Diary of John Handley January to October 1902 Adair County, Iowa

Editor's note: John Handley wrote this in his last year of life. He uses hardly any punctuation. The ones that he did use were mostly not used correctly. This made it very difficult to read. He writes in a "stream of conscienceness." Spaces that have a line represent words that I could not read. All punctuations and spellings are as they were written.

Jan 1, 1902 Fair bright day. The folks from Canby or north Canby came and gave us a surprise. O A Kemp(?) and Merl Kemp. Harvey Hubard and Alice H. George Handly and family except Lee and John Corrells and family and Nora Handly and Bert Handly brought their families along we had a very nice time was very glad to see them all we were not expecting to see anyone from that way nice weather right along a good many days no storms John Correll came up on Friday the 10th and we went out to his place and stayed till Tuesday 14th found everything alright when we came home still cool and nice for the time of year went out to John Corrells on Sat 18th and went to O A Kemp’s on next days and came home that evening snowed that night the first snow this month quite cold form this on Friday 24th Mat and Nedie __________Corrells came and Virginia came from Casey snowed all day on Sat 25th and drifted on Sunday on 26 girls went home on Sunday Virgie in afternoon went back to school at Casey cold all the rest of Thus week and stormy lots of snow by the first of Feb. and _____________ down to 20 or more below zero still cold up to the 5 of Feb clear on the 2nd of Feb and very cold 18 degrees on Monday 3,   8 degrees and 20 on Tuesday and altogether have had _______very cold weather. Thurs Feb 6, 1902 This has been a fine day only quite cold all day Feb 7. Bright in fore noon and warmer but cloudy in afternoon and some snow wind from northwest Sat 8 cold most all day 10 degrees below zero sunshine wind northwest all day Sun of 9 not so cold but a little cloudy and a little snow in afternoon wind northwest all day Mond 10  this has been a nice warm and sunshiny Feb 11th snow this morning sunshiny bright wind southwest fine day Wend 12 this has been the nicest day this month wind has been in northwest all day Thurs 13 fine all day but cloudy we called at Mr. Condons and Mr. Burrs Frid 14th bright this morning and good all day went out to the farm in afternoon first sled ride had this winter Sat 15 a fair day slaid (?) at Wallers all day Sunday 16. A fair day but a little cool John Corrells came down today Harvey and Alice were here Nora and Sid Woodson came about noon had quite a crowd all day Mon 17th a good day came home today feel quite tired tonight Tuesday 18th cloudy all day looks like snow tonight Wendes, 19 a fine day clear wind southeast Nora came today Burt was here a little while Sid Woodson here all night Thurs 20 a fine day Woodson went to Atlantic wind south and Frid 21 still fine all day wind south sunshiny all day Hadie Correll here this morning Nora went to Johns today Sat 22 a very fine day John Corrells were here today Nora came back with them Sund 23 nice and warm today snow is going fast wind west Bes and Burt Lovel here for dinner today Mond 24 very nice day wind from southwest Sid Woodson here last night Nora went home today Tues, 25 ,, this has been a cloudy or nearly so wind blew from the southeast and quite damp it looks like rain tonight Feb 26 1902 cloudy all fore noon but bright in afternoon Mr. Williams moved goods in front room today will sleep here tonight Feb 27 foggy most all day wind northeast Feb 28, 1902 stormy this morning and all day wind north a bad day March 1, 1902 bad stormy day wind from north and northwest snowed quite a little and got quite cold March 2 1902 quite cold this morn but a fine day wind west most all day March 3 1902 very good day went to Casey today to pay Valentins some money seen Walter Noland in town gave note to Jack Mer win to $15.00 due six months from date Tues 4 1902 a fine day George and Jessie were here today sun(soon) come Canby folks, Wend,5 1902 very fine day John Lucy and Hada were here today Thurs 6 1902 a fine day sunshiny all day wind west and blew hard Friday 7 1902. Cloudy this morning but turned good at last wind southwest Sat 8 foggy this morn but got bright about 10 am wind northwest went down to Casey on three oclock train and came on ,, 624 train Sund 9, 1902 a very good day wind south Burt went home this afternoon Virginia Ma and myself went to church last night heard a good sermon Mond 10 raining this morning but not very hard but rained  hard tonight Tues 11 1902. Has been a rather good day partly cloudy most all day Wend 12,, a fine day all day Thurs 13 