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Residents of South Stuart 1976

Lucille Bast was born January 22, 1902.  She is a retired school teacher. She belongs to the Methodist Church.

Carl Willis Bassett was born December 29, 1912. His wife, Gertrude Louise Brown, was born June 28, 1917. They were married May 24, 1941. They had one son, John Charles. Carl is a farmer and a retired elevator businessman. They belong to the Methodist Church.

Wayne Baxtrom was born July 22, 1932. His wife, Boreen, was born December 10, 1943. They were married December 6, 1974. He is unemployed and she works at the Equitable New York Insurance. Their children are Lisa, Robin, Tony and Rodney.

Clarence Wayne Beaman was born September 13, 1918. His wife, Betty, was born May 27, 1924. They were married September 3, 1946. He is a retired farmer. Their children are Gary Francis, Mary Patricia, Rebecca Sue, Michael Wayne and William Patrick. They belong to the All Saints church.

Charles Beebe was born April 9, 1898. He is retired. His wife, Izola Beebe, was born January 16, 1905. His children are Kenneth, Dorothy, Isabel, Roseanne and Delores. Her children are Bettie Lucille, Gerald Leroy, Donna Claudia, and Jennie Lyn.

Elmer Beeler was born November 22, 1898. His wife, Nellie M. Cox Beeler, was born November 5, 1900. They were married March 9, 1921. Their children are Lorraine Karns, Goldie Carter, William, Marjorie Carter, Norma Dickey and Charles.

Floyd B. Beghtel, retired, was born July 2, 1906. His children are: Floyd Jr., Charles, Warren, John and Don.

Roger Belding was born November 8, 1942. He is manager of the Trim-line, Inc. His wife, Sharon, was born January 29, 1943. They were married September 22, 1962. Their children are: Jason Richard and Stephanie Ann.

Robert Brandt was born May 19, 1949, He teaches science in the Stuart-Menlo Junior High School. His wife, Barbara, was born August 27, 1949. She teaches elementary physical education in the Panora-Linden Elementary School. They were married January 23. 1971.

Thomas Jefferson Brewer was born August 5, 1903. He is a retired laborer. He belongs to the Christian Church.

Dean Francis Brownlee was born February 28, 1950. He is employed in the Department of Transportation. His wife, Susan Jean Brownlee, was born June 20, 1953. They were married July 1, 1972. They have one daughter, Amy Sue.

Dough Christensen was born August 21, 1953. He is a gas attendant. His wife, Janet, was born June 29, 1955. She is a receptionist at Bankers Life. They were married November 10, 1973. They have one son, Chad August.

Dwight Clifton was born December 17, 1943. He is a trucker. His wife, Rita, was born September 30, 1949. They were married December 31, 1966. Their children are Daren Dwight and Darcia Jean.

Basil Cline was born April 16, 1905. He is a retired farmer. His wife, Beulah, was born December 4, 1904. He is a Catholic and she is a Methodist.

DeWayne Coe was born June 26, 1937. He has a garage. His wife, Bernice, was born August 4, 1941. They were married December 17, 1967. Their children are Cindy and Kevin.

Willard Coe was born July 20, 1946. He is self-employed at a gas station. His wife, Pauline, was born June 29, 1951. They were married April 16, 1977. They have two children, Charlene and Scotty.

Craig Cooper was born September 21. 1951. He is a fork lift mechanic. His wife, Debbie Wolfe, was born August 25, 1953. They were married December 26, 1969 and have one child, Tammy, born December 11, 1970. They belong to the Friends Church.

Walker Corsbie (deceased) was born February 29, 1893. His wife was Esther Marie. They were married in October, 1938, and have one daughter Marie.

Harold Cummings was born May 31, 1906 (deceased). He was a retired farmer. His wife, Anna, was born May 3, 1907. She is a retired painter and wallpaperer. They were married March 3, 1932. Their children are Marvin Lee, Vernon Dwayne, Norwin Harold and Linda Lou.

Edd Davidson works for Barringers on their farm and cares for the livestock north of Stuart.

