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Residents of Prussia Township 1976 part 1



BAKER, George, married Eileen Richard, Parents: Ed and Naomi (Dwigans) Richards.

BASS, John, married Bernice Brown.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brown.  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Weaver.  Children: Diane (Bass) Rice, Sharlene (Bass) Wood, and Jim.  Address: Fontanelle.

BAUDLER, Albert, married Nora Cunningham.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baudler, Mr. and Mrs. George Cunningham.  Children: Larry, Clel and Betty.  Church: Lutheran.

BAUDLER, Bernard, married Maxine Wheatley.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Baudler, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wheatley.  Children: Jacqueline, Kevin and Janelle.

BAUDLER, Fritz, married Marie Lorenz.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baudler, Fred and Martha Lorenz.  Children: Leora, Ardis, Judy and Loren.

BAUDLER, Larry, married Alice Jean Hogan.  Parents: Mr. And Mrs. Albert Baudler, Tom and Margaret Hogan.  Children: Steven, Nick and Bart.

BLANCHARD, Roger Lee, married Janice Irene Herr, March 19, 1961.  Parents: John Edward and Frances (McCliad) Blanchard, William Conrad and Opal Eileen (Heyn) Herr.  Children: Nadine Kay, Roger Dean, Sue Ann, Dennise Elaine, Connie Lea, and Christine Linnette.  Church: Emmanuel Lutheran, Fontanelle.  Address: Fontanelle.

BREWER, John, Jr., married Doris Bakerink August 12, 1948.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Brewer, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bakerink.  Children: Alan, Brenda and Kathy.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

BREWER, Roy, married Margaret Ruth in 1944.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Marion Ruth.  Children: Jerry Lee.  Church: St. John’s Lutheran.  Address: Casey.

BROWN, Bruce, married Delores Lary, August 26, 1956.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lary.  Children: Darla, Stephen, Scott and Jane.  Church: Lutheran, Fontanelle.  Address: Fontanelle.

BROWN, Otto, married Ella Houchin (deceased).  Parents: Wm. H. and Anna Brown.  Children: Bruce, Norine (Brown) McDermott, Sharon.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

CALKINS, Cecil, married Marjorie Cullen, May 6, 1935.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Calkins, Lawrence and Alice Cullen.  Children: Larry and Diane.  Address Fontanelle.

CARROL, Earl, married Sharon Knoff, March 22, 1959.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Carrol, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knoff.  Children: Jeff, Brian and Rodney.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

CARSTENS. Alfred, married Velma Ticknor.  Parents: Herman and Patricia Carstens, Charles and Grace Ticknor.  Children: Beryl, Darlene (Carstens) Ford, Roberta (Carstens) Kirkpatrick, Gary, and Dean.  Address: Fontanelle.

CHRISTOFFERSON, Norman, married Miss Lunstrum in 1951.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gudick Christofferson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruben Lunstrum.  Children: Randall, Lonnie and Judy.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Casey.

COMSTOCK, Harold Paul, married Bernice Iva Johnson, June 5, 1939.  Parents: John and Etta (Adamson) Comstock.  Elmer McKinley and Iva Bell (James) Johnson.  Children: Carole Ann (Comstock) Lundy, Patricia Louise (Comstock) Beck, Paul McKinley, James Dwight, and Ernest Glen.  Address: Fontanelle.

DIX, Dallas, married Patsy Phundheller.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dix, Mrs. And Mrs. Harold Phundheller.  Children: Jason and Stacia.  Address: Fontanelle.

DUNBAR, Merle, married Mary Dobson.  Parents: Siemon and Susie Dunbar, Mr. and Mrs. John Dobson.  Children: Waneta, Violet, Hazel, and Sam.  Address: Fontanelle.

EBLEN, Hobart (deceased), married Marjorie Rogers.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Eblen, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Rogers.  Children: David E. and Margene.  Address: Fontanelle.

FERBER, Harry John, married Mable Ione Procter.  Parents: August and Pauline Louise (Lucy Hofmann) Ferber, Harrison Perry and Effie (Jordan) Procter.  Children: Bobby Dean. Church: Presbyterian.  Address: Fontanelle.

FRANK, Kenneth, married Louella Jacobson.  Parents: Jakie and Florence (Bakerink) Frank, Andy and Marie (Jensen) Jacobson.  Children: Ardith Sickles, Ardell, Verlea Raasch, Marlin.  Address: Fontanelle.

FRITZ, Dale, married Leota Larsen.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Larsen.  Children: Linda (Fritz) Sybertsen, Larry and Janice (Fritz) Follman.  Address: Fontanelle.

