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Residents of Walnut Township 1976 Part 2


Hall, Ronald—Section 5.  Father’s name: Leon.  Wife: Marilyn.  Children: Ronda.  Occupation: He, farmer.  She, Nursing home, Stuart.  Activities: She is attending school to become certified as a nurse’s aide.

Jensen, Ernest—Section 10.  Father: Jim.  Wife: Connie.  Wife’s father: Paul Winslow.  Children: Marie (Mrs. Dan Rater), Wayne, Maxine (Mrs. Gustin), Marlene (Mrs. Palmer), and Marvin Young.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: She, Methodist Women’s Society.

Joint, Earl—Section 8.  Father’s name: Vernon.  Wife: Nadine.  Wife’s father: Roy Knowlton.  Children: Betty Jane.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: She, Methodist Church, ODO neighborhood club.  He: Farm Bureau, past director; Lutheran church, chairman of Administrative board.

Kading, Bernard—Section 16.  Father’s name: William.  Wife: Pauline (deceased).  Wife’s father: A. L. McCoy.  Children: Carole, William, Keith.  Occupation: farmer.  William and Keith also farm with him.

Kading, Boyd—Section 15.  Father’s name: Otto.  Wife: Maxine.  Wife’s father: Carl Matthews.  Children: Lili and Robert.  Occupation: farmer, grain and livestock.  Activities: She, DAR, CCC neighborhood club, Eastern Star, Casey Federated Women’s club (charter member), Methodist Women’s Society.  He: Casey Telephone Board, REA board of directors, and Lutheran Church.

Kading, David—Section 8.  Father’s name: Norman.  Wife: Relaine.  Wife’s father: Edward DeLoach.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Lutheran Church.  She: LWML, Casey Federated Women’s Club, ODO, Sunday School teacher.  He: Pork Producers, Sunday School teacher.

Kading, Harold—Section 18.  Father’s name: William F.  Wife: Edith.  Wife’s father: Eli King.  Children: Lyle, Darrell, Marlene.  Occupation: semi-retired farmer.  Activities:  She, ODO neighborhood club.  He: Farm Bureau, past school director and township trustee.

Kading, Norman—Section 5.  Father’s name: Otto.  Wife: Gladys.  Wife’s father: Ottmer Gruber.  Children: Steven, David, Joyce, Randall (deceased).  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Lutheran Church.  She: LWML, ODO neighborhood club, Casey Federated Women’s Club.

Kading, Stanley—Section 28.  Father’s name: Donald.  Wife: Judy.  Wife’s father: Wilbur Acker.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: He: Democratic County Chairman 1976.  She: Adair County Home Economics Committee, former high school teacher.

Keating, Dale—Section 14.  Father’s name: Gordon.  Wife: Emma.  Wife’s father: John Schiller.  Children: Ronald, Richard. Occupation: farmer, retired.  Activities: Methodist Church.

Kingery, Gertrude—Section 31.  Father’s name:  Herman Westphal.  Husband: Forest (deceased).  Husband’s father: Elmer E.  Activities: Canby Friends Church and Ladies Aid.

Kinney, Don—Section 31.  Father’s name: Leonard.  Wife’s father” Lee Leeper.  Children: Leonard, James, David, Betty.  Occupation: farmer.

Kirkpatrick, Dale—Section 33.  Father’s name: Gene.  Wife: Virginia.  Wife’s father: L. Walter.  Children:  Gene, Roger, Steven (deceased).  Occupation:  He, farmer.  She:  Cook at Adair-Casey Schools.  Activities: He: Methodist Church.  She: ODO neighborhood club, Casey Federated Women’s Club.

Knapp, Orville—Section 2.  Father’s name: Walter.  Wife: Phyllis.  Wife’s father:  Charles Love.  Children: Jacob, Dean, Linda, Bob, Phillip and Patty.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: ASCS committeeman for Walnut Township.

Kopaska, Ralph, Jr.—Section 3.  Father’s name: Ralph.  Wife: Janette.  Wife’s father: Carl W. Anderson.  Children: Darrell, Darwin, Dennis.  Occupation:  He, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.  Activities: She, Methodist Women’s Society.