a very good day sunshine all day wind southwest did not feel well all day Frid 14th wind west and quite cool took quite a walk this morn got a letter from Sam looks like rain tonight Sat 15 1902, had a big rain wind blowing hard from south not a very good day but lots of people in town quite cool tonight Sund 16 quite cold some snow last night and today have not been away form house today yet very cold tonight wind west by northwest Mond 17 1902. Very cold 5 or 6 degree below zero wind mostly west all day warmer towards evening  Tues 18. Warmer today wind south and blowing hard and chilly big excitement in town over smallpox sent for state health physian and quarentinad a few cases. May be seatered(?) badly, Wend, 19,, 1902 a little hazy and cloudy a very good s east Thursday 20 this morning partly cloudy wind s east very smokey and hazy some rain today foggy all day wind still in east Friday 21st 1902 a fine day wind east all day a little cloudy part of the day March 22 wind east this morning south at noon then a fine warm day so far wind south all day Sund, 23 1902 fine this morning wind seems to be east or southeast Mond 24, wind east or southe all day some rain in fore noon rest of the day good Mrs.  and Theo(?) Carlile(?) were here yesterday on their way to Valley Junction Mr. And Mrs. Newport visit us a little while last night Tuesday March 25, 1902 foggy this morning but cleared up about ________fore noon a bright day wind e and southeast all day March 26 1902 rain last night but is clear this morning wind southwest most all day we moved out from Adair today to farm in Prussia glad to get home once again March, 27 this is a fine day everything nice and dry Walter is plowing today wind southwest March 28 this has been a fine day went to Adair today wind in northeast but changed to west at night and got cold Sat 29 1902 wind northwest most of the day and cloudy and cool went up to George Handley in afternoon Jennie Geenes to be on the mend staid all night at Harvey Hubbard, Sund March 30 1902 Easter Sunday blowing snow like everything all day to bad to go home staid all night wind northwest and blowing hard Mond 31 1902 cold this morn came home today most too cold for me to be out Harvey team ran away today didn’t seem to hurt the team but done up the buggy quite a bit wind northwest all day little snow today April 1 1902 all fools day quite cold went to Adair today went John Correll and stayed all night got my buggy top badly used up by a fellow running into it wind northwest all day Wend April 12,,1902 wind northeast all day came home this morning Thurs 3,, 1902 went Casey today wind northeast all day quite chilly Frid 4   1902, went to Adair today this has been very day wind southwest all day stayed at Charlie McDonald last night Sat 5 1902, wind southwest this morning but changed to northwest in afternoon wind northwest tonight Sund 6 1902 wind northwest all day a very nice day at home all day no one here to visit today Mond 7 1902 a cool day wind northwest all day Tues 8, 1902 quite cool this morning wind southeast all day looks rain went to Canby this fore noon feel pretty tired tonight walked about 1 mile did not to Adair today Wend 9 1902 rained last night quite cloudy this morning but no rain today wind s east most all day Thurs ,, 10, 1902 wind northwest and a very good day rained about noon a little Frid 11 1902, intended to go to Adair today but it was too cold wind northwest all day and has blown hard all day. this is Virginia birthday has been clear all day Sat,, 12,,1902 very cool today but a fine day was at Mrs. Kee__to wind northwest all day went to Adair and over to John Correll and staid all night got my buggy top badly wacked by a fellow cutting it off Wendd April 2. 1902 came home today wind northeast or east all day today I went over to Dicks for quite a time Virginia came home from Adair today wind northwest all day Clara and Walter gone to Canby to _________ . Sund 13 1902, went to church today Mr. Miller preached Mrs. Corning funeral today Mond 14 1902 is a fine day wind southeast Noland made some garden today planted a few radishes Tues 15 1902 wind south and s west all day a very good went to Adair and came home Wend 16 1902 a little rain last night and today the girls went to Casey this afternoon wind west and northwest today got fruit trees today want to let them out this afternoon Thurs, 17. 