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Residents of Eureka Township 1976 (part 1)


ANDERSON, David, married Mary Elizabeth Dygert.  His parents are Vernon Anderson and Mary Ellen Wagner.  Her parents are Gerald Dygert and Mary Lou Cornell.   They have a six months old son, Christopher.  They live in a mobile home on section 25, and David farms with his father and brother.  Address: Fontanelle, R. R.

ANDERSON, LaRue, married Thelma Stonebraker.  His parents are I. S. (Ingaman) Anderson and Amanda Petersen.  Her parents are Albert Stonebraker and Ella Christensen.  They have a daughter, Diane.  They live on section 8.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Anita Holy Cross Lutheran.  Address: Anita, RR 1.

ANDERSON, Richard, is single.  His parents are Vernon Anderson and Mary Ellen Wagner.  He maintains a home on section 26 and farms with his father and brother.

ANDERSON, Vernon, married Mary Ellen Wager.  His parents are Carl Anderson and Cora Frank Scott.  Her parents are Leo Wagner and Lura Nelson.  Their children are Richard, Mary Susan, Jerry, David and Kay.  They reside on section 36.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Greenfield Catholic.  Address: RR 2, Fontanelle.

AUPPERLE, Lowell, married Inez C. Main.  His parents are Roy Aupperle and Alta Hutchins.  Her parents are Bruce Main and Jessie Sonney.  They have no children.  They farm on section 13.  Church: Protestant.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

BAUDLER, Louis, married Betty Louise Christensen.  His parents are Peter Ernest Baudler and Lizzie Sophia Lorenze.  Her parents are Nels Christensen and Helen Erma Ridout.  Children: Marilyn Lavon and Clifton DuWayne.  Their home is on section 36 and their occupation is farming.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran in Fontanelle.  Address: Fontanelle, RR 2.

BEAVER, Lauren, married Kathryn Weimer.  His parents are Earl Beaver and Edith Butler.  Her parents are Dr. Frank Weimer and Jeannette Rogers.  They have four children, Nancy, Kent, Brad and Paul Mitchell.  Their home is located on section 6.  Occupation: farming.  Church: Anita United Methodist Church.   Address: Adair, RR 1.

BENNETT, Donald, married Charlotte Kiewiet.  His parents are Wm. C. Bennett and Lorene Weaver.  Her parents are Wm. F. Kiewiet and Anna Dirks.  Their children are Nancy Ann and Richard Donald.  Occupation: farming, on section 13.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle, RR.

BLAZEK, Vern, married Meridith Skaug.  His parents are Glen Blazek and Velma Dubin.  Her parents are M. Wilbur Skaug and Betty Laursen.  Their children are Irene Kay, Linda Ann, and a new baby, Glenda Marie.  They farm on section 29, where Bob and Effie Duff were former owners for many years.  Church: United Methodist in Anita.  Address: Anita RR 1, 

BOWER, David C. married Shirlee Anderson.  His parents are Collin Bower and Helen Finney.  Her parents are Bernard Anderson and Dorothy Carlson.  They have a little daughter, Beth 2 ½ years old.  They live on section 30.  Church: Bible Baptist in Anita.  Address: Anita RR 1.  This place was owned by Leland Taylor for many years.

BOWER, Kenneth, married Judy Chandler.  His parents are Collin Bower and Helen Finney.  Her parents are Ralph Chandler and Hazel French.  They have a son, Daniel, age 1.  They live and farm on section 30.  This farm was owned by Ed Darrow for many years.  Church: Anita Baptist.  Address: Anita RR 1.

BROWN, Charles A., Jr. married Nadine Jan McKee.  His parents are Charles Alfred Brown and Muriel Mae McKinney.  Her parents are Rex McKee and Iada Bissell.  They have two sons, Charles A. III, Steven Rex, and a daughter Julie Ann.  Occupation: farming, on section 31.  Church: Massena Christian Disciples of Christ.  Address: Anita, RR 1.