Krause, Calvin—Section 34.  Father’s name:----.  Occupation: farmer.

Kromrie, Duane—Section 21.  Father’s name: John.  Occupation: farmer.

Kromrie, Robert—Section 21.  Father’s name: Frank.  Occupation: farmer.

Kromrie, Roy—Section 21.  Father’s name: Frank.

Kurth, Gerald—Section 15.  Father’s name: Earl.  Wife: Renee.  Wife’s father: Frank Swartz.  Occupation: He, truck driver for Transcontinental.  Activities:  Lutheran church.  She: Girl Scout leader, LWML, Casey Federated Women’s club, Sunday School teacher.  Former high school teacher.

Lemke, Louis—Section 16.  Father’s name: August.  Wife: Esther.  Wife’s father: Herman Bittner.  Occupation: He, State Conservation Officer.   She: Elementary school teacher at West Des Moines.  Activities: Lutheran church, and he is a chief in the Naval Reserve.

Lemke, Ralph—Section 9.  Father’s name: August.  Wife: Belvia.  Wife’s father: James Adkins.  Children: Joan, August, Glenn.  Occupation: salesman, Lemke Awning Company, and farmer.  Activities: Lutheran Church.  He: past president and secretary of the man’s organization of the Lutheran Church.  She: LWML, past secretary.

Linn, Bill—Section 34.  Father’s name: Jackson.  Wife: Marcia.  Wife’s father: Floyd Dawson.  Children: John.  Occupation: farmer, raises purebred Hereford cattle.  Activities:  In 1975 he won the Ak-Sar-Ben Champion Herford heifer and at Kansas City Royal, the Herford heifer won the first place prize.

Ludwig, Elmer—Section 3.  Father’s name: Orie.  Wife: Mary Dora.  Wife’s father: James Crawley.  Children: Martha, Opal, Carl, Wayne, Rex, George, and Carol.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Lutheran Church.

Ludwig, Kenneth—Section 3.  Father’s name: Chris.  Wife: Marilyn.  Children: Kenneth, Jr., Carol, Marcia, Linda.  Occupation: farmer and Challenge Feed salesman.  Activities:  She, Altar and Rosary Society.  He: church board of Catholic Church.

Ludwig, Vern—Section 11.  Father’s name: Orie.  Wife: Mildred.  Wife’s father: Carl Banthrup.  Children: Marvin Lee, Ivan, Darrell, Roger.  Occupation: farmer.  She: Community Care Center, Stuart.

Luhrs, Dean—Section 26.  Father’s name: John.  Wife: Alice.  Wife’s father: John Roberts.  Children: Delene and John.  Occupation: He, farmer.  She: works at Kopper Kettle.  Activities: He: Lutheran Church.  She: LWML.

McClung, Sam—Section 15.  Father’s name: James.  Wife: Mary.  Wife’s father: Ralph Barnes.  Children: Colby.  Occupation: trucker, self-employed.

McNally, Eldon—Section 10.  Father’s name: John.  Wife: Mary.  Children: Patty.  Occupation: He, dairy farmer.  She: works for Dr. Krueger, Casey.  Activities: Lutheran Church.  He: township trustee, Walnut Township.

Morris, John, Sr.—Section 22.  Father’s name: George. Wife: Faye.  Wife’s father: Melvin L. Shell.  Children: Vern (deceased), Winifred (Mrs. Arnold Schmeling), John E., Beulah (Mrs. J. M. Creason).  Occupation: farmer.  Activities:  She, CCC neighborhood club, Methodist Women’s Society.

Morrison, O. F. (Tom)—Section 17.  Father’s name: Ernest.  Wife: Claudine.  Wife’s father: William Beane.  Children: Robert and Kathleen.  Occupation:  farmer.  Activities: She: ODO neighborhood club.