1902 a pretty nice day wind southwest a fine day Frid 18,, 1902 quite cool today wind north and west and blew hard all day went to Adair today Sat 19, 1902,, a fine day visit a Mr. Will Seongo wind east all day Sund 20 1902 a very good day wind east or southeast went to church in fore noon and day school in afternoon Mond 21 ,,1902 ,, this has been a bad day wind blowing from southwest all day lots of dust flying looks like rain Virginia began teaching school today don’t think I ever seen a worse day this time of year Tues April 22nd 1902 well I will take back what I said about yesterday this has been so much worse as could be imagined for it has been one of the worse days that I ever did see blew hard all day and dust blew so thick that at times we could not see 5 rods away wind mostly from southwest but part of the time in west or northwest lots of good ground blowin away roads has great drifts in places Virgie did not get home but staid at Mrs. Sparlkings house lots of dirt in the houses Wend 23,, 1902 wind not blowing hard today wind I think from east or southeast Thurs, 24,, 1902 wind east all day looks like rain did rain in night Frid 25 1902 had a hard rain last night creek bank full this morning wind blowing from northeast till about 2 oclock went to southwest and blowed hard and cold then at night went to northwest quite cold went out to John Corrells over night Sat 26 1902. Quite cool today cold northwest all day Sund 27 1902 a fine day went to Christian Sunday school in fore noon and Methodist church in afternoon Mond 28 went to Casey rained last night wind southeast Tues 29 1902, wind northwest this morning want to go to Adair today got back to Harvey tonight Wend 30,,1902 this has been a fine day wind southeast all day Thurs May 1 ,, 1902 has been a fine day a little rain this morn, wind s east all day and quite warm  Frid , 2,, 190,, went to Adair today nice day wind s east all day Sat 3 1902. Looks rainy this morning want to go to Casey today no rain today wind s west most all day Sund 4 some rain today has been rainy looking most all day did rain some in fore noon Mond wind north and west Mond 5, 1902 wind s east raining just a little wind seems to be in the east and is raining since eleven o’clock Tues 6 1902 had a hard rain last night till midnight. Clearing up this morn, wind northwest and blew hard most all day Wend 7 1902, this has been fine day wind northwest all day went to Casey this fore noon Thurs 8th,, 1902 Looks rainy this fore noon wind in southwest Lib went to one of the neighbors to sick woman Walter began to plant corn this afternoon Friday 9,, 1902 a cool day wind east & s east all day looked like rain most all day went to Adair Carrie McDonald went with us Sat May 10, 1902 this has been a nice day up to 12 o’clock wind s,, east went to Casey this afternoon has got quite cool wind north all afternoon Sund 11, 1902 has been very good all day rainy and foggy this morning but did not rain any wind s east. Monday 12,, 1902 wind s west rain in afternoon Tues 13,, 1902 wind northeast all day & rained some today had a big rain last evening started to Adair today but gave in up and came back home Wend 14, 1902 rainy this morning steady right along must have rained quite a bit last night Thurs 15 1902 look like clearing up this morning but began to rain this morning about eleven o’clock and has been raining ever since a looks heavy it is after 4 o’clock wind east Frid,, 16, 1902 cloudy all fore noon but cleared up towards night went to Adair Carrie went with us wind s east Sat 17,, 1902 rained last night looks like rain want to go to Casey today wind southeast planted potatoes today, Sunday 18 1902 Walter & Clara gone to John Correll today wind blowing hard from southeast girls went to partie at Orpno (Orpheus) Kemp. last night we went to church twice and Sunday school once Mond 19 1902 raining today wind s east & went to the west & back to s west quite a rain today Tues,, 20,,1902 cloudy most all day big rain in afternoon went to Adair did not rain much up there Walter and Clara went with us wind s & s west Wend, 21,,1902 another big rain today and lots of rain last night wind southwest & southeast Thurs,,22, 1902, has been a fair day wind went to northwest & began to rain about six o’clock this evening Frid 23 1902, rain again this morning wind east but has changed to west & is about clear Sat 24 1902 went to Casey in afternoon rain again wind n west Sund 25 1902 went to Dicks today stayed all night rain again today quite hard wind s west but went to northwest. Mond day 26 1902 wind north a very good day no rain Tues 27 1902 a fine day wind northwest and quite cool no rain Wend 28 1902 a very good day wind northwest no rain but quite cool. Thurs 29 1902. Went to Adair today quite cool today wind s west Frid 30 1902 a very good day wind s east Virg and I went to Adair today Sat 31 1902, a good day wind s east all day cloudy in afternoon. Sund June 1,, 1902 Big rain last night & looks rainy this fore noon wind