BROWN, Isaac, Jr., married Irene Johnson.  His parents are Isaac, Sr., and Anna Nelson.  Her parents are Nels Jensen and Hansena Hansen.  Mr. Brown lives on section 18.  This land has been in the Brown family since 1907, when his father came to Adair County.  Where the house is situated was once a part of Northside Berea.  Mrs. Brown is deceased.  They have one daughter, Linda.

BROWN, Zort P., married Cora Brown.  His parents are Allen R. Brown and Jennie May Pierce.  Her parents are Lewis Dyer Brown and Rebecca Morrison.  They have four sons, Zort Allen, Manley Dyer, Freeman R. and Bruce Dallas.

CAMPBELL, Steve, married Cynthia Sears.  His parents are Don Campbell and Betty Stuva Westphal.  Her parents are George Sears and Mildred Rafter.  They have two daughters, Emily and Donna.  Steve and Cynthia are starting to farm this year on section 29.  (This was the Ethel Courtney place where the Manley Young family lived from 1953-1969.)  Church: Fontanelle Methodist.  Address: Anita RR.

CARSTENS, Dean, married Melodee Menefee.  His parents are Alfred Carstens and Velma Ticknor.  Her parents are John Menefee and Ella McCarthy.  Dean and Melodee married two years ago and started farming on his father’s farm, on section 11.  They have no children.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Adair RR 1.

COOLEY, Ted, married Ann Jepsen.  His parents are Henry Cooley and Anna Gates.  Her parents are Lawrence Jepsen and Anna Juhler.  They have four children, Delores, Luetta, Herbert and Melvin.  Their home is located on section 5, and they farm.  Church: Anita United Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

Christensen, Frederick Dale, married Vicki Molck.  His parents are M. Dale Christensen and Maxine Stager.  Her parents are (unknown) Molck and Dorothy Collins.  They have two children, Erick Dale and Shauna Dorine.  Their home is on section 7 and their occupation is farming.  Church: Anita Bible Baptist.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

DANIELS, Boyd, married Joan Blough.  His parents are Eugene Kirk Daniels and Josephine Boyd.  Her parents are John Blough and Christina Olson.  They have two daughters, Kathleen and Maurdeen.  Boyd and Joan have recently purchased the Elmer Schuler residence and 11 acres of ground on section 1 near Canby, and have moved here from Colorado.  Occupation: Boyd represents the National Federation of Independent Business in this area.  Church: St. John’s Catholic in Greenfield.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

DANIELS, Robert, married Audrey Helberg.  His parents are Eugene Kirk Daniels and Josephine Boyd.  Her parents are Frederick Helberg and Alma Wenthe.  They have three sons, David Bruce, Steven Kent, and Christopher Gene.  Their home is on section 2 and their occupation is farming.  Church: Lutheran Immanuel in Greenfield.  Address:  Adair, RR 1.

ESHELMAN, Albert, was married to (1) Dorothy Thomson.  His parents are Earl Eshelman and Vera Ray.  Her parents are Mrs. And Mrs. L. S. (Sam) Thompson.   Their children are Steve, Cynthia, Debra, Craig, and Jerry.  Albert married (2) Shirley Stapleton Miller.  She has four children by a former marriage.  They are Judy, Gayle, Lee, Mark and Mike.  They live on section 21.  Occupation:  Farming.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

ESHELMAN, Gene, married June Jergens Huff.  His parents are Earl Eshelman and Vera Ray.  Her parents are Fred Jergens and Erma Walker.  June has two children by a previous marriage, Rick and Carmen.  Their father is Morris Huff, Gene and June have three children, Ellis, Wanda, and Sandra Sue.  Their home is located on section 34 and their occupation is farming.  Gene’s grandfather settled on this farm in 1883 and the family has retained ownership since that time.  The grandfather, Chris Eshelman, was one of the early settlers in Eureka Township.

FAGAN, Eugene Marcus, married Ellen Kathleen Beaman.  His parents are George Marcus Fagan and Ruth Teresa Dolan.  Her parents are Elzie W. Beaman and Alice B. Lydon.  Their home is located on section 3.  They have three daughters, Mary Kay, Marilyn Jean, and Marcella Ann.  Occupation: General farming.  Church: St. John’s Catholic in Adair.  Address: Adair RR 1.

