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George W. Bunting and Fannie L. Cutting

GEORGE W. BUNTINGwas born in July 1855, in La Grange Township, Cass County, Michigan. In 1857 his parents moved the family to Calhoun County Iowa and in the 1860’s to Jasper County.  On 1 September 1874 in Jasper County, he married FANNIE L. CUTTING of Ohio.  

Their first two children were born in Jasper County, Florence (1875) and Ernest (1878).

Sometime between October 1878 and May of 1880, the family moved to Page County, Iowa.  The 1880 Census recorded George as a farmer. 

Before the Iowa State Census of 1885, George moved the family to Walnut Street in Greenfield Township in Adair County Iowa.  By that time two more daughters Mandi (later referred to as Maud) and Pearl were in the family.

In 1900, the family continued to live in Greenfield, where George at age 44 was listed as a well digger.  By that date the family was complete with daughters Georgia and Faye.  Florence had married Charles Walters in 1893. 

Still in Greenfield in 1910, George had returned to farming.  Ernest lived with his parents and worked as a bookkeeper at a hardware store, Faye was the only daughter still at home.  Maude had married Walter Edward Clayton in 1907. 

In 1920 George at age 64 and Fannie lived alone on Locust Street in Greenfield, Adair, Iowa.  George was then, a carpenter.  Ernest married in 1912 and Faye may have married, but no record has been found.

Fannie lived with daughter Maud and her husband Edward Clayton in Orient Township of Adair County, Iowa at the 1930 Census. 

George Bunting died in 1927 and Fannie Cutting Bunting in 1943.  They are buried at the Greenfield Cemetery in Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa.

The children of George W. and Fannie Bunting were:

  • Florence, born 1875 in Jasper County; married Charles Walters 1893 in Greenfield Iowa and had 6 children all born in Iowa.  They were in Union County Iowa in 1910.
  • Ernest, born 1878;(see family details in the next section)
  • Mandi/Maud, born 1881, died in 1939 in Adair County; married Walter Edward Clayton in 1907 and had one child.  They lived in Grand River Township of Adair in 1910, Spaulding Township, Union County in 1920, and Orient Township, Adair County in 1930
  • Pearl born 2 September 1885 in Greenfield; died 1963; married Roy Clayton.  They lived in Page County in 1900, Bedford Township of Taylor County in 1910.  No children appear in any of the Census records.
  • Georgia born July 1887 in Greenfield; married Jesse Chandler and had 3 children.  They lived in Greenfield in 1910 and Richland Township of Adair in 1920.
  • Faye B. born June 1890 in Greenfield, Iowa -  no record after the 1910 census

According to the USGenWeb for Adair County, Ernest (1899), Maude (1900) and Georgia (1907) graduated from Greenfield High School.

In the middle of the front row Ernest is between his parents, Fannie and George W. Bunting 

The sisters (Florence, Maude, Pearl, Georgia & Faye) still need to be identified. 

The date of the photo is estimated to be between 1920 & 1927.




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