s east all day Mond June 2, 1902 Nice day sprinkled & rain wind s west Grandpa Hanna came from Cedar Co Tues 3 1902 went to John Corrells today a good day missed ____________ to day wind south and very warm Wend,, 4,, 1902 Another good day wind southeast Thurs 5 1902 this has been a good day some rain but is raining right along tonight wind has been in the east and s east most all day Frid 6 1902 no rain today but rained hard last night missed going to Adair Sat 7 1902 rain this fore noon and cloudy all day but clear at sundown Virginia and I went to Casey roads bad Sund 8 1902 this has been a fine day clear had quite a crowd for dinner came from Canby children day & most of them went to Willow Grove Church to childrens day exercise Mond 9 1902, a fine day wind s west cool and bright,, Tues 10th 1902 very warm today went to Adair Dr not there wind s west all day Wend 11,, 1902, went to Alice Hubbard today this is a nice day some wind  s east Thurs 12,, 1902,, rainy today& cloudy was up to McDonalds today wind s east or west blew hard hard rain ___________late Frid 13 1902 cloudy most all day & misted rain & rained hard late wind s east Sat,, 14 1902, bright this morning and nice day all day rain Sat. night cool wind north Sund 15 1902 a very good day but cool wind north & east at meeting today Virginia started to Adair today to work her school started Friday Mond 16 1902, cool today some rain in afternoon wind north east Tues 17th 1902, a fine morning just starting to Greenfield or near there wind s west clear all day stop at Henry Moores for dinner today and went to Miss Speedlings & stayed all night Wend 18 1902 had a hard rain last night but fair today went to Alfred Culvers this fore noon first that I seen him in thirty years did not know him he has a fine looking girl Thurs 19th 1902 staid at Alfred Culvers last night then went to Mr. Clilvers this morning rained hard most of the afternoon wind northeast and last night quite cool staid all night Frid 20,, 1902 started for home got home about noon quite cool wind north & changed to n  west clear in afternoon Sat 21 1902 this is Berts birthday 19 years old went to Bill Longs (?) in afternoon no one at home  then went around the square and stopped at George Baldys & visited a while cool and wind n west all day Sund 22,, 1902 cloudy this morn sprinkled rain once this fore noon quite a bit of rain in afternoon Mond, 23, 1902 Tolerable fair this morning rained hard last night lots of rain now days went to Georges Handley on a visit today; Tues June 24th 1902, some rain last night and a little sprinkle this fore noon wind south want to go to Adair fair this afternoon went to Adair Wend 25,, 1902 a good day but cool wind from n west all day came home from John Corrells hada came with us Thurs26 1902 rainy looking this morning but cleared up with just a sprinkle rest of the day fine Frid 27 1902 begin to rain before daylight we want to go to Adair today but did not go Sat 28 1902 this has been a bad misty & cloudy all day wind in north east all day. Clara & Bert went to Casey this afternoon Sund 29 1902 rained last night and has rained steady all day and hard at that, wind n east is three o’clock now Mond 30 1902 this has been a fair day John C quite warm wind northeast Tues July 1, 1902 this has been a good day but cloudy all day wind s east all day, Wend July 2 1902, a big rain last night & rained this morning wind s east yet changed to s west Thurs, 3, 1902 clear most of the day wind south or s west went to Adair and got home by three o’clock July 4 1902, well the 4 of July has come again & gone a nice day wind blew from s west hard all day went up to John Corrells & spent the day had a very good time no rain, today. July 5 1902 quite a rain this morning but cleared off before noon wind s west clouded up towards evening rained fearful hard in the night just pounded down, July 6 1902 clear this morning but wind blows hard from s east heavy rain went north of us and some hail fell at ___ raining hard here now from the s west after 7 Pm. Mond 7 1902 hard rain from n west rest of the day good wind s west & s e Tues 8 1902 begin to rain before 10 o’clock am and had two big rains before 4 Pm rain came from the west had another big rain after 6 pm form north west & south west & is raining hard now wind has been most all directions today,, Wend 9 1902 a fine day as it goes now days no rain today. Thus 10, 1902 a good day but cool wind from north went to Dicks Handley today and had a good visit but bad roads to get there Frid,, 11,,1902 went to Adair today Virginia came home with us rained in the night. Sat 12, 1902 has been a good day clear most all day was not very well today & last night Sund,, 13,, 1902,, starts out fine this morning a good day sprinkles just a little in evening and a little hail fell and lots of company here today mostly young folks Mond 14 1902, a good day no rain wind s east I think, Tues 15. 