FICK, Paul E., married Doris Zanders Lents.  His parents are Edwin F. Fick and Susie Brown.  There are no children from this marriage.  Her parents are Elmer Zanders and Dora May Rater.  Doris’ first husband, Kenneth Lents, died in 1970.  His parents are George Lents and Maude Davis.  Their children are Donald K., Ralph Daniel (deceased), Irene and Jimmie Dale.  Paul farms in section 9 and has served as township clerk and on the ASC township committee since 1950.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Adair RR.

FREDERIKSEN, Franklin, married Gwendolyn Thygesen; His parents are Fred F. Frederiksen and Clara Petersen.  Her parents are Chris Thygesen and Mabel Christensen.  They have four daughters, Dianna, Marsha, Julie, and Emily.  They have recently moved from near Hamlin, Iowa, to the farm purchased from Andy Thiele on section 20.  Church: Hamlin Lutheran.  Address: Anita RR.

HARRIS, Clifford Raymond, married Romona Della Porter.  His parents are Clifford Adair Harris and Vera Frankie Brown.  Her parents are Joseph Edwin Porter and Goldie Logue.  They have two children, Armond Ray and Belby Tiel.  They live on section 16 and are farming.  Address: RR 1.

HERR, Wilfred, married Helen Bunce.  His parents are Henry Herr and Edna Baudler.  Her parents are Dale Bunce and Gladys Beaman.  They have two adopted children, Bruce and Karen.  Their home is located on section 35.  They carry on a general farming operation, and Helen does some teaching as substitute teacher in Fontanelle.   Address: Fontanelle RR.

HOLSHUH, Harry, married Alda Merle Kembery.  His parents are Conrad Holshuh and Caroline Stahl.  Her parents are James P. Kembery and Sadie Glen Standley.  They have no living children.  Harry Edward, Jr., died in infancy.  Occupation: farming.  Church: Methodist.  Their home is located on section 8, and their address is Adair RR.

JACOBSON, Arlan, married Irene Finck.  His parents are Andy Jacobson and Marie Jensen.  Her parents re Henry Finck and Lela Waters.  They have two children, Phyliss and Gene.  Their home is located on section 36.  Occupation: Farming, and Arlan, is employed at Mac’s Electric in Greenfield.  Church: Lutheran Immanuel in Greenfield.  Address: Fontanelle RR.

JOHNSON, Randy, is single.  He lives on section 23.  His parents are Earl Johnson and Bertha Jensen.  He is engaged in a general farming operation with his father and brother.  Church: Lutheran in Fontanelle.  Address: Fontanelle RR.

JOHNSON, Wayne, married Nancy Begley.  His parents are Harry Johnson and Ada Alff.  Her parents are H. L. Begley and Helen Reynolds.  Children: Vicki, Kim and Todd.  They live on section 18 and their occupation is farming.  Church: Holy Cross Lutheran in Anita.  Address: Anita RR 1.

JORGENSEN, Donald E., married Joanne Marie Rattenborg.  His parents are Edward Jorgensen and Esther Iversen.  Her parents are Harry Rattenborg and Martha M. Niles.  Children: Steven, Mark, Rebecca Jo, Dan Bradley, and Paul Mitchell.   The Jorgensens live on section 18.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Anita Holy Cross Lutheran.  Address: Anita RR 1.

KLEMISH, Cleon, married Mary Kaye VanEernam.  His parents are Leon Byron Klemish and Georgia Roberta Bain.  Her parents are Robert Arthur VanAernam and Mary Elizabeth Marnin.  They have two children, James Alan, and Mary Beth.  Their home is located on section 3.  Occupation: General farming.  Church: St. John’s Catholic in Adair.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

LANTZ, Dale, married Marcie Lee.  His parents are Earl Lantz and Mildred Taylor.  Her parents are William Lee and Ola Mae Ballinger.  They have six children: Michael, Mark, Larry, Mari, Monica and Meredith.  They live and farm on section 31.  Church: St. Patrick’s Catholic in Massena.  Address: Anita, RR.