William L. Dick was born July 8, 1906. He is retired. His wife, Elsie Ann, was born January 24, 1919. They were married January 27, 1941 and are Presbyterians.

Lloyd Dickey was born January 1, 1906 (deceased). He was retired. His wife, Christiana Belle Duff, was born October 5, 1910. They were married September 16, 1928. Their children are Viola Darlene Trowbridge, Cora Della Earhart and Richard Calvin. They belong to the Congregational Church.

Dan Doherty, Jr., was born October 21, 1955. He married Debbie Barnett. He is a painter-decorator.

Dan Doherty, Sr., was born February 8, 1936 (deceased). He was a city employee for many years. His wife, Joyce Sheeder, was born May 18, 1937. Their children are Danny, Jr., Michelle and Dianna.

Kenneth George Doherty was born February 16, 1948. He is a laborer. His wife, Sharon Kay James, was born June 8, 1950. They were married September 3, 1966. Their children are Tamara Lynn, Tracy Irene and Troy James. He is Catholic and she is Congregationalist.

Wilbert C. Dolan was born June 23, 1923. He is street commissioner for the town of Stuart. His wife, Kathleen Mildred Johnson, was born November 26, 1927. They were married June 21, 1947. Their children are Ronald Francis, Steven Edward, Mary Kathryn, Carolyn Dianne, and Michael Anthony. Kathleen is a cook in the Stuart-Menlo School. They are Catholic.

Dennis Donnelly was born February 14, 1953. He works fort the Pelgas Company. His wife, Donna, was born May 13, 1953. They were married February 19, 1972. They have one child, Troy Patrick.

Edward Donnelly was born August 9, 1933. His wife, Pat, was born February 7, 1935. They were married September 11, 1952. Their children are Dennis Edward, Randall Jon, Thomas James and Alice Marie. They belong to the All Saints Church.

Tommy Richard Downing was born March 14, 1913. He is a retired farmer. His wife, Dorothy Darlene McCluen was born February 21, 1916. They were married March 28, 1934, and have one daughter, Sharon Ann Belding. They are Protestant.

Nelly Maxine Dwinell was born August 7, 1913. She is retired, has no church affiliation.

Richard Harwood Dwinell was born February 3. He was a former Justice of Peace and is a part-time cop.

Jerold Eastman was born February 20, 1944. He is a laborer. His wife, Janet, was born January 16, 1946. They were married October 10, 1964. They have two children, Angela and Janell.

Clifton Ellis was born December 24, 1889. He is a retired farmer. His wife, Beulah, was born May 24, 1892. They were married March 11, 1916, and have two children, Robert and Marjorie.

Laurence Lee Emerson was born December 5, 1902 (deceased). His wife, Marie Althea, was born August 5, 1905. They were married July 24, 1926.  They belong to the Congregational Church.

Ralph E Faessler was born December 18, 1916. He is a postal clerk. His wife, Pearl Jones Faessler, was born in Trexham, Wales. She is a physician’s assistant.

James Edward Faust was born August 29, 1941. He is a farmer. His wife, Velma Jean Kirlin, was born September 8, 1939. They were married December 26, 1964, and have two children Gary Allen and Connie Lynn.

Nile Arthur Forcht was born August 9, 1928. He is a mechanic for Morrison Chevrolet Company. His wife, Jean Louise Schirm, was born December 17, 1929. She is a cook in the Stuart-Menlo School. They were married March 4, 1948.  Their children are Nyla Jean Maas, Charles Martin, Steven Frederick and Debra Abigail Letley. They belong to the Lutheran Church.

Steven Frederic Forcht was born April 22, 1953. He is a carpenter. His wife, Carolyn Sue, was born January 3, 1953. They were married June 7, 1972. And have two children, Cory Lee and Christian Eric. He is Lutheran and she is Catholic.

Volney Dale Freeman was born May 6, 1911 (deceased). He was a laborer. His wife, Sarah, was born September 19, 1923. They were married October 19, 1941. Their children are: Jeanette Eileen, John Thomas, Ida Gayle, Sandra Sue and dale Daniel. Sarah’s second husband was Soren Martin Knudsen who was born September 19, 1908 (deceased). He was a retired farmer. They had one son, Donald.