FUNKE, Dale, married Doris Gilman. September 1, 1945.  Parents: Phillip and Minerva (Lane) Funke, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilman: children: Bobbie and Jane.

FUNKE, Donald, never married.  Parents: Phillip and Minerva (Lane) Funke.  Address: Fontanelle.

GULLER, George, married Mrs. Guller.  Children: Barbara, Jackie, and Scott.  Address: Fontanelle.

HALL, Marvin, married Rita Schlicht, in August, 1965.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schlicht.  Children: Christine, Elizabeth and Matthew.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

HALL, Meriel, married Janelle Zimmerline.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zimmerline.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

HEPLER, Donald, married Bernice Jacobs, November 24, 1937.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hepler, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jacobs.  Children: Keith, Wayne, Gilbert and Donald.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Greenfield.

HEPLER, Norval, married Pauline Hanke.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Hepler, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Hanke.  Children: Mildred.   Address: Fontanelle.

HEPLER, Robert, married Dorothy Kreis, December, 1947.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hepler, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kreis.  Children: Fred and Linda.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

HERR, Marlan Eugene, married Karen Lea Bakerink, September 25, 1960.  Parents: William Conrad and Opal Eileen (Heyn) Herr, Daniel Lee and Gladys Lillie (Purdy) Bakerink.  Children: Sherri Lynn and Stanley Eugene.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

HERR, William Conrad, married Opal Eileen Heyn, November 14, 1938.  Parents: John Conrad and Christina (Durham) Herr, Albert and Anne Laura Heyn.  Children: Marian Eugene, Janice Irene (Herr) Blanchard, Joyce Marie, and Noel Albert.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

HOHERTZ, Elmer married Helen Jensen.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hohertz, Mr. and Mrs. Henning Jensen.  Children: Gene and Janet (Hohertz) Lemke.   Address: Fontanelle.

HOLLE, John, not married, lives with father, Bill Holle in Casey.

JACOBSON, Cleo, married Irma Leuthauser, on March 28, 1948.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Frodie Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leuthauser.  Children: Diane (Jacobson) Maske and Richard.  Church: Lutheran.  Address Fontanelle.

JOHNSON, Dennis, married Wanda Marckman.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Marckman.  Children: Jennifer.  Address: Fontanelle.

JOHNSON, Earl, married Bertha Jensen.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jen H. Jensen.  Children: Randall, Craig, and Jana.  Address: Fontanelle.

KINGERY, Lowell (deceased), married Hallie Sparling.  Parents: Elmer and Maggie Kingery, Carl and Nellie Sparling.  Children: Rex, Carl, Ilah and Neil.  Address: Adair.

KINGERY, Rex, married Betty Hanks.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Kingery, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hanks.  Children: Randy and Vickey (Kingery) Freeman.  Address: Adair.

KINNEY, Glen, married Miss Greenwalt, December 24, 1937.  Parents: Murl and Goldie Kinney, John and Mabel Greenwalt.  Children: Marlin, Ronald, and Eugene.  Church: Canby Friends.  Address: Casey.

KINNEY, Marlin, married Sheri Antisdel, December 30, 1961.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Antisdel.  Children: Terry and Scott.  Address: Casey.

KINNEY, Murl, married Goldie Grantham in 1912.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grantham.  Children:  Glen. Church: Canby Friends Church.  Address: Fontanelle.

KINNEY, Ronald, married Delores Christensen.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Christensen.  Children: Jeanie, Duane and Johnie.  Address: Casey.

KINNEY, Virgil Murl, married Pearline Dunkerson May 4. 1936.  Parents: Leonard and Margaretha (Wahe) Kinney, Mark Lewis and Fanny (Lundy) Dunkerson.  Children: Carolyn Jean and Charlotte Marie.  Church: Presbyterian.  Address: Fontanelle.

KROMRIE, Dale (deceased), married Elaine C. Johnson.  Parents: John and Ona (Caltrider) Kromrie, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.  Children: Sandra Joyce, Kathy Sue, Marie Ellen, and Jennifer Lynn.  Church: Canby Friends Church.  Address: Casey.
LAMB, Forrest Louellen, married Lorna Cunningham, November 2, 1929.  Parents: Price and Nettie (Dunbar) Lamb, Henry and Geneva (Hartly) Cunningham.  Children:  Billy Duane, Joe Thomas, Jesse Dean, Viola Kay (Sue), and Mona Jean.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Greenfield.