Mowry, Dean—Section 4.  Father’s name: Martin.  Wife: Lavonne.  Wife’s father: Burton Powell.  Children: Deeann, John, Joan, Joe, Tina.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Methodist Church.  He: School board member.  She: Eastern Star, Methodist Women’s Society, Casey Federated Women’s Club, Zetetic Club.

Mowry, Fern—Section 2.  Father’s name: John Wilkinson.  Husband: Martin (deceased), Husband’s father: Jacob Mowry.  Children:  Dean.  Activities: Methodist Church, Eastern Star.

Petersen, Max—Section 2.  Wife: Martha.  Wife’s father: Pete Book.  Children: Donald, Julius, Eldred.  Occupation: retired farmer.

Piatt, David—Section 13.  Father’s name: Denver.  Wife: Charlette.  Wife’s father:  Charles Hood.  Children: Deborah, Kerry.  Occupation: He: salesman.  She: secretary.

 Roberts, Everett—Section 25.  Father’s name: Vern.  Wife:  May.  Wife’s father: Chauncey Gerald Gay.  Children: LaDonna and Terry Roberts (children of May and Max Schultz and adopted by Everett, 1961), Doug Roberts (adopted by May and Everett, 1966), Karla Sue Roberts.  Activities: Everett and May have been foster parents for Iowa Children’s and Family Services of Des Moines for over 13 years. They have raised three foster children.  Now Everett and May are co-vice-presidents of Iowa State Foster Parents Association.  Mrs. Roberts is  Education and Training Chairman for Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.  She was appointed in 1975 to the National Foster Parent Association on the Training and Education Committee.

Richards, Herman—Section 28.  Father’s name: Frank.  Wife: Ruby.  Wife’s father: Ira Toms.  Children: Bob, Betty, Jane.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: She, CCC neighborhood club.

Ruth, Boyd—Section 14.  Father’s name: Jasper (Dick).  Wife: Alburna.  Wife’s father: John Dolan.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Altar and Rosary Society.

Ruth, Clinton—Section 27.  Father’s name: Jasper (Dick).  Wife: Mabel.  Wife’s father: Charles Kading.  Children: Marvin, Eddie, Marlene.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Lutheran Church.

Schmeling, Arnold—Section 8.  Father’s name: John.  Wife: Winifred.  Wife’s father: John Morris, Sr.  Children: Bruce, Rita, Kenneth Donna and Rickie.Occupation: farmer. Activities: Lutheran Church.  He: Farm Bureau.  She: LWML, Casey Federated Women’s Club, ODO neighborhood club.  Arnold’s grandfather John, was born in Germany.  The farm has been in the family since March 1, 1878 and the original house still stands.

Schwalbe, W. C.—Section 35.  Father’s name: Carl.  Wife: Lucille.  Wife’s father: Phillip Knorr.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Lutheran Church, LWML, wife has taught school and is a graduate of Drake University.  He: Farm Bureau, past church elder.

Sheeder, Gerald—Section ___.

Siedelmann, Wayne—Section 25.  Father’s name: Albert.  Wife: Loretta.  Wife’s father: Walter McMurphy.  Children: Marcella, Mary Alice, Daryl.  Occupation: farmer and woodworking.  Activities: Lutheran Church. 

Slayton, Dale—Section 14.  Father’s name: Lona.  Wife: Fannie.  Wife’s father: Dave Lane.  Children: Darrell and Debbie.  Occupation: farmer and owner of Slayton Manufacturing Co., which make bale carriers at a shop on farm.  Activities:  She, CCC neighborhood club.  He: Masons.

Slayton, Don—Section 8.  Father’s name: Lona.  Wife: Betty.  Wife’s father: Charles Caltrider.   Children: Carolyn, David, Robert.  Occupation: farmer, grain and livestock.  Activities: ODO neighborhood club, Casey Federated Women’s Club, Zetetic Club, Methodist Women’s Society.  He: Lyons, Master Mason and Methodist Church board.