Terry Fuller works at the Cardinal Glass Co. He married LaVonne Waltz. She works at the Community care Center. They have two children.

Sandy Wilson Gebhart is a teacher in the Stuart-Menlo School System.

John Gilbert Gilliam was born October 27, 1908 (deceased). He was a retired farmer. His wife, Lena Marie, was born October 9, 1913.  She is a waitress. They were married September 27, 1937, and their children are Shirley Jane, Doris Jean, Dorene Janet, Carolyn Ann, and John William. They belong to the Congregational Church.

DeRue Gilman was born July 29, 1908. He owns and operates the Gilman Lumber Company. His wife, Genevra, was born August 8, 1908. She is a part time bookkeeper. They were married February 27, 1933. Their children are: Bruce DeRue, Stephen Albert, Doris Grace and Sheila Fay.

Roy Gilman was born May 3, 1910. His wife, Irene Mapes, was born January 24, 1913. They were married August 22, 1934. Their children are Howard, Doris Jean, and Lola Marie. They are members of the Methodist Church. He was a vocational agriculture instructor and Supervisor of North West Vocational Agriculture School and Iowa Shorthorn Breeder’s Association Fieldman and Secretary of the National Hampshire Sheep Association, bringing the office to Stuart during his serving time, 1957 to 1975. The office was east next to Dr. Dolyak’s building on North Division and Nassau Street.

Stephen Albert Gilman was born April 12, 1936. He is a businessman. His wife, Mary Ellen, was born April 4, 1938. She is a secretary. They were married December 28, 1956, and their children are: Stephen Scott, David Curtis, Bradley Duane, Troy Alan and Brenda Renee. He is a Methodist and she is Catholic.

Myron Elmer Glasscock was born April 15, 1888 (deceased). He was a retired farmer. His wife, Minnie May, was born April 4, 1897. They were married June 25, 19191. Their children are: Willard Ellsworth, Treva Yvonne, and Nina May. They are members of the Methodist Church.

Everett Grasty was born December 6, 1906. His wife, Esther Marie, was born April 8, 1908. They were married in October, 1924, and have one son, Willis.

John Albert Guthrie was born September 18, 1924. His wife, Phyllis Keogh, was born September 3, 1928. Their children are : Theresa Ann, John Bryan and Maureen. He is an industrial electrician and has been a resident of Stuart since 1971. They are members of the Catholic Church.

Frank Hanson was born January 30, 1949. He pumps gas at the APCO station. He is a Methodist.

Everett Harlan has three children. He drives a van and services electric appliances for Ward Company in Des Moines. He moved to Des Moines at this writing.

Kenneth Lee Harris was born February 3, 1933. His wife , Cozette Larelle Rote, was born April 3, 1933. They were married July 29, 1951. Their children are: Deborah Lee Miller, Theresa Dawn Kunkle, Kindra Jo, Andrea Gail and Brian Grant. They own and operate the Harris House restaurant. They are Presbyterians.

Henry Hawley was born November 8, 1909. His wife, Mabel Gutenfelder, was born July 26, 1915. They were married June 16, 1935. Their children are: Dwight, Ardith and Linda. They are members of the Methodist Church. They are retired farmers and just built a new pre-fab home on South Division Street.

Kenneth Highland was born July 22, 1922. He is a carpenter. His wife, Ila, was born April 12,1923. They were married June 8, 1945. Their children are: Ronald C., Roger D., and Cindy.

Robert (Bob) Highland was born August 24, 1906. He is retired. He was an auditor and had a hatchery in Stuart from 1941 to 1947. His wife, Eula, was born July 10, 1902. She worked at the Ben Franklin Store. They were married October 25, 1927, and their children are: Kenneth, Glen Robert, Raymond Lee and Mary Lou.