1902 a fair day wind southeast & all day Wend,, 16,, 1902 wind blew hard all day from s west too hard to stack almost Thurs 17,, 1902 a good day so far wind s west still a big rain has gone around this evening & has rained quite a bit here Frid 18 1902, this has been a fearful day cloudy& rainy most all day had rain all night most last night & rained wind most all directions Sat,, 19,, 1902 rain again last and misting today wind seems to be in n west Sund 20 1902 sunny a very good day wind northwest a rain went around west of us a few miles Grandpa & I went up to John Corrells in afternoon Mond 21 1902 went to Adair this fore noon from John Corrells then came home in afternoon Tues 22nd 1902 went up to Adair today Keith Zook and Clara Noland went with us a good day Wend 23 1902 a very good day Thursday 24 1902, a good day quite rain went south of us today Walter got his hay in stack today Frid 25 1902, went up to John Corrells today to get Mr Hanna but did not get him had a hard rain tonight came from n west Sat 26 1902 this has been a very good day till four o’clock had a hard rain till night hail storm went north of us done quite a bit of damage to crops Sund 27, 1902 a fair day not so warm John Corrells here today Mond 28,, 1902 hazy this morning looks like rain no rain today Tues 29 1902 a good day no rain wanted to go to Adair today but did not get to go Wend 30 1902 has been very warm all day wind south west looks like a heavy rain from northwest went south of us Thurs 31 1902 a fine day wind south & s west Frid Aug 1 1902 a good day wind south or south west went to Adair in the night rain Sat Aug 2 1902. A very hot day wind south went to Casey today sprinkled rain last night or ________ _______ rain Sund 3 1902 cooler today and a little rain wind from all directions Mond 4 1902 quite warm today _______ rain wind east most all day Tues 5 1902 went to Adair today then went to John Corrells & stayed all night Wend 6 1902 went to Anita to Woodmans picnic & came home that night a fine day Thurs 7 1902 a very good day but cool wind n west Frid 8 1902. At Adair today wind in E a good day Sat 9 1902 a very good day, at Casey in afternoon Sund 10,, 1902 quite a rain last night and rainy this fore noon. Mr. __________ was here in afternoon wind S west Mond 11 1902 quite cold today wind north west Tues 12 1902 looks rainy this morning wind S east Wend 13 1902 foggy this morning wind n east all day Alfred Culver and his girl came up to visit us today was very glad to see them Thurs 14 1902 went to Casey this fore noon quite cool today wind n east all day had a big rain last night just poured down one of the hardest this season Frid 15 1902 went Adair today was quite muddy but we got there and back home Sat 16 1902 went up to Georges to visit but he was away from then we went to Harvys Sunday 17,,1902 another rain today about noon at home all day Mond 18,, 1902 fair day all day no rain. Tues 19 1902 went to Adair today rain again wind from north got home about 9 o’clock at night Wend 20 1902 rain again today wind from southwest Thurs 21 1902 clear today wind southwest or east up to John Corrells Boy got his arm put out of place on 20 of Aug Frid 22 1902 rain again last night didn’t go to Adair today went to Will Culvers and staid all night wind South East Sat 23 1902 at Mr. Culvers for dinner today nice day went to Alfred Culvers in afternoon I stayed all night wind s east & quite cool Sund 24 1902 a fair day wind S east a good day got home at noon Mond 25 1902 rain last night and rain this morning wind from s east but changed to north west about 7 o’clock this morning Tues 26 1902, very cool and damp this morning was at Dicks Handley today wind s east Wend 27 1902 clear this morning John Corrells were here today this has been a fine wind north east,, Thurs,, 28,, 1902 we took Father Hanna to the train to get back to Cedar CO this state This has been a fine day wind in S east Frid,, 29,, 1902, went to Adair today got Dinner at Orph Kemps wind still South East a fine day Sat 30 1902 a big rain last night & quite a rain in afternoon went to Casey and was immersed by Brother Miller Virginia went to Gutherie CO  to begin her school rain rain rain again tonight and lots of thunder and lightning Sund,, 31,, 1902 most clear today at Sunday school today wind still south and quite warm Sept 1 1902 has been a good day quite cool wind South Sept 2 1902 went to Adair too  day wind South & cool Sept 3 1902 rain last night quite cool to day wind South all day Sept 4 1902 nice day wind north west a fine day Frid Sept 5 1902 a cool wind a fore noon rain just afternoon & quite a hard rain about four o’clock at Adair today Sat 6. 