Lents, Donald K., married Marie D. Stephenson.  His parents are Kenneth Lents and Doris Zanders.  Her parents are Avery Stephenson and Erma Marsh.  Their children are Ralph, Dale, Wayne and Cathy.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle, RR.  Their home is located on section 26.

Lents, Ralph, married Nancy Morgan.  His parents are Donald K. Lents and Marie Stephenson.  Her parents are Leo Vernon Morgan and Darlene Mae Poore.  Ralph and Nancy were married last year and have no children.  They live on section 9.  Occupation: Farming, Nancy works at the Exchange State Bank in Adair.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

MADISON, John, married (1) Helen I Tharp.  His parents are Ernest E. Madison and Ella E. Mumert.  Her parents are Robert Tharp and Edith Moore.  Their children are Robert Ernest, Leon, and Gary.  After Helen’s death, John married (2) Ethra Jean Cahow Thomas.  Her parents are Ralph Cahow and Treva Rhinhart.  Her children are: Richard Leland, Bette Jo, Roberta Louise, Larry Jim, and Rosemarie.  Their father is Richard Thomas.  John and Jean live on section 15.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Highland Methodist.

MAIN, Lyle, married Sadie Beaman.  His parents are Zennie Main and Edith Morgan.  Her parents are Virgil Beaman and Anna Walbridge.  They live on section 13.  Occupation is farming.  Their children are James Lyle, Gary Dean, Roger Lee, and a foster daughter, Robin Barr.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle, RR.

MARCKMANN, Leo, married Joanne Derry.  His parents are Herman Marckmann and Margaret Diers.  Her parents are Clifford Derry and Florence Safely.  Their children are Robert Leo, Linda Jean, Wanda Ann, and Joan Marie.  They live and farm on section 10.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran in Fontanelle.  Address: Adair RR.

MARCKMANN, Robert Leo, married Marilyn E. Anstey.  His parents are Leo Marckmann and Joanne Derry.  Her parents are William H (Hugh) Anstey and Mary Bernice Cullen.  They have no children.  Occupation is farming.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

MARTIN, Frank F., married Armandine Brown.  His parents: George H. Martin and Josephine Kolp.  Her parents: Allen R. Brown and Jennie May Pierce.  They are the parents of one son, Virgil.  They have lived for many years on section 34.  Frank was born on this place.  Their home is built adjacent to the original family home where Virgil and his family live.  During the early years of his farming career, Frank farmed with horses.  He like participating in plowing and pulling contests and had a Championship Team.  Although now retired from active farming, the Martins maintain a keen interest in farm problems and activities.  They enjoy spending the winter months in Florida.  NOTE: Before this item was submitted to the printers, Mr. Martin was hospitalized for a severe but rather brief illness.  He passed away January 3, 1976 at the Adair county Memorial Hospital.

MARTIN, Frank F. married Helen Adam.  His parents: George H. Martin and Ethel Collins.  Her parents: Charles Adam and Marie Kreaci.  Children: Ethelmarie, Frank Eugene, and John Steven.  Their home is located on section 34.  They have farmed and lived here for many years.  Frank is USDA Statistician and has served as township assessor for 26 years.  Frank and Helen have recently sold their farm to Ronald Wortman and are building a new home in Fontanelle at 520 Second St.

MARTIN, Virgil, married Evelyn Antisdel.  His parents are Frank F. Martin and Armandine Brown.  Her parents are Addie Davis and Arthur Antisdel.  Children: Patricia, Ronnie, and Reggie.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran in Fontanelle.  Address: Bridgewater, RR.

MOSS, Kevin, is single.  His parents are Larry Moss and Beverly Edwards.  He lives on section 28 and is employed by Nichols Farms, Address: Fontanelle, RR.

NICHOLS, Lee, married Lillian Zietlow.  His parents are Merrill Nichols and Gladys Hansen.  Her parents are William Zietlow and Elsie Knorr.  Children: Charles and Deborah.  Occupation: Nichols Farms, partnership with father and brother, general farming and specialize in Performance Tested Angus-Polled Herefords.  They reside in a new home on section 33, built in 1972.  Address: Bridgewater, RR 1.