Gary Hillygus was born February 2, 1939. His wife, Connie, was born April 17, 1940. They were married September 24, 1971. The children are : Rodney, Bradley, Timothy and Joel. He manages a service station. They are Presbyterian.

Harry Hiscock was born January 16, 1951. He is a laborer. His wife, Pam Marlow, was born January 20, 1953. She is a clerk-typist. They were married April 18, 1969 and have two children, Alan and Angela.

Oscar Hofmann was born October 13, 1892. He married Lena Stelling. The children are Ilene Hofmann Morrison and Raymond Hofmann.

Harley Lyman Hougeison was born July 25, 1914. His wife, Arlene Imogene Snell, was born November 28, 1929. They were married August 11, 1955. He owns and operates the H & H Salvage Yard since January, 1964. They are members of the First Congregational Church.

Harold H. Hughes was born December 11, 1904. His wife, Dorothy Mable, was born October 11, 1907. They were married July 22, 1926. Their children are: Donna Lee and Verla Dean Hutchinson.

Louis Paul Huot was born April 4, 1901 (deceased). His wife, Helen Gilman Huot, was born February 23, 1916. They were married January 10, 1935. Their children are Paul Leroy, Thelma Rose Lawson, Robert Francis, and Loretta Marie Carstens. They belong to the Catholic Church.

Joseph Bernard James was born June 23, 1921. His wife, Ilean Melba O’Brian James, was born November 7, 1919,. She is a laborer. They were married November 19, 1940. Their children are Jane Marie Starr, Phillip Eugene (deceased), Shirley Ann Pardekooper, Steven Bernard, James Michael, Patrick Brian and Dennis Lee. They belong to the All Saints Church.

Leonard Earl James was born September 24, 1957. He works in the Cardinal Glass Factory. His wife, Pam Airhart, was born January 21, 1958. She is a secretary in Des Moines. They were married January 4, 1975 and have one daughter. Stacie Lynn. They are affiliated with the Congregational church in Stuart.

Carl M. Johnson was born December 6, 1901 (deceased). He was a farmer and welder. His wife, Hazel P. was born April 28, 1906. She is a clerk and bookkeeper. They were married October 24, 1924.

Harold Jones cuts and trims trees for the city and privately.

Tony Wayne Jones, son of Cecil and Esther Mumford Jones, Married Karen, daughter of Harold and Inez Brinton Williamson. They have two daughters, Laura Kay, 8, and Constance JoAnne 3. Ted served in the Navy 1964-68. He worked at the Coast to Coast store in Stuart, drives a truck, and is an avid hunter. Karen enjoys sewing and all types of crafts, has completed Standard and Advanced First Aid. They are both taking a course in Executive Hotel-Motel Management.

Walter LeRoy Jones and was born September 4, 1935. He is self-employed. His wife, Madeliene Carroll, was born April 16, 1940. They were married September 4, 1966. The children are: Dennis LeRoy, Kenneth Albert, and James Earl.

James George Kearns was born February 6, 1942. His wife, Mary Sue Summy Kearns, was born December 22, 1941. The Children are: James Ronald and Darcy Daniel.

Tony Lee Kirkpatrick was born January 20, 1940. His wife, Linda Cummings Kirkpatrick, was born March 31, 1946. They were married in May, 1964. They have two girls, Kimberly Anna and Debra Ann. He is a laborer and she is a waitress. They belong to the Methodist Church.

Gertrude Pearl Dupy married Omar Ivan Kirlin. Children: Harold, LeRoy, Mary Sue and Velma Jean.

Carl F. Knight was born May 23, 1922. He is a laborer. His wife, Armanella Thornburg Knight, was born June 27, 1937. They were married March 10, 1957. The children are: Carla Mae Moore, Timmy Joe, Brian Scott, David Allen and Tena Marie. They are Baptists.

Loyd (spelling intended) Earl Kunkle was born July 2, 1909. He is retired. His wife, Vivian Marie Kunkle, was born August 22, 1910. They were married September 7, 1930. Their children are: Richard Lee, Betty Jean, Donald Loyd and Mildred LaVonne. He worked as a carpenter for Thompson Construction in Stuart, helping build the Stuart School Gymnasium, and is a retired salesman, having worked for Wilson Farm Equipment of Stuart.

