hazel (Spieker) Hanssen were married August 28, 1936.  Both were born at Cumblerland in Cass County.  Hazel was born a triplet (three girls).  Their children are David, 33, and Denny, 30.  Gary was born in 1937 and was killed in a car wreck in 1973.  Parents of Roy were Henry and Garharbena (Behrenbs) Hanssen, and Hazel’s parents were Henry sand Ella (Pond) Speiker.
Richard and Elnora (Faber) Cullen were married August 27, 1950.  Richard L. was born in Cass County, and Elnora in Adair County.  Their children are: Steve, 18; Craig, 16; Randy, 21; and Cindy, 12.  Parents of Richard L. are Laurence and Alice (Morrison) Cullen, and parents of Elnora are Louie and Janita (Estes) Faber.
Walter and Lucille (Ehlers) Mensing, farmers, were married May 2, 1937, at Orient.  Walter was born in Prussia Township.  Lucille was born in Arcadia, Iowa.  Walter has sold purebred Hampshire hogs since 1934.  They bought their farm 1943.  Their children are: Barbara, 36; Betty, 33; Janet, 29; Bruce, 24; Susan, 22; and Connie, 18,  Parents of Walter are August and Nannie (Peterson) Mensing, and parents of Lucile are Paul and Bertha (Moeller) Ehlers.
Jerry and Cheryl (Wages) Eshelman wee married June 21, 1875.  Jerry is employed with the Schildberg Construction Company.  They have a daughter, Michele, age 3.  Jerry was born in Adair County, and Cheryl in Pontotoc, Mississippi.  Parents of Jerry are Albert and Dorothy (Thompson) Eshelman, and Cheryl’s parents are Jim and Shirley (Brown) Wages.
Ronald and Rita (Stuva) Rice were married June 30, 1973.  Ronald and Rita wee both born in Adair County.  Ronald is a car salesman for S. S. Ford.  They have one son Brian Eric, 10 weeks old.  Parents of Ronald are Russel and Mardell (Bittner) Rice, and parents of Rita are Dean and Delvian (Dwyer) Stuva.
Lawrence and Ruby (Russel) Jacobson, farmers, were married December 25, 1929.  Lawrence was born in Prussia Township, and Ruby was born in Eureka Township, both in Adair County.  Their children are: Wayne, 45; Earl, 43; Norma 42; Larry, 39; and Beverly, 35.  In 1935 and 943, two infant sons were born that lived only a short time.  Parents of Lawrence were Pete and Mary (Jensen) Jacobson, and parents of Ruby were Joy and Pearl (Hadley) Russel.
Delmar and Joan (Jensen) Baier were married February 17, 1948, at the Fontanelle United Methodist Church.  Delmar was born August 25, 1920, and Joan was born December 13, 1924.  Their children are: Wesley Alan, age 26, a teacher at Guttenburg, Iowa; Richard Dell, 22, a teacher at Shenandoah; Timothy Jay, a student at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls.  Delmar and Joan farmed one-half mile west of Prussia center until 1958, then purchased a farm one and one-half miles west of Greenfield.  Delmar is a farmer auctioneer, is part owner of the Greenfield Community Sale Barn, and is in the real estate business.  His mother is Rose M. (Kapp) and father was Henry Baier.  Joan’s parents are Carl H. and Bessie (Bolton) Jensen.