PERRY, Kenneth Dean, married Kathryn Miller.  His parents are Wesley Perry and Lottie Lee.  Her parents are Carl Miller and Marie Kiefer.  Children: Diane Marie and Dennis Dean.  The Perrys live on section 35.  Occupation: Farming and Grinnell Farm Insurance.  Church: Immanuel Lutheran in Fontanelle.  Address: Fontanelle, RR.

SCARLETT, George, married Doris Scholl.  His parents are Fred (J. F.) Scarlett and Edna Worthing. Her parents are Roy Scholl and Hazel Gissible.  Their only child, a son, Darrell, was killed in a car accident.  Occupation: Farming.  Their home is located on section 15.  Church: Anita Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR.

SCHOLL, Harold J., married Phylis Jean Perdue.  His parents are Roy Scholl and Hazel Gissible.  Her parents are Marion Perdue and Dorothy Martin.  Children: Joni, Gina, Judi, Julie, Jyl.  Another daughter Jayne died in infancy.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Anita Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR.

SCOTT, Laurence, married Frances Timmons.  His parents are _______ Scott and Cora Frank, and step-father is Carl Anderson.  Her parents are Oscar Timmons and Pearl Kinney, step-father, Francis Dunn.  Children: one son, Glen Leo.  Two children, LaVonne and Gene LeRoy died in infancy.  The Scotts live and farm on section 22.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle, RR 2.

SHANNON, Donald, married Joanne Waters.  His parents are Lee Shannon and Lucille Miller Raasch; his foster parents are Rudolph and Velma Miller.  Her parents are Robert Waters and Mary Devine.  Children: Wayne, Elaine, Lisa, Janet, Christine, Donald Jr., and Ranae.  The Shannons live and farm on section 33.  Address: Bridgewater, RR.

SHEEDER, Delbert, married Sue Kent Raibikis.  His parents are Leon Sheeher and Velma Hall.  Her parents are John Kent and Bessie Kuster.  Sue’s children from previous marriage are Carol, John Victor, Rose and Sandra.  Delbert and Sue have a baby son, Delbert Leon, Jr.  They live and farm on section 3.  Delbert attends Veterans Ag. Classes.  Church: Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR.

SORENSEN, Dale, married Vicki Kooker.  His parents are Charley Sorenson and Lois Deaver.  Her parents are Gaylord Kooker and Dorothy Warnock.  Children: One daughter, Amy.  They reside and farm on section 10.  Dale also attends Veterans Ag. Classes.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR.

STEELE, Merritt, married Aline Hayter.  His parents are William Steele and Callie Butts.  Her parents are Allen Hayter and Eva Brown.  Children: Meredith and Roger.  They reside and farm on section 19.  Church: Anita Methodist.  Address: Anita, RR.

STEELE, Roger, married Luella Jo Ann Cron.  His parents are Merritt Steele and Aline Hayter.  Her parents are William Cron and Leona Kirschner.  Children: Douglas Allen and Terri Jo.  They reside and farm on section 19.  Roger’s grandfather bought this farm and moved on it in 1908, and some member of the Steele family has lived on it since that time.  Church: Anita Methodist.  Address: Anita, RR.

STEELE, William, married Carolyn Busch.  His parents are Lewis Steel and Cleo Gipple.  Her parents are Carl Busch and Opal Binns.  Children: Virginia Lee, Kay Elaine, and Gloria Jane.  Occupation: Farming.  They reside on section 30 in a new home built in 1965.  Church: Anita Methodist.  Address: Anita, RR.

STORK, Neil, married Lillian Sailer.  His parents are Carl Stork and Lena Ortner.  Her parents are Frank Sailer and Anna Wanniger.  They have four children, Julie, Chris, Keith and Joni.   Their home is on section 7, their occupation is farming.  Church: Anita St. Mary’s Catholic.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

TAYLOR, Cecil married Georgia Thomas.  His parents are Thomas LeRoy Taylor and Olive Lenora Dorsey.  Her parents are Rev. C. L. Thomas and Martha Ellen Clayton.  Children: Charles Keith, Elda Loraine, and LeRoy.  Occupation: Farming and raising poodle dogs.  They have lived on section 5 for many years, and just recently purchased a new trailer home and located it across the road on section 6.  Address: Anita RR.