Robert Lee Lawrence, Sr., was born October 1, 1928. His wife, Helen Ruth Woods, was born November 6, 1936. They were married May 16, 1954. Their children are: Robert Lee, Jr., born November 29, 1956; Violet Imogene, born January 24, 1958; and Katherine Elizabeth, born March 31, 1955. He works at the Great Plains, Inc., and extruder and bag machine operator. He served in the army until 1961. Affiliated with the Church of Christ.

Darlene Elizabeth Lawson was born December 17, 1905. She is retired. She is a member of the Christian Church.

Keith Wayne Lindberg was born December 23, 1951. He is a laborer. His wife, Audra Kay Gomez. Was born November 12, 1956. They were married April 27, 1974, and have one daughter, April Dawn. They are Protestants.

Russell Henry Lindberg was born October 31, 1918. He is a laborer. His wife, Verna Belle, was born January 7, 1918. They were married February 13, 1945. Their children are: Glen Roger, Keith Wayne, Gerald Jay, Dale Alan, Sheilah Joan, and Robert Gene.

Thomas L. Link was born April 20, 1906. His wife, Edna Renaud, was born October 10, 1911. They were married October 3, 1932. Their children are: Kent, Kermit and Thomas. He is a retired Northwestern Bell Telephone Company employee. He has an Agate Hobby Business and she is a volunteer worker at the Community care Center in Stuart. They are non-denominational. They have 3 grown sons who are energetic, also: Thom, who is in the mortuary business in Stuart; Kermit, who is in the United States Forest Service stationed in Portland, Oregon; and Kent, who is a full Commander in the United States Navy.

Wright Aaron Linn was born April 13, 1892 (deceased). He was a farmer. His wife, Hazel Amelia Garland, was born May 25, 1892. They were married February 18, 1914. They have two daughters, Mildred Capitola Linn Wright and Dortha Eliza Linn Daniels. She is retired and is a member of the Fairview Congregational church.

Eddie Lyddon was born May 5, 1948. He is a trucker. His wife, Anne, was born February 18, 1951. They were married July 30, 1971 and have one son, Charles Edward. She is a file clerk.

Norman Lydon was born July 13, 1912. His wife, Wanita Marie Brink, was born April 2, 1917. They were married November 10, 1951, and have one daughter, Betty Ann, born March 28, 1955. He served four years as Army Engineer in World War II and is now a truck driver. She works at the Stuart Community Care Center. They are Presbyterians.

Max Earl Madesen was born October 28, 1919. He is a laborer. His wife, Mary Laverne Glasscock, was born August 30, 1924. They were married January 13, 1948. Their children are: Mary Frances Beaman, Mark Edward, and Maxine Emily (deceased). They were Presbyterians.

Dennis Marlow was born November 24, 1950. He is a county road maintainer driver. His wife, Janice, was born October 17, 1952. They were married October 31, 1969 and have three children: Tony, Wendy and Todd.

Bert McBride was born May 26, 1900. He is an operator at the Stuart Municipal Light Plant.

Rollie Clair McBride was born May 9. 1908. He is a diesel operator. His wife, Lois Ann, was born August 13, 1913. They were married November 22, 1932. They are members of the Methodist Church.

Russell Edwin McClure was born July 8, 1926. His wife, Francis Elsie, was born August 28. 1931. They were married February 28, 1950, and have three children: Nancy Ann Pritchard, Terry Lyn and James Russell.

Robert Eugene McGinnis was born May 27, 1926. He is a farmer. His wife, Rosalie Jirak McGinnis, was born December 13, 1927. She is a cahier. They were married June 67, 1946. They have three children: Donald Harvey, Marilyn Morris and Carolyn. They are Catholic.

Roger McKibben was born June 2, 1948. He is a plumber. His wife, Christina, was born September 6, 1952. They were married October 20, 1972.