Stetzel, Dale—Section 5.  Father’s name: Maynard.  Wife: Maxine.  Wife’s father: William Hain.  Children: Rebecca ( Mrs. Mike Moore), Barbara and Larry.  Occupation: farmer, grain and livestock.  Activities: She, Casey Library Board, Federated Women’s Club, Casey, ODO neighborhood club, LWML.  He: Lutheran Church.

Stetzel, Delbert—Section 19.  Father’s name: Maynard.  Wife: Wavah.  Wife’s father: Vinton Shoesmith.  Children: David, Daniel, Marsha, Jeff, Johnathan.  Occupation: Farmer.  Activities: Methodist Church.  She: ODO neighborhood club, Church Circle.  He: Farm Bureau, Greeley Mutual Ins. She and he: Church board and assistant youth director.

Stewart, Earl—Section 29, Wife: Jenny.

Sublett, Cecil—Section 7.  Father’s Name: Robert.  Wife: Marjorie.  Wife’s father: Roy Bechtol.  Children: Ramona Opiol, Jody Sublett.  Occupation: Postal Employee at Adair. He: rural mail carrier.  Activities: Presbyterian Church.  She: Sunday School teacher and secretary of board of trustees.  He: VFW quartermaster, Adair, and Legion.  Recently retired after 33 years in Army and National Guard.

Taylor, Jesse—Section 35.  Father’s name: Leroy.  Wife: Sarah.  Wife’s father: Burton Guss.  Children: His—Larry Taylor and Marilyn Tipkin.  Hers from first marriage: Burton, Don, Ralph, Charles, Betty, Marjory, Elnora, Connie and Roseanna Wetzel.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: She, Methodist Church, Bridgewater.  He: former land measurer for ASCS.

Taylor Wayne—Section 24.  Father’s name: Ray.  Wife: Patricia.  Wife’s father: Arthur Walters.  She, school teacher.  He: commercial insurance representative.  Activities: Jefferson Center Church.  He: Casey Lion’s club. She: A-O-Kiya Club, Menlo.

Thompson, Kenneth—Section 21.  Occupation: retired farmer and works for 5 X 80 Country Club.

Tipling, Willis—Section 32.  Father’s name: Fred.  Wife: Ruth.  Wife’s father: Defenbaugh.  Children: Patricia (Clayton).  Occupation: owner of Tipling Garage for 28 years.  Activities: Canby Friends Church.

Tommerdahl, Richard—Section 23.  Father’s name: Benhard.  Wife: Susan.  Wife’s father:  Elvis Meddock.  Occupation: farmer, dairy cattle.  Activities:  He, soil conservation.  She: former employment—radio broadcasting at KJAN in Atlantic; published writer; secretary to Adair County Board of Health and owned her own secretarial service in Greenfield.

Tracy, Bill—Section 13.  Father’s name: Dayton.  Wife: Betty.  Wife’s father: William Mains, Sr.  Children: Brian, Craig, Denise, Tom.  Occupation: owner of Iowa Walnut Co., Inc.  Activities: Catholic Church.

Tracy, Brian—Section 28.  Father’s name: Bill.  Wife: Debbie.  Wife’s father: Al Decklever.  Children: Clinton.  Occupation: employed by Iowa Walnut Co., Inc.

Tracy, Craig—Section 13.  Father’s name: Bill.  Wife: Kay.  Wife’s father: Gene Thomas.  Children: Matthew Tyler.  Occupation: She, teacher at Bridgewater-Fontanelle Elementary School.  He: Building contractor.

Vorrath, Earl—Section 20.  Father’s name: Donald.  Wife: Nola.  Wife’s father: Nolan Huntsman.  Children: Arlynn, Rhonda, Leland.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: ODO neighborhood club and Thursday Afternoon Club, Greenfield.

Westphal, Marvin—Section 31.  Father’s name: Ledi.  Wife: Marie.  Wife’s father: Glenn Bricker.  Children: Cecilia, Marvin, Jr., Annette, Chris, Jeffrey.  Occupation: farmer.  Activities: Highland Methodist Church.  She: Bible Study group and Women’s Society.  Son, Chris, is studying for the ministry in the Church of Christ in Tennessee.