THARP, Ralph, married Maryon Potter.  His parents are Glen Tharp and Esther Jones.  Her parents are Raymond Potter and Hazel Berg.  Their home is located on section 15.  Occupation: Farming and Maryon is employed by the Adair County Hospital in the Nursing Department.  Their children are Karol and Robert.  Church: Adair Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

TIPLING, Caroline, widow of Arthur Tipling, and son, Jerry, reside on the family farm on section 25.  Arthur Tipling passed away December 20, 1970.  Their children are Virgil, Jerry, and Irene (Mrs. Merritt Bower).  Virgil was killed on his farm Christmas morning in 1975, the result of a tragic accident while haying cattle.  In some unknown manner, he was run over by his own pickup truck.

UMBAUGH, Phillip A., married Maxine Martin.  His parents are Phillip R. Umbaugh and Ella Curry.  Her parents are John Martin and Florence Hafner.  Their children are William Lee and John Philip.  Their home is located on section 22.  This was formerly the Marcus Thiele farm.   Church: Adair Methodist.  Address:  Adair, RR 1.

UNDERWOOD, Claire, married Janet McAfee.  His parents are Van Underwood and Eva Pearce.  Her parents are William McAfee and Maudie Scholl.  Children:  Three sons, Ray, Dale and Lee.  They farm and reside on section 12.  Church: Congregational Church of Christ in Anita.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

VAN EATON, Walter and Lafe, live and farm on section 23. They are single.  A sister, Amelia (Molly), single, also lives in the home and keeps house for her brothers.  Their parents are James Van Eaton and Mathilda Augusta Greenbeck.  Address: Fontanelle, RR 2.

WAHLERT, Harold, married Mary Shannon.  His parents are Christian E. Wahlert and Bertha Hammann.  Her parents are Maurice Shannon and Mary Karns.  Children: Virginia and Harold, Jr.  Occupation: Harold is employed with Atlantic Midway Distributing, and Mary works in the Anita Nursing Home.  Their home is located on section 6.  Church: Holy Cross Lutheran in Anita.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

WESTPHALL, Gordon R., married Ethel Mae Cox.  His parents are Samuel Westfall and Anna Hobart.  Her parents are Charles Cox and Clara Waldron.  Children:  Hobart, Yvonne, and Merlin Keith.  Their home is located on section 7.  They are retired from active farming and their son, Hobert, lives in the home, farms the place and cares for his parents.  Church: Anita Methodist.  Address: Adair, RR 1.

WHEATLEY, Otto, married Emma Kaufmann.  His parents are Frank Wheatley and Amanda Knop.  Children: LeRoy, Maxine, Mary Louise, Myrna, and Mardell.  Annie Van Eaton also lives in the home.  Her parents are James Van Eaton and Matilda A. Greenbeck.  The Wheatley home is located on section 24.  Occupation: Farming.  Church: Highland Methodist.  Address: Fontanelle RR.

WHEATLEY, Ralph, married Opal Wahlert.  His parents are John H. Wheatley and Katherine Simon.  Her parents are Christian Edward Wahlert and Bertha Hamann.  Children: Barbara Jean, Roger Dean and Dennis Dale.  Occupation: They live and farm on section 20.  Church: Holy Cross Lutheran in Anita.  Address: Anita, RR 1.

YOUNG, Mildred H., widow of W. B. (Bert) Young, lives on section 21.  His parents are John W. Young and Addie Iona Mason.  Her parents are Thomas Hubatka and Anna Vonasek.  Children: Manley B., Thomas E., and Betty Ann.  Occupation: Retired.  Church: Adair Presbyterian.  Address: Fontanelle, RR 2.