Bernice Cox McKinney married Horace Boyd McKinney. Children: Eleanor and June. Eleanor married Charles Loucks; they have a daughter, Cheryl, who works in the Iowa Unemployment Bureau in Des Moines. June McKinney married Bert Anderson; they have a daughter, Terry Lee who married Vern Parker. June’s second husband was Gilbert James.

Gary McNelly is a garage man and truck mechanic.

Mary Katherine Hoag married Harmon Miller. They have a son, Francis Raymond Miller. Mary is a member of the Congregational Church and a dressmaker. He was a harness maker and shoe repairman.

John Miller was born February 11, 1955. He is an apprentice electrician. His wife, Debbie, was born December 30, 1955. They were married January 22, 1972 and have two children, Candy and Chad.

John Moore and Elizabeth Jones Moore have four children: Billy, David and Kevin (twins), and Sharon.

Roy D. Morrison (deceased) was born in 1875. His wife, Gertrude L., was born July 17, 1893. They were married March 3, 1913 and have four children: Samuel A., Thomas Otis, James Ivan and Dot Vivian Barney.

Tom Morrison was born February 2, 1915. He is a laborer. His wife, Ilene Hofman, was born May 15, 1919. They were married August 19 and have two children: Kay Calkins and Ronald.

Ernest Lester Mumford and his wife, Viola Wolfkill Mumford, are retired farmers. They belong to the Lutheran Church.

Carl E. Nelson was born July 1, 1916. He is a laborer. His wife, Waunietta Mae Applegate, was born September 2, 1908. They were married in March, 1944. She had a daughter from a previous marriage, Lulu Lavon Van Vieskirk.

Robert Dean Nelson was born June 29, 1935. He is a laborer. His wife, Myrna Bernice Cass, was born June 7, 1933. They were married July 26, 1953 and had five children: Robert Kim, Debra Sue, Christina Marie (deceased), Andrew Dean and Laveda Jane. Myrna is a waitress.

Henry Parkinson was born April 16, 1909. He is a diesel operator. His wife, Gladys, was born June 16, 1911. They were married on May 19, 1942. They are members of the Congregational Church.

Richard Parkison was born March 7, 1941. He is a mechanic. His wife, Kay, was born May 23, 1944. She is a secretary and demonstrates and sells Sarah Coventry Jewelry. They were married September 16, 1959 and have three children: Rex Alan, Tina Marie and Brenda Kay.

Blanch Peterson Parker was born June 25, 1897 and has been a Stuart resident since 1963. She is a member of the Catholic Church.

Burrell Partlow was born January 17, 1889. His wife, Bessie, is deceased. They were married in Menlo in 1910. Their children are: Leo, Don, Duane and Vernice.

Elmer Herman Passick was born April 11, 1913. He is a retired farmer. His wife, Lulu Belle, was born March 19, 1917. They were married July 18, 1936, and have one daughter, Sheryl Ann. They are members of the Congregational Church.]

Ernest Edward Payne Jr., was born June 25, 1917. He is a Des Moines city employee. His wife Nine Berneice, was born July 13, 1919. She works at Safeway in Des Moines. They were married July 3, 1937 and have five children: Robert Edward, Judith Jean (deceased), Richard Allen, William Lee, and Christine Dean. They are Catholic.

Vada Married Melvin Pearson, Mel is employed by Pelgas Co. Vada has a hobby of knitting and raising flower.

Ira E. Plymesser was born July 1889. He married Cressie Snell and their children are: Dale, Stella, Ira, Jr., Lela and Lena. Ira farmed in Adair County for thirty-six years and retired in 1964 when his wife’s health failed. Then he drove tractors as day help for farmers for eleven years. He is blessed with thirty-four grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. In World War I he classified in Class Five in the Draft due to a knee injury from being kicked when shoeing a horse. He is a Methodist.’

Charles Cleveland Porter was born January 27, 1936. He is a service manager. His wife, Sandra Sue Rote, was born June 30, 1941. She is a waitress. They were married August 3, 1958 and have three children; Leisa Laurell, Marcella MiAnn, and David Delbert. They are members of the Friends church.