Clarence, son of Ottmar and Ricky (Weinheimer) Gruber, born near Fontanelle, and Darlene, Daughter of Carroll J. and Vera (Gowdy) Stiles, born near Earlham, were married June 12, 1945.  They have lived on the same farm since they were married and have three children: Dick, 29; Dennis. 27; and Sandra, 26.  Clarence farms and has a well equipped machine shop where he spends time fixing things for himself and his neighbors.  He also does a little inventive work for himself.  Darlene is very active in all community and school affairs, and both attend the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fontanelle.  Clarence belongs t the Legion, and has served on the local Farmers Elevator board.
John Edward Marnin, son of Patrick and Helen (McCarthy) born near Auburn in Sac county, Iowa, and Elnora, daughter of Charles and Anna (Heins) Kriens, were married May 22, 1940.  Ed and  Elnora moved onto this Kriens farm n 1951 and bought it in 1954.  The farm has been in the Kriens family since 1903.  They have four children: Phyllis, 34; Mary, 31; John, 28; and Leo. 24.  Phyllis still lives with her folks, and works at the Union State Bank in Bridgewater.  Elnora has a hobby of doing beautiful needle work.  Ed, besides farming, has been the Summerset township assessor for many years.  They were active in school affairs, and also all community affairs.  They are faithful members of St. John’s Catholic Church in Greenfield.
Matthew, son of George and Lois (Seegers) Gross, born near Fontanelle, and Marsha, daughter of Jack and Veronica (Eagan) Maeder, born near Greenfield, were married May 4, 1974.  They have one son, Wyatt, one year old.  Matthew farms with his father.  They are active members of the Emmanuel Lutheran church in Fontanelle.
John, youngest son of Raymond and Margaret (Kordick) Welsch, born near Fontanelle, and Kathy Ferguson, daughter of Paul and Inez (Hagan) Ferguson, were married August 30, 1969.  They live on the Welsch farm which has been in the family since 1904.  They have two children, Angela, 5, and Kevin, 3.  Kathy has a hobby of sewing, and they belong to the S. Johns Catholic church in Greenfield.
Dean, son of Lee and Ardell (Bruner) Griffith, born in Union County, and Linda, daughter of Harold and Irene (Dorsey) Hardin, born near Greenfield in Adair County, were married on September 26, 1968.  They have two children: Dean, 4, and David, 3 months.  Dean farms, and is in the active Naval Reserve at the present.  Linda likes to do needle work.  They are affiliated with the Methodist Church in Fontanelle.
Vernon, son of Bruce and Jessie (Sonne) Mains born near Adair and Maxine, daughter of Fred and Sophia (Weeks) Heiser, born near Fontanelle, were married March 9, 1941.  Vernon served in World War II from April, 1943, to June, 1945.  They moved to their present home in 1946, and have lived there since, except for 4 years they lived near Greenfield.  Vernon has farmed, but at the present time is running one of the county maintainers.  Vernon belongs to the Eagles, Legion and is on the famous drill team of the local Legionnaires.  Maxine belongs to the Garden Club, and is affiliated with the Pleasant Grove United Church of Christ.  The farm they live on has been in the Heiser family since 1900.
Therald, son of Ollie and Veno (Hubbell) Arterburn, born at Pacific Junction in Mills County, Iowa, and Nancy daughter of Lawrence and Bernadine (Weber) Fox, born near Greenfield, were married January 22, 1960.  They bought their home in 1962, and have three children Jill, 13; Marty, 12; and Debbie, 7.  They are members of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Greenfield.  Therald has served on the board of directors of the Farms Elevator and for several years served on the county A.S.C.S. board.  He is active in school and community affairs.
George, son of Max and Freda (Ehms) Gross, born near Fontanelle, and Lois, daughter of Arthur and Louise (Stave) Seegers, born at Plainsview, in Pierce County, Nebraska, were married August11, 1946.  They live on the farm purchased by his father in 1917.  They have four sons: Tim, 28; Alan, 25; Matthew, 21; and Max, Jr., 12.  Lois is a very artistic person, and shares this talent with everyone who asks for help in the community and in her church.  George raises cattle. He has served on the local Farmers Elevator board of directors, and is now on the County Water Planning Board.  They are faithful members of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fontanelle.  Their son is in 4-H.
Carl, son of Charlie and Margaret (Leuthauser) Weinheimer, and Ann, daughter of Paul and Mary (Ritter) Hohertz, were married December 10, 1930. Both were born near Fontanelle.  They live on and own the farm bought by his father in 1896, and have two children: Eleanor, 43; and Earl, 41.  They have farmed, but are retired on the farm now, and Ann works at the Good Samaritan Home in Fontanelle.  They both have been active active in school and community affairs.  They attend the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fontanelle.
Edgar, son of Henry and Edna (Baudler) Herr, born near Fontanelle, and Dorothy, daughter of Joe an Edna (Mudra) Victor, born near Prescott, were married June 20, 1954.  They live on and own the farm they bought in 1966, and have five children: Cynthia, 19; Vicky, 17; Keith, 15; Ross, 14; and Clel, 13.  This family is very active in the school activities and the local 4-H organziation also faithful members of the Emmanuel Lutheran Chlurch in Fontanelle.  Edgar is a member of the Pork Producers Association.
Andy, son of George and Elizabeth (Chapman) Jensen, born near Fontanel, and Ione, daughter of Otis and Wilma (Hepler) Ford, born near Bridgewater, were married December 31, 1958.  In 1971 they bought the home farm.  They have four children: LeRoy, 16; Roger, 14; Donna, 13, and George, 6.  Andy raises and feeds cattle.  He has been on the Farmers Elevator board of directors, and served on the County Water Planning Board.  This family is very active in 4-H and other organizations, also active in music and sport activities in school.  They are active members of the Bridgewater Methodist Church.
Henry, son of Walter and Mary (Timmons) Hyda, and Carol, daughter of Henry and Pauline (Miller) Queck, were married December 3, 1942.  They moved onto the Hyda family farm that was purchased by Henry’s grandfather in 1881.  Here they reared their two children: Kathy, 29; and Henry, Jr., 25.  Henry Jr., is living with his parents, as he is teaching school in Fontanelle.  Henry and Carol are very much interested in community affairs and serve on drives, etc.  Henry is active in the Legion, and is on the drill team of the Legion.  He has served on the Farmers Elevator board of directors, on the Farmer’s Lumber Yard board of directors, and eighteen years as a Soil Commissioner in the county.  Carol belongs to the Legion Auxiliary.  They are active members of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Fontanelle.
George, son of Nels and Donna (Colwell) Jensen, born in Adair County, and M. Elizabeth (Chapman) Jensen, daughter of Arthur J. Chapman and S. Elvira (O’Brien) Chapman, born in Adair County, were married December 25, 1930.  They spent all their years farming, and in 1943 they moved to a farm they bought in Summerset Township.  They lived there 28 years and then sold the farm to their son, Andy Jensen, and wife, Ione.  They have four children: Bruce, 41; Andy, 39; Keith, 37; and June, 34.  George still farms some south of Fontanelle.