Young, Thomas E, married Marjorie Downing.  His parents are W. B. (Bert) Young and Mildred H. Hubatka. Her parents are Glen Downing and May Sharon.  Children: Terry Edwin and Scott Alan.  They live on section 4.  Occupation: Farming and Tom is Veterans Ag. Instructor for Des Moines Area College at Stuart.  Address: Adair, RR 1.


Cora Frank Scott and Carl Anderson were married December 25, 1912, and spent the rest of their lives on farms in southeast Eureka Township, Adair County, Iowa.  These farms were all within a distance of three miles.  History shows that the last farm was part of bounty land given to a private in the U. S. Army for his service in the Black Hawk War, 1831-32.

Their two sons, Lawrence Scott and Vernon Anderson, reside on farms in Eureka Township at the present time (1975).

Lawrence and wife, Frances (Timmons) Scott, are parents of one son, Glen, whose wife is the former Shirley Mulhern.  They are parents of James (Jim), Joni, and Jana.  They live at a rural Fontanelle address.

Vernon and wife, Mary Ellen (Wagner) Anderson, of rural Fontanelle, are parents of five children: Richard, of rural Fontanelle; Mary and husband, Andrew (Andy), live at Ridgway, Pennsylvania (their children are a set of twins, Susan and Steven); Jerry and wife, Susan (McGurk), reside at Fort Benning, Georgia (their children are Michael and Tracy)—at the present time Jerry is serving in the U. S. Army; David and wife, Beth (Dygert), and son, Chris, live at rural Fontanelle; Kay divides her time between home and employment in Des Moines.

Mrs. Carl Anderson passed away in November of 1970, and Mr. Anderson in December of 1974.


Ralph Avery Lents was born August 20, 1951, to Donald and Marie (Stephenson) Lents.  He spent his first six years in Summit Township and started to school at the Summit center country school.  When his parents moved to Eureka Township, he entered second grade in the Bridgewater-Fontanelle School district.  He graduated from Bridgewater-Fontanelle High School in 1969.  In the fall of 1969, he enrolled at Iowa State University in Ames.  He majored in Animal Science, was active in Block and Bridle Club, a member of the Iowa State Livestock Judging Team, and a member of Alpha Zeta honorary agriculture fraternity.

Ralph married Nancy Joyce Morgan on March 30, 1974.  Nancy was born in Mount Ayr, Iowa, to Leo and Darlene (Poore) Morgan.  Nancy attended Mount Ayr grade and high school.  She participated in vocal music and band activities.  She was drum majorette in her senior year.  Beside her school activities, she was active in 4-H.  After graduating from high school, she attended Iowa State University two years, and then enrolled at Southwestern Community College at Creston, in Secretarial Training.  She graduated in May, 1974.

Since their marriage, Ralph and Nancy are farming on the Kenneth Lents farm.  Ralph is active with 4-H Clubs and Livestock Judging.  Nancy is presently employed at the Exchange State Bank in Adair.


Charles C. Rochholz was born September 24, 1894, to William P. and Daisy (Smith) Rochholz, on a farm in Guthrie County, Iowa.  He attended country school and grew up in the Adair community.  In 1918, he joined the U.S. Army, serving in World War I with the U. S. Infantry overseas until 1919.

On January 19, 1921, he was married to Ida Pauline Faga, at Mitchell, South Dakota.  After their marriage, they settled on a farm north of Adair for a short time, and then moved to the farm on section 27 in Eureka Township where they spent the remainder of their lives.  They were members of the Immanuel Lutheran church of Adair.  They adopted two children, Raymond and Lavonne.

Raymond married Evelyn Bates of Waterloo.  Raymond and his wife were killed in a tragic car accident on Christmas Eve in 1974.  Lavonne was married to John Boege of Carson.

Ida passed away at the Greenfield Hospital, December 16, 1971, and Charles passed away at a Council Bluffs Hospital August 22, 1975.  There are 15 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. 

At a public land auction of the Rochholz estate, held in October, 1975, Nichols Farms bought the part of the farm on section 27, and Albert Eshelman bought the 80 acres that line on section 21.  


Transcribed from Adair County History 1976 by volunteer Mary Cochrane

pages 230-236






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