Charles E Presson (deceased) was born April 15, 1881. His wife, Bessie F. Harlan, was born February 8, 1891. They were married September 23, 1913, and have one son, Delbert H., born July 7m 1914. Mrs. Presson is retired and is a Methodist.

Lynn Paul Pritchard was born May 3, 1952. He is a plumber with the Jirak Heating &U Plumbing. His wife, Nancy Ann McClure, was born September 29, 1953. She is a waitress at the Harris House. They were married August 11, 1969 and have two children, Robbin Linette and Natalie Annette.

Don Ray and his wife, Barbara, have three children: Tim, Marsha, and Donnie. Don is a truck driver but at the present time is in critical condition in the hospital as a result of a truck accident.

Charles Reeder was born May 6, 1936. He is a laborer at Oscar Mayer in Perry, Iowa. His wife, Rose, was born July 29, 1944. They were married January 16, 1961. They have five children: Debbie, Barbara, Charles, Steven and Daniel.

Elmer C. Reimers (deceased) was born July 14, 1911. His wife, Louise Alice, was born August 2, 1914. They were married November 26, 1932. There are three children: Shirley Jean, Ronald LeRoy and David Charles. They are members of the Lutheran Church.

Ted Ruth and his wife, Mary, were married March 28, 1907. She was born April 3, 1890. Ted is deceased. Their children are: Arnold Edwin, Kenneth John, Clifford C., Robert Leroy, Dallas Frederick (deceased), and Marion Martin.

Robert Sloss was born August 7, 1948. His wife, Rosemary Claerhout, was born October 2, 1946. They were married April 18, 1970. Their children are Cory James, born December 18, 1970, and Holly Marie, born July 26, 1972. He is a salesman for Wilson Implement Company in Stuart. Rosemary’s Beauty Salon will begin business in the early summer of 1976 in her home. They are of the Catholic faith.

Norral Louis Smith was born May 28, 1907. He is a retired Municipal Superintendent. His wife, Margaret Luella Jensen, was born October 6, 1914. They were married February 14, 1934. Their children are: James Louis, Shirley Louise Jensen, Sharon Kay Sorensen, Robert Eugene, Connie Jean Nolan, and Ronnie Dean. They are members of the Congregational Church.

Floyd Christian Strong, retired, was born August 8, 1906. His wife, Bessie Margaret Stewart, was born September 26, 1909. They were married October 3, 1928. Their children are: Vera Mae Weaver, Donald Eugene, Kathryn Cleone Carl, Charles Floyd (deceased), Ileta Nadine Avey, Bessie Margaret Wolfe, Joyce Elaine Crabb and Marvin Dean. They are members of the Christian Church.

Walter Scott Thornburg was born September 21, 1890. He married Edith Stills, who is deceased. They have one daughter, Armanella.

James Trowbridge was born June 10, 1928. He is Postmaster and repairs electrical appliances. His wife, Darlene, was born December 21, 1929. They were married March 19, 1949. They have two children, George Russell, and Linda Renee.

Kenneth Brooks Vanlandingham (deceased) was born June 17, 1921. His wife, Treva Yvonne Glasscock, was born September 14, 1923. She is a clerk. They were married July 25, 1947. The children are: Sandra Valorie Pollard, Kenneth Brooks, and Robin Lee. They belong to the Congregational Church.

Albert Waltz and his wife, Elizabeth O’Brien, are retired farmers and he is a retired mechanic. Their children are: Gerald (Butch), Yvonne and Ronald. They belong to the Catholic Church.

Roy Webb (deceased) was born June 6, 1902. His wife, Caryl Flechall, was born March 10, 1905 Caryl was married first to J. T. Flechall on July 1, 1931. He was born March 12, 1905. He is deceased. Their children are: Richard Dean, Dixie Lee, Larry Joe, Regina Ann and Carolyn Sue. They are Baptists.

Darrell Dean Wells was born in August,1927. His wife, Evelyn Larson, was born October 25, 1925. They were married in 1945 and had one daughter, Marilyn Jean.