Section 5—Mrs. Fred Rhoner, Gilbert Herr, Richard Dix, Howard Lane, Clem Nikolaisen, Mr. Ellsworth Reynolds, Kenneth Reynolds, Gary Miner, Leo Meisenheimer, Milo Peterson.
Section 6—Floyd Beck, Bill Davis, Leland Thompson, Mr. W. J. Elam, Donald Meter, Mrs. Conrad Ehm, Carl Kreis, Ervin Ehm, Raymond Piper, Alan Piper.
Section 7—Nathan Clayton, Ted Wallace, James Meisenheimer, Leroy Vanderpool, Don Bohling, Harold Wallace, Darrell Maynes, Doug Piper, Dick Hogan, Wm. Johnson, Jr., Wm. Menefee, Jerry Oxley, John Fechen, Chuck Breheny, Standley Newbury, Bruce Westphal.
Section 8—Richard Welsch, Bill Lamb, Henry Marckmann, Marlin Tracy, Walter Herr, Eugene Welsch, Max Jacobson, Mike Livingston.
Section 9—Andy L. Jensen, Edgar Herr, Clarence Gruber, Matthew Gross, Carl Weinheimer, John E. Marnin, George Gross, Therald Arterburn, Vernon Main, John Welset, Dean Griffith.


Persons now Residing in this District

Robert and Patty Jacobson and daughter, Kristine, living on the Ramon Jacobson farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Larsen and family, living on the former Queck farm (Ernest Queck).
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Baudler and family live on the former Fritz Baudler farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gross and two daughters live on the former Arthur Gross farm.  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gross live on the south eighty acres purchased several years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Westphal live on the Robert Westphal farm.


transcribed by Mary Cochrane, Adair County History, 1976



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