LAMB, Jesse Dean, married Lila Mintle in 1962. Parents: Forrest and Lorna (Cunningham) Lamb, Rus and Mary Mintle.  Children: Linda, Doug, David and Kelly.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

LEWIS, Albert, married Marjorie Heiser in 1934.  Parents: Wm. R. and Gladys (Halsey) Lewis, Fred and Sophia (Weeks) Heiser.  Children: Larry A., Kathleen J., and Iris A. (Lewis) Evans.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

LIVINGSTON, Rex, married Mary Green in January, 1950.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Green.  Children: Michael, Robin, Cindy, and Beth.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

LIVINGSTON, Robin, married Paula Pote, December, 1973.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Rex Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Pote.  No Children.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

LUNDY, Russell Keith, married Helen E. McCann, September 14, 1958.  Parents: Earl E. and Verlene (Sears) McCann, Walter Edmond and Alma Marie (Jensen) Lundy.  Children: Peggy M., Russell Scott, and Jill Annette.

LUHRS, Dale LeRoy, married Violet Dickey, April 9, 1950.  Parents: John and Hannah (Slolk) Luhrs, Harry and Nellie (Holtke) Dickey.  Children: Dale, Jr., and Linda Louise.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

LUNDY, Leon, married Carol Comstock, in 1959.  Parents: Harold and Mary (Meisenheimer) Lundy, Harold and Bernice (Johnson) Comstock.  Children: Rickey, Michael, David, Dennis and Lynda.  Church: Lutheran.

LUNDY, Louis Harold, married Mary Alice Meisenheimer, May 3, 1933.  Parents: William Murry and Mary Marie (Neumeyer) Lundy, George John and Margaret Elizabeth (Wallace) Meisenheimer.  Children: Wesley Daniel, Neil Louis, Leon Harold, and Marita Lou.  Address: Fontanelle.

LUNDY, Walter, married Alma Jensen, February 25, 1931.  Parents: Wm. Murray and Mary (Neimeyer) Lundy, Martin and Emily (Simersen) Jensen.  Children: Eldon Lee, Beverly Arlene (Saylord), Russell Keith, and Ronald Gene.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

MALLATT, Kenneth, married Louise Haines.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mallatt, William and Isa (Kramer) Haines.  Children: Kathleen.  Address: Fontanelle.

MANGELS, Eldon, married Virginia Cox, in April, 1949.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Claus Mangels, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Cox.  Children: Marlin, Kristie, and Michael.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

MANGELS, Robert Lee, married Guendolia Faye Cole, July 9, 1959.  Parents: Henry B. and Elizabeth (Weber) Mangels, William and Goldie (Drake) Cole.  Children: Alan G., Roberta L., Janele L., and Kaye L.  Address: Fontanelle.

McDERMOTT, Mike, married Pat Purdy.  Parents: Burt and Willma (Havens) McDermott, Floyd and Muriel (Pierce) Purdy.  Children: Steve, Becky, and Marty.  Address: Fontanelle.

MENSING, Ralph, married Blanch Bricker.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Mensing, Glenn and Berneice (Shepherd) Bricker.  Children: Harold, Richard, and Jane.  Address: Fontanelle.

MILLER, Ray, married Shirley Snodgrass in 1946.  Parents: Ray and Agnes Miller, Wm. and Bertha Snodgrass.  Chidren: Connie, Vicky, and Christy.  Church:  Presbyterian.  Address: Fontanelle.

MORRISON, Duane, married Patricia Krueger, January, 1961.  Parents: Wm. H. and Amanda (Mensing) Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Krueger.  Children: Alan, David, and Diane.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Casey.

NICHOLS, Merrill Charles, married Gladys Hansen.  Parents: Charles Fletcher and Jane (Brown) Nichols.  Children: James David, Edyth Jane (Nichols) Hill, Lee Edwin, and Evelyn Marie (Nichols) Gibbs.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

OVERMYER, Roy, married Eva Tannatt in 1920.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Overmyer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tannatt.  Children: William.  Church: Canby Friends.  Address: Fontanelle.

PETERSON, Glen LeRoy, married Betty Ruth Easton, May 23, 1942.  Parents: Christian and Mildred (Overholtz) Peterson, George Linus and Clara Marie (Powell) Easton.  Children: Carol Ann (Peterson) Moore, and Roger Dean.  Church: Presbyterian.  Address: Fontanelle.

PLYMESSER, Craig Alan, married Brenda Pickrell, November 21, 1973.  Parents: Max and Delores (Wherle) Plymesser, Bernard (John) and Mildred (Mangels) Pickrell.  Children: Nichole Andrea.  Church: Lutheran.   Address: Fontanelle.