“Pinegrove Farm” was established by William Utts, 1876, in Section 22 of Walnut Township.  William was the son of John Utts.  William raised Herford cattle, Clydesdale horses and Poland china hogs.  He taught school and served the township in many capacities.    He and his wife, Elizabeth, had three sons, Thomas, Charles and William Sherman.  Before moving to the farm, Elizabeth had died, and the three boys had a difficult childhood.   When William died in 1885, the three boys continued to live on the farm.

Charles Utts followed a plan of general farming and stock raising at “”Pinegrove Farm.”  In 1889 he married Geneva Garner and they raised three children, Darilla, Harold and Manila.  Mr. Utts was the director of school district 5 and a life-long member of the Methodist Church.  There are nine grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren.

Pinegrove Farm remains in the Utts family today.  Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Kading are now living there.  Mrs. Kading is Maxine Matthews, who is a granddaughter of Charles Utts.  They continue to enjoy rural life in the township.  Mrs. Kading is active in many community organizations and Mr. Kading is famed for his machinery building skills.


The name Kading has been a prominent one in Walnut Township of Adair county, with many of its members still residing in the township.

William Kading (1829-1907) came from Germany in the 1860s.  He married Marie Lemke.  They settled at Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, came to Iowa in 1880, and are buried in Oakwood Cemetery near Casey.  To this union were born Fred, Albert, Herman, and Gustie.  The spelling of Kaeding was changed to “Kading.”

Fred Kading, known as F. W. married Caroline Urbatch from northern Iowa,  Their family consisted of twelve children: Fred, Jr., George, Alvina, Rose, Ella, Abe, Arthur, Stella, Oscar, Margaret, Clarnece and Rachel.  Of this family, Fred, Jr., married Minnie Krause and they lived on a farm in Walnut Township in Section 9.  Their children were Nelda, Verlene, and Ted.

Arthur remained in the area and married Carrie Mowry: their four sons are Ear, Eugene, Donald and Merle.  Donald married Virginia Mains and lived on a farm in Section 28 until moving to Arkansas in the late ‘70s.  Their family consisted of Jane, Peggy, Stanley and Donna.

Stanley Kading took over the farming operations of his father, Donald.  He married Judy Acker and continues to live on the same farm.  Stan was elected to head the Democratic Central Committee in 1976.

Albert Kading (1857-1925) married Mathilda Schmeling and resided in Section 8 of Walnut Township.  Their children were Robert, Rose, Otto, Mary, Albert (died as a youth), William, John, Louise and Matilda.

Robert, Otto, William and John all resided in Walnut Township, rearing their families there and farming was their occupation.

Albert, along with his sons, owned and operated a steam threshing rig, and later an oil pull Rudely, which was acquired by son, Robert; this was operated throughout parts of 8 sections or more of land.  This tradition carried down through Robert’s and Otto’s families until the combine finally replaced them in the late ‘40s.

A custom cornsheller was also run by Robert and the occupation is still being performed by his son, Albert.

Robert married Carrie Mowry and to this union were born Albert, Grace, Raymond, Irene and Blanche (deceased).  The 1918 flue struck the community and claimed the life of Robert’s wife, Carrie.  He later married Amanda Kelly Kerns, who had two children, Paul and Frances. To this union five more children were born: Edna, Vera, Robert, Jr. (deceased), and Janet and James (twins).  Robert was on the original board of directors of the REA, which brought electricity to the rural area.

Raymond and his wife, Nina Conley, lived on the Robert Kading farm after Robert and Amanda retired to their home in Casey.  Cleone, Karen and Cheryl are the daughters of Raymond and Nina, who now reside in California.

After Raymond moved, Albert and his wife, Naomi Weber, occupied the farm.  They are the parents of Gloria, Shirley, and Marvin.  Albert now lives in Guthrie County.
Edna married Dayle Cline, and they have four children:  Thomas, Peggy, Marijane and Martha.  Thomas is married to Darla Gerdes.  After her marriage in 1973 to Jim Cook, their daughter Peggy chose an unusual profession working in Ghana, Africa, where they were associated with the University.  Martha, who is in Adair-Casey High, is a talented seamstress and has won honors in the “Make It With Wool” contest.  The others have left Walnut Township, but Dayle and Edna continue to live on the Cline farm in Section 10.  Dayle is a rural mail carrier, delivering the mail in all kinds of weather to the rural folks.

