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Before the Passage of Consolidation in 1956

There were nine district schools which served the township before the schools were consolidated.
District No. 1—served sections 1, 2, 11 and 12.  The 16 x 24 building was erected in the southeast corner of section 2 in 1878.  Some of the teachers were Carol Westphal in 1942 and Mrs Lena Grant in 1945.
District No.2—served section  3, 4, 9 and 10.  This 16 x 24 school was built by Moses Stockwell in section 4 for $500.  It is remembered as one of the first frame building.  Mary Thompson of Winterset was the first teacher in 1862-1863. This school was also called the South Casey School.  In 1913 the original building was abandoned and sold to be remodeled into a home for the John Wood family.  Teachers there were Carrie Mowry, Blanche Hardin, Virginia Mains, 1942, Irene Downing, 1945, and Marie Blackmer, 1949.
District No. 3—served sections 5, 6, 7 and 8.  This school, known also as the Burr School, was located on the northeast corner of section 7.  William Armstrong is said to have been the first teacher.  A later teacher was Anna Donnelly in 1949.
District No. 4—served sections 17, 18, 19 and 20 and was known as the Pleasant Valley School.  It stood in the northeast quarter of section 19. Edith Roak, Leona Lane and Wanda McClung were later teachers there.
District No. 5—served sections 15, 16, 21 and 22.  The school stood in the northeast corner of section 21 and was also known as the Walnut Center School.  The first term was taught by Joseph Lesher in the summer of 1870.  In 1939 Miss Norma Smith taught at Walnut Center.  Other teachers were Marie Scarlett, 1942; June Daniels, 1945; and Denelda Miller, 1949.
District No. 6—served sections 13, 14, 23 and 24.  The Poplar Ridge School was a 20 x 24 building which cost $600.  It was found on the southeast corner of section 14.  Annie Sheltins taught the first term of school.  In 1942 Marion Taylor taught here as did Marianne Seegers in 1945 and Betty Gaskill in 1949.
District No. 7—served sections 25, 26, 35 and 36 and was known as the Violet Hill school.  The building was in the southeast quarter of section 26.  Teachers were Frances McCarty in 1942 and Lucille Schwalbe in 1949.
District No. 8—The Willow Grove School in the southwest corner of section 27 served sections 27, 28, 33 and 34.  Prior to the erection of the school, William Armstrong taught two terms in the granary of Robert Wrest in section 34.  C. D. Slinker was the last teacher.  Other teachers were Alice Comly, June Harris, Wilma Dunbar, Tena Dunbar, Alice Lounsberry, Catherine Dill; Marjorie Wallace in 1933; Marie Donnelly in 1942, and Mrs. Irene Siedelmann in 1945.
District No. 9—This school stood in the southeast corner of section 30 and served sections 29, 30, 31 and 32.  At one time Velma Daugherty taught there, as did Velma Condon in 1945 and Maxine Martin in 1949.


transcribed by Mary Cochrane, Adair County History, 1976



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