PURDY, Durwood, married Dorothy Fredrick.  Parents: Floyd and Muriel (Pierce) Purdy, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fredrick.  Children: Roland, Randy, Richard, Jeff and Julie.  Address: Fontanelle.

PURDY, Roland, not married.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Purdy.   Address: Fontanelle.

QUECK, Gary, married Patricia Martin.  Parents: Art and Maxine (Means) Queck, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Martin.  Children: Brad, Brian, Curtis, and Cory.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

QUECK, Ivan Duane, married Irma Ruth Vogel, August 14, 1947.  Parents: Paul Max and Anna Wilhelmina (Weinheimer) Queck, George A. W. and Clara M. (Kohn) Vogel.  Children: Paul Ivan, George Richard, John Duane, Thomas James, Jeffrey Phillip, Joel William, Christine Ann, and Andrew Michael.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

RAPER, Larry, married Phyllis (Van Vleet).  Parents: Norwyn and Charlotte (Moore) Raper, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Van Vleet.  Children: Jolene, Cynthia, and Rusty.  Address: Fontanelle.

RAPER, Norwyn, married Charlotte Moore.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Raper, Clyde and Maude Moore.  Children: Lary.  Address: Fontanelle.

ROHNER, Elmer, married Louise Thomas.  Parents: Fred and Emma (Brown) Rohner, Wm. and Verla Thomas.  Children: Kay, Jim, and Linda.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

SCOTT, Glen, married Shirley Mulhern in 1956.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mulhern.  Children: James L., Joni I., and Jana F.   Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

SHAFFER, Claude, married Rosie Hanke.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Hanke.  Address: Fontanelle.

SIEG, Arnold, married Eileen Stinman.  Parents: Adolph and Rosie (Queck) Sieg, Mr. and Mrs. Blain Stinman.  No children.  Church: Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

STEELE, Paul, married Ruby May Peacock, April 27, 1941.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peacock.  Children: Bruce and Sue Ellen.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

SULLIVAN, James, married Columbine Dennis, August 19, 1950.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Art Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. George Dennis.  Children: Colleen (Sullivan) Oxley, Steve, Cathleen, Cheryl, Kevin, and Cristie.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Greenfield.

TANNATT, Elvin, married Shirley Tiedeman, August 10, 1944.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tannatt, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Tiedeman.  No children.  Church: United church of Christ.  Address: Fontanelle.

TILK, Alfred, married Leida Mangels. November 24, 1948.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Tilk, Mr. and Mrs. Claus Mangels.  Children: Nancy A. (Tilk) Acheson, Carol S., Larry D., and Gene.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

TIPLING, Virgil Arthur (deceased).  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tiplin.  Brother: Jerry, Sister: Irene (Mrs. Merrit Bower).

WALKER, Albert, married Lorena Miller, April 9, 1944.  Parents: Herbert and Florence Walker, Frank and Meta (Grothen) Miller.  Children: Russel, Larry, and Lana.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

WALKER, Dale, married Pat Lundy.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Max Walker, Raymond and Harriet (Fredrick) Lundy.  Children: Jeffry, Julie, Jerry and Jay.  Address: Fontanelle.

TILK, Gene, married Sherry McClelland, August 26, 1972.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Tilk, Mr. and Mrs. Gene McClelland.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran.  Address: Fontanelle.

WEINHEIMER, Leo, married Leona Lee, October 6, 1962. Parents: Edward and Wilma (Held) Weinheimer, Archie and Hilda (Erdman) Lee.  Children: Brian Edward, John Lee, and Jill Louise.  Church: Lutheran.   Address: Fontanelle.

WHEATLY, Dennis married Linda Carl.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheatly, Bruce and Kathryn (Strong) Carl.  Children: Chastity Campbell.  Address: Casey.

WOODSON, Roy, married Edna Dwigans.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Will Dwigans.  Address: Fontanelle.

ZIMMERLINE, Edward, married Estelle May Timmons in January, 1930.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerline, Mr. and Mrs. John Timmons.  No children.  Church: Canby Church.  Address: Fontanelle.

ZIMMERLINE, Floyd, married Dolores Maier in 1936.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerline, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baier.  Children: Ronny. Church: Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle.

ZIMMERLINE, Francis (Bill), married Rachel Eddy, May 27, 1956.  Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William H. Zimmerline, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eddy.  No children.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Casey.

Transcribed from Adair County History 1976 by volunteer Mary Cochrane

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