He remarried and the following children are his children from the second marriage: Darrel Dean, Jr., Karen, and Elizabeth. He is a Catholic and a laborer. Mrs. Wells is retired and a Methodist.

Russell Wells was born January 28, 1952. He works at Glazer-Foreman Ford. His wife, Theresa, was born December 14, 1950. She is a secretary. They were married November 20, 1971 and have a son Patrick.

Clara E Whittum was born January 19, 1894. She is retired. She is a member of the Methodist Church.

Harold Frank Williamson was born September 18, 1918. He is a carpenter. His wife, Inez E. Brinton, was born March 18, 1920. They were married February 6, 1946 and have one daughter, Karen Louise Jones. They are Methodists.

William Wilson was born May 11. His wife, Marion Iona Rogers, was born August 3. They were married August 11, 1915. He is a retired railroad worker and is present city park custodian. She is a retired music teacher and a daughter of an Arbor Hill mill operator. They are Methodists.

Orville Justin Wines was born August 11, 1900. He is a retired railroad painter. His wife, Eva Isabelle, was born November 8, 1909. They were married October 30, 1929 and have two daughters: Doris Isabelle and Marie Ellen. They belong to the Stuart Methodist Church.

Evelyn Woodman was born July 15, 1917 and is a Customer Representative of the Iowa Power and Light Company.

Dale (Tony) Wolfe was born July 15, 1915. He is a siding contractor. His wife, Bernice, was born August 17, 1927. They were married April 27, 1970. Dale’s children by a previous marriage are: Norman Wolfe of Stuart, Judy Kidwell of Iowa City, and Jim Wolfe of Marshalltown. Bernice’s children by a previous marriage are: Margaret Cairns of Earlham, Janet Jirousch of Liberty, Illinois, and Judy Chladek of Dwight, Illinois. They are members of the First Congregational Church.

Paul L. Wright was born March 2, 1925. He is a truck driver. His wife, C. Lavonne Farwell, was born August 21, 1925. She is a meat cutter. They were married May 25, 1948 and have three children: Paula Joanne Rice, Bonnie Mae, and Annette Sue. They are members of the Methodist Church.

Jerry Vitzthum was born May 27, 1951. He is a laborer at the Marquette Cement plant. His wife, Connie Schirm, was born May 12, 1952. They were married June 9, 1972 and have one daughter, Hillary Anne.

Floyd Zornes was born January 11, 1916. He is a disabled Army Air Corp World War II veteran. His wife, Fern Marie Bash, was born March 2, 1916. She does laundry and dry cleaning at the Youngman Fabric Care Center in the Laundromat. They were married July 29,1936. Their religious status is non-denominational.

Leuuh Baccam, his wife, Sack, and their four children are new residents of Stuart, of Adair County, of Iowa, and the United States, having come here from Laos in October of 1975.

Leunh and his wife were born in North Vietnam, citizens of the Tai Federation called Tai Dam or Black Tai, so called because of the black silk skirts which the women traditonally wore. The Tai Federation was broken up when the Democratic Republic of Vietnam took over the area in 1954.

The Tai Dam people are strongly opposed to Communism and chose to flee their homeland rather than live under Communist rule. The group, numbering about 2,400 fled to Laos, where they live for about twenty years.

The Baccams’ four children were all born in Vientiane, Loas. They are; Thanom, age 9; Borihane, age 7; Prasith, age 5; and Panith, age 3.

The Tai Dam then fled from Laos to Thailand in May of 1975 before Laos fell to the communists. So far, 631 of Tai Dam have come to make their homes in Iowa, with the help of Governor Ray’s Task Force for Indo-Chinese Resettlement.

The Baccams live at 416 South Gaines in Stuart. Their sponsors are Mr. and Mrs. Ferd (spelling intended) Jungman of Van Meter, Iowa. Leunh is employed as an attendant at the Jungman Conoco Station in Stuart.


Transcribed from Adair County History 1976 by volunteer Mary Cochrane

pages 54-60






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