The rest of the Robert Kading family no longer reside in Walnut township.

On December 18, 1912, Otto Kading and Anna Hain were united in marriage.  They established their home on a farm joining the Robert Kading farm and there reared eight children:  Edith, Lucile, Boyd, Richard, Marie, Norman, and Ruth and Ruby (twins).  Of the eight, only Boyd and Norman reside in Iowa.

Boyd married Maxine Matthews in 1939 and moved to a farm in Section 21, known as the “Utts Farm.” As well as farming, boy has a talent for building and repairing machinery.  His shop is known throughout the community.  Boyd replaced Robert on the REA board of directors when Robert retired.  Two children, Lili and Robert, came at the ages of 2 years and 4 years, and lived them for 15 years.

On December 29, 1946, Norman married Gladys Gruber and continued to till the soil on his father’s farm.  Norman also has the talent of building, and was a firm believer in conservation practices to save the soil.  He became a Soil Commissioner in 1967, and is still performing these duties.  Four children came to bless this union: Steve, David, Randall, and Joyce.  Joyce works for Delta Airlines in Boston, MA. The community was shocked and saddened by the death of Randy on May 21, 1964, due to a tractor accident, just three days  before completing the eighth grade in Adair-Casey School.

Their eldest son, Steven, graduated from the University of Iowa in Iowa City with a degree in medicine.  He did his internship at Ramsey Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is continuing his studies with the University of Minnesota, specializing in internal medicine.  He is married to Sue Kuntz.

David, with his wife, Rilaine DeLoach continue to farm and live on the farm and live on the former Robert Kading farm, which was purchased by Norman several years ago.  They moved to the farm in March, 1975 after David graduated from Iowa State University at Ames.

From 1956 to 1964 the “Four Kading Kids” were known for their musical talents, and did much entertaining at fairs, showers, meetings, and church functions.

Rose Kading married Emil Eckardt, and lived at Leon, Iowa.  Their children are Virgil, Florence, Floyd, Lois and Dottie.

Mary Kading married Gus Mowry; three daughters blessed this union, namely: Hazel, Bernice, and Mabel.  Hazel married Oral Williams, and lived a number of years in Section 17.  Their family consists of Beverly, Shirley and Jack.  Bernice married Sam Dalzell.  They have one son, Sam, and are currently operating a restaurant (Mary’s Café) in Casey.  Mabel married Ed Schirm and lives at Victor, Iowa.

Louise Kading married Carl Hain and their children were Donald, Phillip, Juan, Roger and Virginia.  After Carl’s death, Louise married Valdmar Jorgensen and moved to Nebraska.

Matilda, the youngest child of Albert and Matilda, married Roscoe Hafner and resides in Guthrie County.

Will married Rose Madsen and lived in Walnut Township, Section 16.  Their family consisted of Gladys, Marcella, and Bernard.  Of the three children, Bernard is the only one remaining in Walnut Township.  He married Alene McCoy; their children are Carol, Bill, and Keith.  Alene died in 1971, but Bernard and the two boys still reside on the farm in Section 16.

John Kading lived all his life in Walnut Township on his dad’s farm and a farm in Section 20.  John married Sophia Hain and was blessed with two daughters.  Geraldine and Marilyn.  Geraldine married Charles Dillin and they lived in Walnut Township for a number of years.  Their family consist of Sandra, Roger, Juie, and Philip.  They now reside in Oregon.

Marilyn is married to Millard Hoskinson and they reside in Arizona.

After Sophia’s death, John married Ruby M. King.  She had two children, Jean and Rollin.  John and Ruby are now retired, living in Casey.