1902 a good day & clear all day wind S west Sund 7 1902 a nice day at Sund day school today Harvey and Alice here today wind S east Mond Sept 8 1902 has been a cool day cloudy all day wind from west most to day Tues 9 1902 a fine day went to Adair today wind S west most all day Wend 10 1902 a good day wind South Thurs 11 1902 looks rainy today and cold may frost wind n west Frid ,, 12,, 1902 we had quite a frost here this morning and wind from n west and quite cold cold all day Sat 13 1902 a biger frost this morning than yesterday morning wind gone to S west and warmer this afternoon Sund 14 1902, No Frost this morning but cool & high wind all day at grove meeting today Sept 15 1902 a fine morning are moving today up to C Mc Donald place wind S west Tues 16 1902 a fine day went to Adair wind S west most all day Wend,, 17,, 1902,, this has been a fine day rain just a little this fore noon wind cool & n west all day Harvey & Alice here this afternoon for a short time also Walter & Clara quite cold tonight Thurs Sept 18,, 1902 Quite cold this morning and quite a frost wind n east this morning all day in east or s e Frid Sept 19 1902 Quite cold this morning wind S E all day went to Adair Sat Sept 20, 1902 had some rain today quite cool wind still South East & all day S East went to Casey after Mirl Kemp she came on 1.40 train Sund Sept 21 1902 foggy & rainy this morning wind South west to S E and North East at 9 o’clock at night Mond Sept 22 1902 rainy this morning & foggy  wind in S East to start with but changed to East Tues, 23, 1902 rain most all day wind North East Orph took hogs to Adair today still misting tonight Wend Sept 24 1902 cloudy all day wind west in morning but went to S East and there most all day misted just a little Frid Sept 26 1902 a good day most of the day wind from S East most all day at Adair Sat Sept 27 1902 bright this morning very hard rain last night wind north west this morning went over to Clara Sund 28 1902 this has been a fine day visited at Mr. Longs today wind S or S East Mond Sept 29 1902 a bad day began to rain sometime in the morning has rain steady since noon wind East but north west too night Tues Sept 30 1902 a fine day all day went to Adair Wend,, Oct,, 1,, 1902 a fine morning good all day over to Clara Thurs Oct 2 1902 a good day wind from north & cloudy most all day Clara here today Frid Oct 3 1902 very cold all day and cloudy wind North East went to Adair raining to night Sat Oct 4 1902 rained most of last night and nearly all day wind north East Sund Oct 5 1902 a fine day wind north west at John Corrells today Mond Oct 6 1902 bright all day ________ & Mat here today Tues Oct 7 1902 nice day a quite warm went to Adair today Oct 8 1902 this my birthday 57 years old today bright and fair today wind mostly from South west Oct Thurs 9 1902 bright and fair this morning wind n East and quite cool Frid Oct 10 1902 fair today wind S west most all day went to Adair today Oct 11,, 1902 went to Casey today partly clear today began to rain about 8 o’clock and rained most all night wind n East Sund Oct 12, 1902 cloudy and fogy most all day & rain part of the day John Corrells here today wind n East most all day but changed to north west in evening Mond Oct 13 1902 Quite cool this morning wind n west and cloudy Tues Oct 14 1902 Heavy Frost last night & freeze wind S west Wend Oct 15 1902 very warm all day wind in north this afternoon Thurs Oct 16,, 1902 very warm today Alice and Clara were here today Frid Oct 17 1902 went to Bills Longs today rained and hailed today stayed at Harveys tonight Sat Oct 18,, 1902 at Fred Rapprs then went over to Walters for dinner Sund Oct Sund 19 1902 a nice fine day we want to go to John Corrells this afternoon (Empty space here for Mond, Tuesday, and Wednesday) Oct Thurs 23 1902 a fine day wind South west Frid Oct 24 1902 another good day Sat Oct 25 1902 a warm day wind South rain tonight Sund Oct 26 1902 cool this morning not much rain last night wind north west this morning Mond Oct 27 1902 nice morning again Tues Oct 28 1902 Quite cool this morning wind north or north west Wend Oct 29 1902 a nice day wind S East Thurs Oct 301902 a good day wind South East Frid Oct 31 1902 a good day wind S west all day Sat Nov 1 1902 about noon decided to go home  wind South rained all night very hard part of the time Nov 2 Sunday cloudy all fore noon bright in afternoon wind in North west quite cool Nadie Corrells all night




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