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Residents of Walnut Township 1976 Part 1


There were many families who have lived in Walnut Township in the past sixty to eighty years and all of them contributed in many ways to the advancement of Walnut, both economically and agriculturally. In this history I will mention the Utts family because that farm has been designated as a Century Farm. I will also mention the Schmeling family whose farm has been in the same family for 98 years. Also I have included material on the Kading family because many of the ancestors of that group remain actively engaged in farming and in community life in Walnut Township. Other families are mentioned in articles on clubs and churches or for other contributions to the township. The reader will also find a director of the families of the township in 1976.

The following is a listing of some of the early family names in the township. More information on some of them can be found in the Casey Centennial Book and the reader is directed to look there.
1854—Charles Smith planted the first wheat crop.
1855—Lewis Underwood built the first log cabin.
1855—James Thompson planted the first corn.
1866—Moses Stockwell built schoolhouse, District No. 2.
1875—Jesse Comly
1876—R. C. Hooembeck
1876—William Utts
1869—John Mowry
1872—John Raper
1878—John F. Schmeling
?—Nolan Family
?—Sylvester Family
?—Burr Family
1866-Abram Rutt
By 1880:
Felix McNally
Will Rutherford
Henry Moffitt
Lewis Guthrie
John Searles
Ed and Jesse Stephenson
Cal Lundy
Charles Cline
Samuel Alloway
Fred Kading
James Wilson
M. J. Cowman
James Condon
Burry Sipple

The Families of:


Avey, Floyd--Section 6. Father’s name: Fred. Wife: Goldie. Wife’s father: Finley Burger. Children: Marilyn (Mrs. Kuhl), Alice (Mrs. Warner. Occupation: farmer. Activities: Methodist Church, Adair. She: UMW

Barnhouse, Wayne E.—Section 36. Father’s name: Charles. Wife: Leona. Wife’s father: William Huss. Children: Charles. Occupation: farmer.

Beattie, James—Section 23. Father’s name: Louis. Wife: Darlene. Wife’s father: Russell Alden. Children: Gary, Linda, Kevin and Terry. Occupation: farmer. Activities: Methodist Church. He: Farm Bureau, Lions-Casey.

Beattie, Sam—Section 25. Father: John. Wife: Edith. Wife’s father: James Crowley. Children: Roy. Occupation: farmer. Son also farms

Caltrider, Emerson—Section 15. Father’s name: Sumner. Wife: Bertha. Wife’s father: Andrew Bales. Children: Eugene. Occupation: retired farmer. Activities: She: CCC, former school teacher, Methodist Church, Women’s Society.

Clark, Vernon—Section 30. Father’s name: Dan. Children: Carrol, Dale, Donna. Occupation: farmer.

Clark, Margaret. Father’s name: John Metheny. Children: Carrol, Dale, Donna.

Cline, Dayle—Section 10. Father’s name: Albert. Wife: Edna. Wife’s father: Robert Kading. Children: Tom, Peggy (Mrs. Jim Cook), Mary, Jane, Martha. Occupation: postal employee, Casey, and farmer. Activities: Methodist Church. She: Garden Club, Legion Auxiliary. He: Masons, Legion, ASCS, Farm Bureau, Soil Conservation.

Crees, Floyd—Section 32. Father’s name: Alexander. Wife: Gertrude (deceased). Wife’s father: William Zimmerline. Children: Peggy Trudie, Floyd William.

Crees, William (Bill)—Section 32. Father’s name: Floyd. Wife: Janette. Wife’s father: Emmanuel Marquis. Children: Annette, Brian. Occupation: He, farmer. She, waitress at Redwoods, Anita. Activities: He, ASCS board—alternate.

Condon, Leonard—Section 29. Father’s name: James. Wife: Genevieve. Wife’s father: George Shank. Children: Robert and Marilyn. Occupation: farmer—grain and livestock. Robert also farms. Activities: She: ODO neighborhood club.

Dawson, David—Section 35. Father’s name: Floyd. Wife: Barbara, Wife’s father: Barker. Occupation: He: Rosehill Nursery, Panora; she, teacher’s aide at Casey Elementary School.

Dinkla, Elmer—Section 10. Father’s name: Remmer. Wife: Arlene. Wife’s father: Ervin Wollenhaupt. Children: Dennis, Daryl, Joanne, Dwight, Dallas and Diane. Occupation: farmer, dairy and livestock. Activities: Lutheran church. He, township trustee, Casey Telephone Board, former 4-H leader. She: LWML, former 4-H leader.

Dolan, Richard—Section__. Father’s name: Martin. Wife: Pam. Wife’s father: Walter Krause. Children: Brett, Kelly. Occupation: farmer. Activities: He, Lions secretary, ASCS. She, former school teacher. Catholic.

Downing, Loren—Section 6. Father’s name: Louis. Wife: Harryette. Wife’s mother: Laura Pierce Baird. Wife’s father: Harry Baird. Children: James, Robert, Mary. Occupation: farmer. Activities: UMW Methodist Church, ODO neighborhood club. He: Past 4-H leader, past Extension Council member. Wife’s grandfather was Civil War veteran. Jacob L. Pierce.

Edgington, Lawrence—Section 18. Father’s name: Max Simmons. Wife: Darlene. Wife’s father: Don Bates. Children: Linda, Mark, Andrew, Cindy. Occupation: farmer. Activities: Methodist Church. He: Farm Bureau. She: ODO neighborhood club.

Edgington, Robert—Section 3. Father’s name: Max Simmons. Wife: Fay. Wife’s father: Rex Murphy. Children: Steve, Kevin. Occupation: She, secretary at Adair-Casey School. He, State Highway Commission, Methodist Church.

Egger, Georgia—Section 12.

Elgin, Bill—Section 7. Father’s name: Lynn. Wife: Betty Jane. Wife’s father: Earl Joint. Occupation: She, secretary at Adair-Casey School. He: construction work. Activities: Presbyterian Church, Adair.

Emmons, Dwight—Section 19. Father’s name: Laiten. Wife: Ruth. Wife’s father: Dave McDowell. Children: Neil, Avis, Betty. Occupation: He, farmer. She, tax consultant for Bill Fisher, Adair. Activities: Past member of FHA. She: ODO neighborhood club, Methodist Church, Adair.

Ernst, Leonard—Section 11. Father’s name: Jacob. Wife: Velma. Wife’s father: Fred Wedemeyer.

Faga, Jack—Section 24. Father’s name: Richard. Wife: Linda. Wife’s father: George Eddy. Children: Mike, Steven, Susan. Occupation: farmer. Activities: He, director on Adair County Pork Producers Board, ASCS township committee. She. Altar and Rosary Society, ODO neighborhood club.

Fagan, Tom—Section__. Father’s name: Philip. Wife: Nita. Wife’s father: Thomas Lydon. Children: Trista. Occupation: farmer. Activities: He: Pork Producers and Farm Bureau. She: ODO neighborhood club and Altar and Rosary Society.

Farrell, Louis—Section 2. Father’s name: James. Wife: Zola. Wife’s father: James Robertson. Occupation: farmer. Activities: She: Methodist church, Mary Circle and Women’s Society. Never Idle Club, Garden Club, Jefferson Homemakers Club. He: Catholic Church.

Transcribed from Adair County History 1976 by volunteer Mary Cochrane

pages 159-160


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