Herman Kading, another son of William and Marie, married Kate Tellkamp. Their children were Carrie, Charlie, Herman R., Henry (died in the army in 1918), Augusta (deceased), and John (deceased).

Carrie married William Hain in 1925.  They moved to Guthrie County, but their daughter, Maxine, now resides on the grandparents’ farm in Section 5.  Maxine married dale Stetzel in 1950.  Their children are Rebecca, who married Mike Moore, and lives in Davenport; Barbara and Larry.

Charlie married Ann Stoek; their children were Helen, Mabel, and Glen.  Helen married Merrill Warner and farmed in Walnut Township before moving to Casey.  They have one son, Donald, who is married to Marilyn Sunds.

Mabel married Clinton Ruth, and they still farm in Section 27.  Their children are Marvin, Eddie, and Marlene, who are all married but no longer live in Adair County.

Glen (Bud) married Maxine Wilborne, and lived in Walnut Township, farming in Section 9 for several years.  Their family consists of Linda, Tedd, and Glen Allen.  But is deceased now and their family lives in Nebraska. 

Herman R. Kading married Cecil Guisinger, and to this union were born Juanita, Mary Lou, Herman Henry, and Margaret.  They farmed in Section 5, where the Dale Stetzels now live, but are no longer residents of Adair County.

Gustie Kading married Mark Stammer and moved to South Dakota where they had three boys and three girls.

Another of the Kadings who did reside in Walnut Township is Ferdinand H. of Germany, and Henrietta Kempe.  Their children were Emma, Ed, William F., and Fred.  They lived in Wisconsin and came to Case in 1875.  William F. and his wife, Amelia Wagner, remained in Section 19.  Their children are Harold, LeRoy (deceased), Lawrence, Laura (deceased), Gladys (deceased), and Gertrude.  In 1945, William F. was severely burned when struck by lightning in the hog house.  He survived, but his clothes and shoes were split.

LeRoy lived with his wife, Verdis Binkley, in Section 19.  When the dread polio became an epidemic, LeRoy was stricken and passed away in 1946.  Their children are Vernon, Laurel, Blaine and Kay.  All have left Walnut Township.

Harold remained in Section 18 and is married to Edith King.   To this union were born Lyle, Darrell, and Marlene.  Darrell married Shirley Paulson; Marlene married don Gregory, but they no longer reside in Iowa.

Lyle married Nadine Hoffert, who is a school teacher, and they live on a farm near his brother Harold.  Lyle does repair of farm equipment along with farming.

Elmer moved to Colorado.

Lawrence and his wife, Etta Spain, live in Guthrie County and have one daughter, Eleanor.

Gertrude continued to live on her father’s farm and during the blinding snowstorm of 1962 became lost in the field while going down to shut off the windmill.  Neighbors and anyone who could get there formed a search party and found her after dark, cold but well.  Gertrude now lives in Atlantic.

The Kading Family is to be regarded as a most worthy pioneer family of Walnut Township of Adair County.

John F. Schmeling

The Schmeling farm has been in the family for 98 years.  The original owner was John F. Schmeling, born in Germany, who settled in Walnut Township in 1878 with his wife, Augusta Lemke Schmeling.  Of their five children, only John Frederick stayed in Walnut, purchasing the family farm in 1924.  Of the eleven children of John, only Arnold stayed in the township to farm with his wife, Winifred Morris Schmeling. 

George A. Wilson

Walnut Township can boast of having a governor who was born within its borders.  This man was George A. Wilson, son of James H. Wilson, or “Prairie Jim,” who was a member of the Iowa Railroad Commission.

James H. Wilson was born in 1860 in a log cabin in Adair County.  He taught school, acquired a college education and eventually became a superintendent in Adair County.  After marriage to Sarah McClure and having two children, he graduated as valedictorian from Kansas University Law School.  His sons were John, Burt, Frank, Donald, and George A.

In 1917 George A. Wilson was appointed Judge of Polk County District Court.  He continued to serve the public as governor of Iowa and as a United States Senator.

Transcribed from Adair County History 1976 by Mary Chochran.
Pages 161-166




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